I’ve decided the French have magic design powers. They are able to take these ornate historic properties and make them feel decidedly modern, all while maintaining that old world charm. Case in point, this 18th century home in Champagne that is equal parts totally cool and timelessly classic.

romantic modern in champagne on apartment 34

This home has an “undone” feel that I absolutely adore. Though can you really call an 300 year french manor a “home”?? But a young family with five and one year old daughters spent two years breathing new life into these spaces. It’s the “It may look like I just moved in, but I have incredible style” vibe. However, that feeling is not easy to obtain without intention. A lot of forethought has to go into to pulling this look off. It’s very easy for things to turn sloppy or feel unfinished.

romantic modern in champagne on apartment 34

The owners, a wine maker and an interior designer, put a lot of care into their collection of highly curated furnishings. I stand by my claim that the Togo sofa (which I talked about here) is just too cool for school. And it makes the perfect place to lounge with a glass of wine in the corner of this home’s dining room. A classic beni ourain and Tom Dixon globe lights in the living room make a relaxing, family friendly seating area even while the historic molding and fireplaces hold court.

romantic modern in champagne on apartment 34 romantic modern in champagne on apartment 34

It’s the playing with styles, time periods and shapes that really make these rooms sing while the consistent color palette keeps everything feeling cohesive.

romantic modern home in champagne on apartment 34romantic modern home in champagne on apartment 34

The major modern moment is in the kitchen, where  a VIPP kitchen island was installed after spying one in a magazine. It’s a dramatic statement for a younger couple who is making their mark on the Champaign region (the husband is a renowned wine maker). I love the juxtaposition with the display case of dishware.

romantic modern in champagne on apartment 34

This approach to design has had a huge influence on how I’ve approached our renovation. I’m not sure I’ve pulled it off this well, but it’s always good to have a goal!

You can see more of this vibe on my Pinterest board right HERE.

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photography by anders hviid via milk decoration 

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  1. This home is a dream! I love how pulled back and well curated the design is. Even the Marshall speakers are beautiful (I’m a sucker for a vintage-style speaker). I’m so inspired!