Who tackled a major purge this weekend? I did, I did! As each week of April ticks by, I’m desperately trying to tackle the piles, room by room. I want to enter into summer (yes, I just said summer!) feeling light and free. I’m going to be sharing a peek behind the curtain of my spring cleaning later this week, but for now, here are some beautifully minimalist spaces that are certain to inspire you to get your clean on.

minimalist interiors on apartment 34

Monochromatic at its finest, this black, white and gray space is pristine.

minimalist interiors on apartment 34

Lovely creams and warm woods free of clutter or unnecessary adornment (endless pillows and throws be gone! What if your couch was just clean?) make this living space feel light and airy.

minimal interiors on apartment 34

Proof that less is more (and marble is timeless) in the bathroom. The brass and rustic stool add the perfect counter balance to this space’s hyper minimal look.

minimal interiors on apartment 34

Ok, this room is for you minimalist-phobes. I would ditch the throw pillows on the couch and the blanket on the chair. Maybe even edit a few pieces off the console in the back corner. But overall, I like this vibe.

minimal interiors on apartment 34

It’s nearly impossible to keep a bedroom stuff-free but I’d love to try. A simple photo, plant and light. A stack of books. And some closed storage is a genius idea (hide the clutter!). I also love bringing in color through bedding. This lovely dusty rose is a super pretty yet calming hue.

minimal interiors on apartment 34

Loving all the smooth, clean lines in this living space. The organic touches with the plants soften the look juuuusst. enough.

minimal interiors on apartment 34

When it comes to keeping a dining area organized, trays are your best friend. When you corral a collection in a tray, it feels like the clutter is tamed.

minimal interiors on apartment 34

This room speaks to the minimalist in me…who still likes to collect things. But the shelfie in the background isn’t over crowded. A nice row of books and just a couple of glass objects add depth and interest. I’d feel like I was on vacation in this dining room.

minimal interiors on apartment 34

Who says an entry needs to be crammed full of stuff. A lovely, clean hall table offers a wide open, clutter-free welcome.

Are you feeling the minimalist vibes of these spaces like I am? I know it can be really tough to motivate to deep clean, but when you’re ruthless with your editing, the after is so much better than the before.

Also, when it comes to the actual cleaning part, who says you have to use the same ole same ole plastic crap. Maybe if our cleaning tools were a little easier on the eyes, they’d be more fun to use! I’d be thrilled to add any of these pretties to my cleaning collection.spring cleaning ideas on apartment 34

SHOP CHIC CLEANING: concrete toilet brush holder / modern dustpan & sweeper / black feather duster / washing up whisk / scrub brush / copper cloth / wiper / glass brush

Be sure to check back later this week – you’ll get a major peek at one the dirtiest areas in my house!



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  1. I need a lot of inspiration to clean, let alone spring clean

  2. I just loved the color combination. beautifully pictured. It gives a soothing look to the room.. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I ‘need’ that very “angular” neutral sofa! Do you know who makes it or possibly how to search for one online? This article definitely inspires me for spring. Thanks very much.