Imagine having a successful corporate career and walking away from it all to become an artist. It’s something many of us dream about, but few actually ever take that leap. But artist Windy Chien was able to muster the strength to do exactly that. Discovering talents like Windy is probably my favorite thing about Apt34. Women like Windy – with vision, passion, creativity and drive constantly leave me in awe. I recently had the pleasure of touring Windy’s San Francisco studio where she is twisting the art world into knots – quiet literally.


Windy is making art out of knots and it is absolutely stunning. It all started in January of this year, when The Year of Knots was born. Windy is teaching herself and creating one unique knot each day and assembling  them all into a gorgeous installation in her studio. They are sometimes based off traditional knots, sometimes explorations. Windy starts every day in the studio with a knot, noting that it helps her achieve her creative flow for the day. It’s become an important ritual in her daily life. And the result is just so cool. Some of her knots incorporate a piece of brass hardware, some lay flat, some are multi-dimensional. She has created a handful in a beautiful black cord – a truly modern take on an ancient skill. Color me obsessed.


But what’s even more remarkable is that rope as a medium wasn’t Windy’s initial goal. As she explained during my visit, she simply wanted to flex her creative muscle, actually exploring multiple art forms before discovering knots. Upon her departure from corporate American, Windy tried out all kinds of creative avenues; pottery, painting, wood carving (her hand carved spoons have also garnered a cult following. Whenever one goes up for sale, it’s gone immediately.) But then Windy discovered knots – yes with rope – like what is often used on a boat – and she was hooked. Upon researching the history behind knot-making, Windy began to see knots as their own form of language. Each knot conveys a purpose, a meaning and tells a story. I totally love that. It’s as if her studio wall is an entire novel with hidden secrets about human history. The knots also just look really really amazing.

But the Year of Knots isn’t Windy’s only project. She is also creating gorgeous knotted lighting and wall-hangings. Each one is unique – many are bespoke commissions created specifically for their recipient. While the wall hangings are certainly reminiscent of 70’s macramé we’re seeing everywhere these days, I love how modern, clean and updated Windy’s pieces feel.


Most recently, Windy has taken her work to even greater heights by doing large scale installations in hotels, office buildings and public spaces. I for one would love to be able to walk beneath a Windy Chien piece every day. For now, I will continue to follow her on Instagram and drop into her Mission-based studio for a little creative pick-me-up. If you’ve been looking for an example to inspire you to chase that seemingly crazy dream – Windy is your woman. She’s proof positive that if you put all your energy into doing what you love, you just might be surprised by what falls into place.

Thank you Windy for letting me spend a truly inspiring morning with you!

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And if you like these kinds of posts please let me know in the comments below. If you’re down, I’d really love to get out there to bring you more stories like this one.

original photography by michelle drewes


As a blogger, it can often be hard to find fresh inspiration. Instagram algorithms, Pinterest overload and blogger ubiquity can make the online world feel a little one note. Over the years (have I really been at this for 9 years now?!), I’ve certainly struggled with ideation, often feeling like I was banging my head against a wall of stale style. That’s why I was intrigued when HP approached me earlier this summer with a challenge: Give their all-new HP Spectre notebook a try and see how its inspired design might inspire me to reinvent my work (in case you missed, check out the rather unique way I was introduced to the Spectre laptop here – it was all caught on video!).

So over the past few months, the HP Spectre has been my new companion. As I mentioned in said video – my laptop is almost like an extension of my hand. It’s never far from my reach – even in places you should never admit taking your laptop! Thankfully, the Spectre is so light and sleek it doesn’t weigh me down like my old laptop did. It’s actually the Spectre’s featherweight body and super-thin profile that inspired the reinvention of my work. Let me explain.

You see, since having my kiddo, I’ve felt a bit hermit-like. I used to pride myself on knowing the latest hot spot, trying out the new restaurant or being one of the first to discover the up and coming…whatever it might be. And I swore things wouldn’t change when I had a baby, as all people without kids do. But reality proved that with less time in the day and shifting priorities, I fell out of the loop. It was just too hard to avoid. And when you’re out of the loop it’s hard to discover fresh things you haven’t seen before. But with the help of HP, over the summer I felt inspired to shake off the mama-shackles and get back to what I love – collaborating, connecting, and being inspired by people way more talented than I.


