As we settle more and more into our house, all of the blank walls are starting to stare at me. I think I’m ready to commit to some art. But when you’re in your forever home (and most of your walls are 150 yr old plaster which means they don’t like holes), there’s a lot of pressure to make the right choices. And while I’d love to run out and invest in some original art, I do still have things like sofas and fireplaces to pay for so I’ve got to find a balance. That’s why I’m currently obsessed with Silke Bonde.

Silke Bonde is a Copenhagen-based artist who is using watercolors to create soft but strikingly modern prints. I am particularly smitten with her “Looking Closer” collection.


Inspired by leaves and elements of nature, Silke explains ” “Zooming in on the lines and patterns you will find in a leaf. Each leaf is a unique piece of art created by nature. The organic watercolor shapes combined with the straight lines gives a minimalistic and natural expression.” 


Silke’s own home is a study of a perfect mix of minimalism. I love how she intermingles soft colors punctuated with hits of black. Just like her work, her home feels soothing, yet inviting, leaving you wanting to know more. I think a couple of her prints could look lovely in our media room. Or dining room. Or really anywhere! I’m definitely going to snatch a couple up.

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photography via silke bonde 

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