If you love bright white spaces, it doesn’t get any more brilliant than this.


Like floor to extremely high ceiling, light and bright brilliant. Even the concrete kitchen countertops feel airy. Copper hardware, a few well-placed cutting boards and a fiddle leaf add warmth. Now, I’ll give that this isn’t the most practical color palette for daily life. That this space is, in fact, a photo studio makes a lot more sense. But that doesn’t mean it offer a little inspiration. If you’re not going to paint floor to ceiling anytime soon, a bright white piece or two will brighten up your winter.


SHOP THE LOOK: candles / stool / chair / table lamp / sconce / media stand / table / lamp

photography via rye london 

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  1. What kind of plant is that big bushy one in the kitchen?

  2. Such a great space, stunning use of pure white!