As you may have seen in this post, collaborating with the furniture company Cisco Home to design my dream sofa certainly got me re-inspired from the tips of bloggin’ toes to the top of my head. But that type of opportunity is not an everyday occurrence. To feel reenergized on a daily basis, I’ve been grabbing my Spectre and making a point to simply get out and about in the world. For example, I’ve been trying to work from new places in and around San Francisco, like the amazing Tartine Manufactory recently opened in San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood.


There are 1,000 things to love about this place. Starting with all the carbs, but I digress.

Housed in the Heath Ceramics Factory, Tartine Manufactory was created with the intention of articulating California aesthetics, to serve as an intersection between design and food and be a celebration of process. The Los Angeles based cool kids on the design block, Commune, looked to the architecture of alpine lodges, Dutch design, Stickley furniture, Japanese joinery and of course all things California to inspire the way they melded industrial architecture with a welcoming feel. Huge factory windows extend to high ceilings allowing natural light to flood the space. Unglazed Heath subway tiles along with crazy good Calacatta marble counters with faint gold veins, white plastered walls and concrete floors create a muted palette. Other details include reclaimed Douglas fir woodwork, Noguchi lanterns and mesh metal light fixtures. 

It’s official, when it comes to the computer I’m working on and the space I’m working in, aesthetics make all the difference. I consider Tartine Manufactory my new happy place where I can work, run into friends and meet new ones.


When it comes to the actual work side of things, the Spectre makes it nice and easy. I’ve already espoused its petite size repeatedly. It really is an awesome feature. I also love the good battery life. I can power through a morning session at Tartine, no cord required. I also really like the wireless mouse that perfectly matches the laptop. I seriously hurt my shoulder doing too much work using a trackpad from which I am still recovering. Using a mouse is a must! The Spectre’s speed is nice and fast which is always a requirement for my short blogger attention span. I can charge my phone with the USB port and pop in headphones if I need to tune things out. I won’t sugar coat it, trying to re-learn Windows has been my least favorite part of the whole process, but the laptop’s lovely copper accents and glowing keyboard lessen makes it worth it!


The notebook is a great tool, but I’m most grateful for the opportunity to search out and rediscover what gets my creative juices flowing. That’s been the true game changer of this entire experience.

What inspires you when you’re in need of a creative boost? Please comment below!


To catch up on my entire experience with my HP Spectre click HERE and HERE.


Original photography for apartment 34 by andrea posadas
This post sponsored by HP. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations that we’re excited about and that have kept Apartment 34’s doors open. 

While I’m a sucker for a good recipe any day of the week, I might love good restaurants even more. A fabulous meal I don’t have to clean up after? It’s the best, am I right?! But I particularly love it when beautiful food is served in an equally stunning space. This is certainly the case with a brand new pasta bar that recently opened in San Francisco’s Mission District; Barzotto.

Having just returned from my trip to Italy (sneak peeks of which you may have spied here), I am loving having fresh handmade pasta – and an awesome looking spot to eat it – in my own backyard.


Every detail throughout Barzotto is spot on. The former space was a restaurant called St. Vincent – which I loved in its heyday – but it is nearly unrecognizable from its former much-darker self. All walls were taken from black to white using either original exposed cinderblock walls or Venetian plaster. Even the wood-paneled ceiling has been white washed and space’s central open kitchen bar was clad in white square subway tiles installed on a diamond-oriented bias. At the front of the restaurant, there is a simple seated bar at the open windows where guests can watch San Francisco’s Mission neighbors stroll by. The geometric tile floor totally pops against the subdued tones.

The lighting throughout is gorgeous too — a collection of contemporary brass pieces from Schoolhouse Electric, Restoration Hardware, and CB2 – my faves all around. Plants and pops of greenery bring life into the space. Installations in vintage pots were designed by Eleanor Gerber-Siff from Wallflower Designs. Carrera marble tables are simply accented with wooden salt and pepper grinders, utensil caddies and gold-leaf votive candle holders. A long bench with suspended leather backing banquettes is flanked by custom walnut framed-mirrors in the main seating. I give it all an A+. Guests are greeted at a custom counter and built-in shelving for retail wines, fresh pastas and soft serve gelato sundaes (I hear the spumoni with the house-made magic shell, candied cherries and pistachios is incredible. I cannot wait to try it myself).


At the heart of the restaurant, chef Michelle Minori and her team are hand-rolling fresh pastas so that guests seated at the open kitchen can sit in on the action. Extra-long spaghetti hangs on drying racks for practical reasons (and dramatic effect).


This light, bright space just makes me happy – and hungry. I have a feeling many a carb-filled evening is going to be spent here.

