We’ve Got A Crush

For no other reason than like Jennifer Paige sang, “it’s just a little crush”, we had to share the inspiration that has been making our hearts skip a beat this month. It’s not like we faint every time we touch, but it’s kind of like that!

We’ve got a crush on walls overtaken by blooms…


We’ve got a crush on glass & metal doors…


We’ve got a crush on watermelon radishes…


We’ve got a crush on moments when art mimics real life…


We’ve got a crush on serious volume…


We’ve got a crush on the summery vibe of this styling…


And we’ve got a crush on different mirrors, lots and lots of different mirrors.


Ok, dish. Who or what are you crushing on lately?? And in case you have the sudden urge to geek out a bit in your office and listen to Paige’s #1 90’s tune, here ya go.

image 1 via Mark Colle for Raf Simons via I Love Belgium // 2 via Still Stars // 3 via Camille Styles // 4 via Hecker Guthrie // 5 via A Love is Blind // 6 via Petra Bindel // 7 via Domino

Monday Motivation: How to Unleash Your Artistic Side

Have you ever been shopping and seen two completely opposite pieces of clothing that you were sure would never go together, but when you tried them on it’s as if they were made for each other?? That’s kind of the inspiration for this post. Too often we’re restricted to operate within “rules” of what “works.” But it’s so important to just let loose every once in a while and let your artistic eye run wild. Because that’s how the most genius ideas to come together!

That’s why we’re loving the work our graphic design intern, Brittany, recently put together. We’re constantly inspired by her eye. She has a knack for seeing things from a totally different creative perspective and we’re kind of ob-sessed {and slightly jealous!}. Today Brittany is sharing some insight on how to get your artistic eye goin’ too!


Brittany: I’ve always been drawn to design that surprises me; design composed of unlikely elements that somehow work together. To me, creating something is about achieving a certain harmony – whether combining typefaces or mixing patterns in your wardrobe, when it comes to finding harmony between unlikely pairs it’s no different for graphic design. With some practice, you can train your eye to remove yourself from knowing things by their definition and only acknowledging them by their shape. It’s as simple as that. Yet I realize it may not be as easy as it seems!


The secret? Step away from what an object is and see it for what it could be – then you really start having fun! Why can’t a grapefruit be a perfectly good substitute for a head? Why not a pendant light as a makeshift hat? It’s similar to laying in the grass during your childhood and spotting animals in the clouds. You just have to sit back and let your imagination run a little wild!


Then you simply start experimenting. With this type of creativity there are no mistakes – only happy accidents! And remember, letting your imagination run wild doesn’t have to mean completely reinventing the wheel. That’s where people begin to feel the pressure. You just have to think about reinventing the way the ol’ wheel is interpreted and you’re bound to come up with something fun!

We couldn’t agree with Brittany more. Are you dying over her killer collages as much as we are? How cool would they look framed and hanging on a wall?!  When you give yourself the space to play, you just might be surprised by what surfaces. We hope you can carve a few minutes out of your week to do just that – we certainly will be!


collage 1: image 1 via James Tolich // 2 via Maiken Winther // 3 via Saintemaria

collage 2: image 1 via West Elm // 2 via Donald Gjoka // 3 via Esra Roise

collage 3: image 1 via Leta Sobierajski // 2 via Jason Kibbler // 3 via Mats Gustafson

collage 4: image 1 via Daikoku Design Institute // 2 via Studio Nicholson // 3 via Alex Proba

collage 5: image 1 via Society 6 // 2 via EetuElmeri Sihvonen // 3 via Gary Didsbury

3 Design Trends Spied at the SF Decorator Showcase

One of our favorite events of the year is touring the San Francisco Decorator’s Showcase home. It’s almost like the Fashion Week of interior design where designers from all over the Bay Area come together to exhibit their talents all under one roof {literally!}. This year’s location is a beautiful historic home designed by famed Bay Area architect, Julia Morgan. Located in Presidio Heights, the home overlooks the Presidio boasting expansive views of the Bay and that mighty fine looking Golden Gate Bridge of ours!

Since each room is designed by a different designer, you’re hit with all types of styles, tastes and interior inspiration. There was so much visual interest to take in, it was hard to even find time to blink. We could have easily spent several hours exploring and we still would have missed some killer details—it was just that stunning.

While there was an overload of inspiration to report back on, here were some of our biggest trend takeaways {the rest you’ll just have to go see for yourself!}:


1. Green is Gold. Various shades of green were used as the wall color choice for several rooms, but we were especially obsessed with the look of the matte, Hunter Green walls of Will Wick’s master bedroom. The color seemed to shift dramatically depending on which way the light hit the room—adding an additional layer of drama to the space’s already edgy feel. The use of all sorts of green hues throughout the home proved just how dynamic the color can be and for that reason it earned a spot at the forefront of our minds for future decorating projects {like this one!}.


2. Embrace Destruction. While a lot of interior design has a tendency to be super pristine and polished {and spendy!}, we love the look of subtle imperfections that give a room character and a sense of realness. Brittany Haines of Authenticity B layered in that sense of “realness” for the Showcase home’s office space. From a desk made from charred wood to a worn, lightly frayed antique rug, the room embraced life’s natural “wear and tear” to create an utterly sophisticated, yet still super approachable look.


3. Walls as Art. Of course we’re familiar with the concept of hanging art on walls, but Cecilie Starin took the idea to another level by commissioning Bay Area muralist Ian Ross to create a custom-painted, canvas wallpaper. Suddenly the walls themselves became the work of art! The organic, energetic lines of the hand painted walls played perfectly with some insanely badass gold accents to create a jaw-dropping look that can’t even be summarized with words.

These were just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the all the design happenings going on inside the 2015 Decorator Showcase house. It’s truly a must-see for any design fiends in the Bay Area. The house itself will be open for viewing through Memorial Day weekend so be sure to check it out for yourself if you’re in town! You can find all of the details on the Decorator Showcase website. If you’ve already visited, we’d love to know what design detail caught your eye!

image 1& 2 by Patrik Argast // 3 &4 by Bess Friday // 5 via Cecilie Starin // 6 by Ali Hartwell