Whew. What a week. What a month. What a year! And now it’s August. It’s rather hard to believe how a quickly time is flying. Apologies for being a little MIA this week. I took a long overdue trip to New York – truly one of my favorite places in the world. As you may have seen on Instagram I hosted a wonderful dinner party with some dear friends – and I’m going to get to share all the pretty with you pretty soon so stay tuned for that. But my 72 hours in NYC reminded me I’m not quite the spring chicken I used to be. Those smile lines are looking a little bit deeper after a week of over indulging in everything but sleep. So today’s links of the week are going to have a theme.

I’ve been trying to land the perfect skincare routine ever since giving birth. I’m definitely taking Caitlin’s recommendations.

My hair could us a little help too. Loving Meg’s list of must-haves.

This make-up tutorial on The Moment might help hide a bit of this exhaustion.

I visited the Glossier showroom in NYC – definitely intrigued by their very easy to apply products. This powder might have to get added to my beauty repertoire.

I might try this Turmeric, Ginger Lemon juice that Alicia is swearing by.

I also just might try to sleep more.

And do all the healthy people things.

Or I might shop the Nordstrom sale before it ends Monday.

And check out Jen’s gorgeous new site for inspiration.

Or plan my next big trip.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend friends!


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