For more of my favorite spots in and around San Francisco, CLICK HERE.

interior design by hannah collins, photography by kassie borreson 

The sad truth is that I don’t get out nearly as much these days. When you’re on baby-time, the schedule is surprisingly rigid – from feedings to naps and bedtime routines – there is very little time is left for excursions. So when I do make a point to get out and explore a good spot in the city, it’s got to be really really good. Case in point: Parlor Mini Spa in San Francisco’s Russian Hill neighborhood.

1 (1)

The spa opened last year just as we were welcoming le bebe into the world, so I was thrilled to finally be able to do some mama pampering in this lovely space. The spa’s founder Michelle Clark came from the business world and was in market for a type of mini spa, a place to go to relax and receive care that’s inspiring (and comfortable) and quick (but never rushed). It’s like she read my mind. My days of 4-hour spa treatments are long gone. Finding time to cram in a 45-minute pedicure is now the ultimate luxury, but a very worthwhile one.

Check out this crazy quote from The New York Times:

“More and more of us find ourselves unable to juggle overwhelming demands and maintain a seemingly unsustainable pace. Paradoxically, the best way to get more done may be to spend more time doing less. A new and growing body of multidisciplinary research shows that strategic renewal — including daytime workouts, short afternoon naps, longer sleep hours, more time away from the office and longer, more frequent vacations — boosts productivity, job performance and, of course, health.”

So basically it’s good for your health to treat yo’ self! That’s all the convincing I need so off to Parlor I sped (between morning feedings and swim class mind you). Everything in Parlor’s jewel box of a space is designed to perfection. From the marble-topped beauty bar that serves tea, coffee, juices and bubbly (required in my book!) to the cool entry and serene treatment areas, my design heart went pitter patter. The color palette is muted, the details show restraint and yet the space is warm, welcoming and cool. You kinda just want to hang out in there.


What better way to relax and take a much-needed break than in the lovely environment Michelle created. There are only two treatment areas – one with two seats and another with three – which is perfect because who wants to listen to random conversations during your moment of zen.


This is an idyllic spot to catch up with a girl friend or just enjoy some serious me time. Oh and I should mention that Parlor is much more than a nail salon. They also offer facials; chair and hand and foot massage and waxing, along with manicures and pedicures of course. You can see all the details about their services here. I strongly recommending booking something – soon – because I might beat you to it.

original photography for apartment 34 by suzanna scott and some snaps by me!

Like me, a lot of my blogger besties had babies this year. And if what I see on Instagram is true {and we all know Instagram pics are so realistic, right?!} their jet-setting, uber stylish, always in the know ways haven’t changed a bit. I wish I knew their secret. I wouldn’t say having a baby has totally cramped in my style, but it’s certainly given me a new bedtime {hello, 8:30pm}, altered my eating habits {5:30pm reservation please} and rearranged my social schedule {it’s now filled with playdates at the park instead of happy hours or long luxurious lunches.}

But that doesn’t mean my love for getting out and about has disappeared. If anything my craving for something new has only intensified! You can only exist in the cave for so long. So when noosa yoghurt, this seriously amazing new yoghurt brand, asked me to be a part of their “try something noo” campaign, I jumped at the chance. It was just the excuse I needed to explore something beyond the 10 minute-walking radius of our loft.

And thankfully I found myself at the new San Francisco restaurant Lord Stanely. I was smitten the moment I walked through the door. It’s not hard to see why.

1-51-1 1-2 1-3 1-4

The space is stunning. You might not notice Lord Stanely if you quickly walked by its Polk Street location in the heart of San Francisco’s Russian Hill neighborhood, but it captures your attention the moment you step through the door. The decor is so right up my alley. Rustic minimalism but with a modern edge. I love how they layer in all kinds of texture. Polished concrete floors are juxtaposed with rough wood beams, a plant here and there and a killer oversized wall hanging made of sheep skin. I had to restrain myself from petting it.

Owned by a husband and wife chef team, the menu is light, refreshing and hit with a touch of European influence – both chefs are from England. I recently got to enjoy a custom brunch menu created with noosa yoghurt – you might have spied a sneak peek on my Instagram. Every dish that came out was flavorful and super interesting. Think soft scrambled eggs with chives & trout roe served in the egg shell!

