So I’ve read that Mother’s Day has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry. And I guess it ought to be – we should all express greater appreciation for our moms (and probably not just one day a year). But now that I have a couple of Mother’s Days under my belt I thought I’d offer a few ideas for Mother’s Day gifts (feel free to forward this post to your husband/ partner/baby daddy).

Because the worst thing to receive on Mother’s Day is something “well-meaning.” We deal with well-meaning every freakin’ day. Everyone always means well. On Mother’s Day, a mom should be showered with the ultimate pampering. And pampering does not include mugs that say Boss Lady, nor candles that clutter my countertop or fancy tea. I have plenty of tea. Sure kid’s art is precious and a mimosa is just a given, but the mamas of the world deserve to be given a real gift. For further clarification, a real gift doesn’t include any kitchen appliances, cleaning tools or really anything household related. Unless you’re getting the house cleaned. That could be acceptable. Instead, treat us to something purely superfluous, indulgent and seriously cool. Don’t worry, I’ve got your cheat sheet.mother's day gifts on Apartment 34

SHOP: Coco Rose skincare / Madewell Denim jacket / Freda Salvador slide / Ariel Gordon necklace / Sunnies / Margaret Elizabeth earrings / Le Labo perfume / Face roller / Canvas & leather shoulder bag 

Of course, hugs are heartwarming, a day with the family special (as long as I don’t have to pack the car or plan the meals) and the opportunity to sleep in is gold. But of these lovely items would gladly bring a smile to my face this Mother’s Day and for many days thereafter – especially if one was also accompanied by a massage. Just keepin’ it real friends.

Happy early Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there. Check my Instagram later today btw – will have a little surprise for you!



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  1. Love this list – I want all these things for myself too! I’m definitely getting that herbivore kit for my mama, she loves natural beauty products. Santal 33 is my fave fragrance, those sunnies are SO GOOD, and I love all things Ariel Gordon (I work with her husband!).

    1. Aw how fun Jessie! Ariel is the best. Hope you pick up some fun pieces for yourself too