The clock is ticking. We’re 10 days away from Santa’s arrival. Are you ready yet? Yeah, I’m not either. The toughest gifts can often be those little things, for friends, in-laws, coworkers, the boss’s wife. Thankfully, you don’t have to resort to 2-buck chuck or the proverbial scented candle when you show up at someone’s door. We all have enough candles.

With a just a little extra sleuthing you can find unique ideas for all the randoms left on your list. A kitchen tool combined with a dash of design means it won’t get shoved in drawer or hidden in cupboard. A lesser known bottle of bubbly will take center stage. Anything hand crafted feels special. Any of the beautiful pieces below are sure to stand out in a crowd.¬†apt34_kitchenpretties_giftguide


brass coasters / area whiskey rocks / steak knives / black marble board / franciacorta sparkling wine / candle holders / serving bowls / heath ceramics whiskey set

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