  1-6 1-7

Lord Stanley’s Citrus Champagne Cocktail seems like the perfect pre-Thanksgiving aperitif don’t you think? And their Pan-seared Scallop with Coast Herbs seems like the perfect bit to enjoy right after Thanksgiving week! A touch of curry gives it hearty fall flavors without weighing you down.

Needless to say, this mama was thrilled to get herself back out on the town. There’s something about exploring amazing food, local business and experiencing the work of creative minds that just feeds my soul. Now that Carter is starting to eat solid foods, maybe I should start bringing him along. Or maybe I’ll just leave him at home with some delicious yoghurt while I enjoy another Citrus Champagne Cocktail. Seems like a win-win for everyone!

original photography for apartment 34 by suzanna scott

This post is in partnership with noosa yoghurt. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations we’re excited about and have kept Apartment 34’s doors open. 

It’s already the middle of June {holy smokes, how’d that happen?!} and we’re officially itching for the dog days of summer to arrive, as quickly as possible, please! We want nothing more than to ditch the office to bask in the sun and bury our toesies in the sand. Luckily, here in San Francisco we have a ton of beautiful beaches as close as a 20 minute drive up the coast. And while the waters might not be warm enough to swim in, enjoying all-day picnics and catching up on tons of mags sounds like the ideal way to spend a gorgeous Saturday at the beach!

Here are three of our fave Bay Area beaches {tested and approved by our favorite always-shooting-on-the-beach photographer, Emily Scott!} to escape to during the summer weekends ahead!


Cowell Ranch Beach in Half Moon Bay is the definition of the perfect Northern California beach. It’s warmer {due to the cliffs shielding the winds} and more secluded than other beaches, making it ideal for watching the crashing waves and catching some rays. We recommend setting up a picnic and on a good day, maybe even changing into your swimsuit. It’s about a half mile walk to get to the sand, and worth it!


Carmel hosts a mile stretch of beach where you’re bound to find the most romantic “let’s park it here forever” spot. The fine white sand under your toes means you could honestly leave home without a blanket. Dog friendly, you could also bring your four-legged child, or your real child, to enjoy the gentle surf and sand with you and your honey!


Right in our San Francisco backyard, Baker Beach is the cool “hipster” hang spot. Almost directly under the Golden Gate , it has some of the most spectacular views of the bridge and is the perfect place for enjoying wine out of plastic cups, frisbee games, impromptu photoshoots and fun friends!

The one accessory you need to throw over your shoulder for all of these destinations? A fun beach bag, duh. Pack in picnic essentials, a sweater for those cooler temps as the sun sets and whatever else you may need for a day of beach bummin’. You can’t go wrong with any of these hot picks:


> 1. Woven Fringe Bag
> 2. Skinny Striped Drawstring Bag
> 3. Objects Without Meaning Cork Bag
> 4. Mar y Sol Collins Bag
> 5. Black and White Sisal Woven Tote
> 6. Cold Picnic Bucket Bag
> 7. All Hands Canvas Sailor Bag
> 8. Mar y Sol Caracas Bag

Here’s to many long beach days and super cute bags in all of our near futures! Where are some of your fave beaches to hang out during the summer??


images via Emily Scott 

People ask me what I was looking forward to the most post-pregnancy. Sushi? Unpasteurized cheese? Oysters?? Yeah, sure I do love all those things, but for my entire 10 months of growing that human, I was most looking forward to wine – and finally getting to enjoy wine country again! It was pretty tough for me to have some of the best wines in the world less than an hour’s drive away and all I could do was give it all a longing stare. That’s why I was determined to get my butt back to wine country after Carter was born. It was also a wonderful excuse to get my butt out of our house! So at four weeks old, we loaded Carter up in the car {and all his gear – our station wagon has never been so full!} and headed for Alexander Valley.


Nestled 90 minutes north of San Francisco just north of Healdsburg, Alexander Valley is a wine lovers sweet spot. While the region is known for its amazing Cabernet, Zinfandel and Sauvignon Blanc, in all our adventures in wine country we’d never ventured that far north. Needless to say I was very excited to get out among the vineyards, but the first step was finding a place to stay. Thankfully, I discovered a picture perfect rental home on This spot had my name written all over it!


This modern take on a farmhouse had everything my design-loving heart could ask for in a vacation home. The architecture and design are stunning. Think vaulted ceilings, beautiful hardwood floors and pitch perfect finishes in every space. The house is split into two sections with an adjoining deck…that leads out to a heated pool! Um, yes and yes. We would slide open the oversized glass doors and just sit in the kitchen letting the warm wine country air waft in. The minimalist decor and neutral color palette was so relaxing. The spa-like bathrooms and gourmet kitchen were another major plus. And Carter got to take his first dip in a pool. He was less than amused but he loved the shower we took after getting out!

