After this week, who is ready for an escape? While I’m not actually going anywhere (there’s too much to do here), I am going to take this weekend to fantasize about life in far away places. Like this Swedish apartment photographed by the incredible Jonas Ingerstedt.

This space takes you through a moody and muted journey. Each surface is adorned with collectables making you feel as though you are stepping into a museum. Every design detail serves a purpose, but feels casual enough to be livable. Tones of green so soft, make the backdrop feel neutral enough to layer in pops of color. Rich textures and unexpected details add warmth, comfort and a touch of whimsy.


From an interior design standpoint, what makes this space so interesting is the way that the space is utilized from the floor to the ceiling. Each surface, even the lowest point in the room, is decorated. Art is placed on the floor instead of hung on the wall. A bookshelf starts at the lowest point and reaches to the top of the ceiling. A gallery wall fills up an entire room. Every surface from the coffee table, to the dining table, to the kitchen island is accessorized with such intention. From every object to each floral arrangement, you never question the purpose of so much detail in one small space. That in my opinion is design done right.


This design proves that neutral does not have to be tones of white, but instead can be your favorite vibrant hue in a muted form. Different tones of green whisper from room to room, acting as the perfect contrast to the pops of red sprinkled throughout the space. I love how this space has an abundance of natural greenery and floral arrangements translating the muted green color palette into something much more tangible. While I’ve gone uber neutral in our house, I’m thinking a layer of this understated green might be the perfect addition.


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This space is the perfect example of how to push the limits of design, I hope you are inspired to run with a color palette that pushes your boundaries. After seeing this space, you won’t regret it!

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