Hi friends! Welcome to 2018. I hope everyone had a wondrous holiday and are excited about what’s to come. I certainly am. I have very high hopes and big expectations for this year. It’s Apartment 34’s 10 year anniversary after all! But I’ve decided to ease into things, taking time this week to reflect, ruminate and lay the ground work for the year ahead. I would love for you to weigh in on what you’d like to see from Apt34 this year. What do you love? What do you want more of? What do you wish were different. I am all ears.

In the meantime, I also love seeing what struck your fancy in the past year and home tours certainly were a favorite. It is always a treat to see how others live isn’t it?! The homes below represent an eclectic mix of styles, but I love that they’re not one note. It would be a rather boring, no? So peruse below. Did these homes make your list of favorites too?

Lifestyle blogger and design guru Erin Hiemstra showcases beautifully simple design on apartment 34

The home of T Magazine design editor Tom Delvan is a monochromatic wonder. Creamy whites dominate his well-edited apartment, but the space still retains a traditional, almost victorian feel. This space is a prime example of how you can mix styles (modern chairs juxtaposed with traditional slipcovered sofas for example), but when you maintain a clear aesthetic it all just works. See entire home here.

inspiring studio tour on apartment 34

Next up is the light, bright and airy home / studio of fashion designer Anna Valentine. This is another space with soaring white walls and dramatically large windows, but it has much collected approach to its design. The home features a lot of vintage and numerous collections – ceramics, art prints and the like. Yet the secret to it’s allure is the edit. There’s just enough, but not too much. You’re drawn in by this home, but not overwhelmed by stuff. I might have just stumbled upon my design mantra for 2018. See the rest of this stunning space here.

Our #3 top home tour is practically perfect in every way. First off, it’s in Australia. Secondly, it’s on the beach. Third, every single element is simply stunning. The color palette is neutral (shocker), but beautifully mixes warm creamy tones with hits of black, added that sexy sophistication that I certainly love (you to0??). But what really sets this home apart are the details. Wood paneled ceilings. Herringbone floors. Custom iron work, and molding for days. It’s these layers and textures that exemplifies why the entire home’s design, not just its furnishings really matter. You cannot miss this tour.

tour sunset editor in chief's home on apartment 34

Our second most popular home tour is near and dear to my heart. And that’s not just because it belongs to a fellow Bay Area resident. Or that she is the stellar editor in chief of Sunset Magazine. It is because Irene also undertook a massive renovation of a historic victorian. She must have waved her magic editor-in-chief wand as her home looks a lot more put together than mine…and entering year four. Oy vey. Irene’s home diverges from the monochromatic theme we’ve had going. Irene bravely mixes tones, textures and genres throughout her house. Toile wallpaper is paired with a modern oversize floor lamp in the bedroom. Shaker cabinets feel dramatic in a soaring kitchen punctuated by sea of brass pendants. Modern lighting and dramatic art balance the traditional elements. There’s something for the eye everywhere you look. You should look. Seriously.

stunning san francisco home on apartment 34

And finally, our most popular home tour of 2017 is a stunning example of modern California design. I absolutely love this home and not just because its designer, Lauren Nelson is both a design genius and a friend. It’s because San Francisco home marries all of my design musts – timeless modernism; warm, cozy layers; pitch perfect vintage; amazing lighting; unexpected touches. It’s the total package. Click here and prepare to be amazed.

There you have it. These homes are definitely going to remain major inspirations and we start 2018.

Check back tomorrow for our top 10 Pins of the year.

For our entire Home Tour archive, CLICK HERE.

For peeks into my own home, CLICK HERE.

And don’t forget to share what you love, hate, crave, miss or want from Apt34 this year. I truly want to know.

What do you think?

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  1. Can you do more style posts? I saw some of your clothes when you redid your closet and you have amazing taste. Thank you!

    1. I’ve been thinking about that Devon. I feel like a need a little wardrobe revamp – maybe I’ll document that process!

  2. LOve LOve this look clean, sophisticated and modern.

  3. Interesting home setup there, actually i like the color combination and the element used in creating a unique look.

  4. Fan of each one. The color palette, the brightness, the furniture, it’s all so pretty!