And while I was temped to sit on that deck all day erry’day, we did manage to get out and about. That was made particularly simple because there were wineries and the cute Jimtown Store literally steps from our front door. That took care of my need for cappuccino and my return to wine tasting – no driving required! But wine country is too beautiful not to venture a bit further so we did hop in the car and head to Dry Creek – a whole 20 minutes away and discovered some of our favorite wines to date.

Wine tasting with a newborn was actually a breeze. Sure I overpacked swaddle blankets and under packed diapers. Sure, we had blowouts and spitups that required me to do laundry {thank you rental house with laundy room}. But none of it mattered because I was dealing with those things in such a beautiful space! Carter also basically slept the whole time we were out and about, really boosting our parental confidence. In fact our confidence was boosted so much that we even braved a dinner in downtown Healdsburg. Sadly, that experiment was less successful. Carter did not take to bustling restaurant noise, so we were forced to enjoy our entrees solo while the other parent circled the block with the stroller. But since we ate at the new-parent dinner hour of 5:30pm, we were able to return to our gorgeous rental home, that stunning deck, the fine bottle of wine we’d picked up in the Valley that day and this sunset:


And I couldn’t have been happier.

I’m already counting down the days until we can return. While I’m hesitant to give up this gorgeous find, you can check it out for yourself on right here. Below are a few of the spots we uncovered during our mini-adventure, but I know they are only the tip of the Alexander Valley iceberg. If you have any recommendations for wine tasting, dining or really anything fabulous in northern Sonoma/Russian River/Alexander Valley, please leave them in the comments!


> Hawkes
> Truitt-Hearst
> Preston
> Medlock Ames

> Healdsburg SHED
> Scopa
> Noble Folk
> Flying Goat Coffee
> Jimtown Store

For more of our favorite wine country finds click here, here and here!

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It’s no secret that there are two things we love in this world; Mexican food and a yummy Saturday brunch! But how often do they go hand in hand?? Mexican restaurants don’t tend to be everyone’s go-to brunch spot, but we say they should! In fact we’ve kinda made it our mission to criss cross the Bay looking for the best hidden gems {especially during the height of my Mexican food pregnancy cravings}. That’s why we were stoked to learn about Taste Buds, a cool new YouTube show presented by Ford. To help celebrate the show’s launch, we’re working with Ford and Taste Buds to share one of our favorite Bay Area discoveries!

Dona Tomas, one of Oakland’s hottest Mexican joints, will convince you Mexican is the perfect brunch food. From its sunny outdoor patio, to the best chilaquiles verdes you’ve ever tasted, to tequila for breakfast {why not???} – move over mimosas and dime-a-dozen eggs benedict, the menu at Dona Tomas won our hearts {and our bellies!} over!

The best Mexican Brunch in the Bay Area on Apartment 34

Before we chat chilaquiles – seriously, they’re life changing – let’s walk through Dona Tomas’ sophisticatedly decorated dining area. Set smack dab in the middle of Oakland’s poppin’ Temescal neighborhood, the space features dark stained wood tables, authentic tapestries on the walls and wrought-iron candlestick sconces  – all instantly transporting you to a chic Mexican villa! Nothing is over the top or too loud. It’s exactly the way we’d decorate our own Mexican vacation home {if we had one!}. In fact, we’ll take those wooden guacamole bowls with us right now!

The best Mexican Brunch in the Bay Area on Apartment 34 The best Mexican Brunch in the Bay Area on Apartment 34

The carefully curated decor still features colorful moments – think old-timey photos antique posters, jumbo grass pendants and colorful floral tablecloths on the outdoor patio will totally get you excited for what’s ahead: a gorgeously fun Mexican feast!

The best Mexican Brunch in the Bay Area on Apartment 34 The best Mexican Brunch in the Bay Area on Apartment 34 The best Mexican Brunch in the Bay Area on Apartment 34

Now let’s talk about these chilaquiles! For those of you who don’t know, they are crisped up tortilla chips doused in tomatillo salsa and sprinkled with fluffy egg, chunks of queso fresco, crema and avocado on top! We ordered a lot on the Donna Thomas menu {because how could you not? it was so hard to decide!} and these were everyone’s fave and a must-try!

The best Mexican Brunch in the Bay Area on Apartment 34

Coming in a close second were the juicy Huevos Rancheros with two fried eggs, black beans and pickled carrots. But then there were the Mole Enchiladas – a chocolate, almonds, peanut and chile recipe straight from Oaxaca! And the Carnitas Tacos and the Chile Rellenos – poblano chiles stuffed with yams and walnut cream sauce. Ok, it was pretty impossible to pick a fave. Seriously, talk about a culinary overload. Each dish is elevated with organic and locally sourced ingredients and tastes as fresh and delicious as they look!

The best Mexican Brunch in the Bay Area on Apartment 34 The best Mexican Brunch in the Bay Area on Apartment 34

Oh and let’s not forget the cocktails or “cocteles” in Spanish! If hibiscus infused Flor de Caña Rum, lemon, grapefruit syrup with sparkling wine doesn’t whet your appetite, the habañero infused Vida mezcal, agave & lime, muddled cilantro, fresh cucumber & celery Celerito definitely will! In fact, we’ll be back to taste test the evening cocktail menu in Dona Tomas’ separate crimson red bar room! Oh and don’t forget to top off your brunch with crunchy on the outside and gooey in the inside churros and coffee! Yummm.

The best Mexican Brunch in the Bay Area on Apartment 34

Whether you’re tired of the same ole’ long lines, looking for a fun new spot to spend your Saturday morning or are in need of a weekend hangover cure stat, check out Dona Tomas in Oakland. It will not disappoint. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a warm day, drink margaritas at 10 a.m. and explore a buzzing East Bay neighborhood!

You can also check out the episode of the Taste Buds featuring SO many of my favorite San Francisco hot spots, not to mention my girl Erica Chan of HonsestlyWTF fame, below!

Now, who’s hungry??

original photography for apartment 34 by aubrie pick 

This post is sponsored by Ford. All thoughts and opinions are 100% our own. Thanks for supporting partnerships that help keep Apartment 34’s doors open!

We do our fair share of running around our cities exploring, perusing, eating, shopping and drinking. We call it “work,” but really, it’s what our life goals are made of! It’s an especially good day when we stumble upon something so good, we name it the best. We discovered this sweet shop over a year ago and have been loyal to it since. Every couple of months we pop in to see what newly curated treasures adorn the shelves and every time, every time, we fall in love with it all over again. Properly named and popularly adored, I Love Neighbor is the best decor store in Oakland and here’s why!


You’re strolling down Piedmont Ave on what’s likely a gorgeous day in Oakland. The East Bay is always good for sunshine! On any particular day, the City Across the Bay is at least 5 degrees warmer and the sky much sunnier than fog-ridden San Francisco. As you pass all of the usual suspects, some that have occupied the street for years – decades, even – Fenton’s Creamery, Lost and Found Antiques, Issues, you mosey past something new, fresh, young: I Love Neighbor. You go in {duh!} and your eyes become as big as saucers as they proceed to soak up every little nook and cranny of this gorgeously curated space.


Brass chandeliers made by local artists, glass and ceramic mobiles, vintage paintings and antique taxidermy all hang from the walls or soar from the tall, wood beam ceilings above you. Black and white Icelandic sheepskins, classic striped foutas, colorful Moroccan rugs and handmade textiles from artists in Brooklyn adorn a mid-century chair or spill over a dip-dyed ladder.


Locally made candles, cocktail syrups and shrubs, organic soaps and detergents {peach oil laundry detergent. hello!} line the chic shelves. Grey washed live-edge bowls, smoothly carved horn spoons, unique candlesticks, tiny leather coin pouches, brass scissors in every size and rope dog leashes all make the cut in their well-stocked cabinets.


And, the staff! Well, they’ll become your new best friends not only because they are so friendly, but they’ll also indulge you as you jabber about loving everrrrr-y-thing. They’ll likely tell you about the item in your hand and somehow convince you, in a way your best friend would, that you need it. The store is inviting, never stuffy or intimidating and there’s a backyard luring you in for “just a peek through the back door” yet it enticies you to sit down and stay a while – a neighborly Oakland mentality if we’ve ever seen one!


So if you’re in the neighborhood, stop by Neighbor. And if you’re not, do yourself a favor and be in the neighborhood! To all our buddies in San Francisco who rarely find themselves breaking out of their norm, I Love Neighbor is worth the quick drive over the bridge and we dare you, just dare you, to not fall in love!

original photography for apartment 34 by aubrie pick

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