The Apartment 34 Holiday Shop is Here!

So, we promised a big announcement last Friday… did you happen to guess what we were up to?? Today we’re thrilled to launch the Apartment 34 Online Holiday Shop!! Months in the making, we’ve been dying to give you, dear readers, the first look at the it!


So why a holiday shop? The idea came to us over the summer when inevitably, we were forced to start thinking about Christmas… in July {yup, that’s how this gig rolls!}. For some reason, thinking about boughs of holly in the summer sun just wasn’t getting us as excited for the season as it had in years past. We realized it came down to what we feel has become an overly saturated sea of gift guides. Then there’s the dominance by the usual suspects that pop up again and again and again. Although all great resources, we wanted to attempt something a little different this year – and see if we could actually make it happen!


So we decided to have a little fun with some of our favorite makers! Teaming up with 10 crazy-talented artisans, we co-designed exclusive limited edition pieces. Our hope is to inspire you to support emerging designers & small businesses this holiday season while perhaps finding a gift for a special someone, or a gift for yourself!


Over the past few months we’ve been working directly with each maker to design a very tailored 10-piece collection that has everything from jewelry and clothing to home accents and art – all of which we’d gladly welcome to the Apartment 34 world {a few pieces may already be gracing the office or hanging in our closets!}. With quantities as small as 15, we wanted to give you the chance to snag something truly unique.


Here’s a quick description of our collection to whet your whistle!

> Hackwith Design out of Minneapolis made the most gorge, extra large grey scarf in a limited edition of 20!

> Julia Kostreva solved all of our problems of finding a iPhone 6 case with this ombre beauty inspired by one of her personal photographs.

> Vrai and Oro, one of our favorite new jewelry makers, created our dream everyday piece: a 14k gold cuff with diamonds!

> Rebecca Atwood handmade a very limited number of a super sweet navy shibori zip pouches!

> Emily Johnston, NYC photographer with an insanely good eye, brought Europe to us with a limited edition diptych print set.

> Chapman at Sea designed the cutest grey leather and rope dog leash you ever did see.

> Sarah Sherman Samuel from A Sunny Afternoon put her modern spin on handcrafted with a octagonal modern cutting board that is to die for.

> My Trick Pony has got norm-core down with an exclusively designed sporty-chic printed t-shirt available in black or white.

> The Citizenry designed an ombre grey Alpaca throw with their makers in Peru that is just heaven.

> And last, but certainly not least, Sketchbook Crafts brought our idea to life with a waxed canvas cross-body bag, perfect for traveling or for everyday on-the-go fashionistas!

All of these items are available in VERY small quantities, so you don’t want to miss out. Start your holiday shopping now and gift one of these truly special designs to someone you love. We’ll be breaking down a little bit of the design process and profiling each of the makers in the weeks ahead. You won’t want to miss hearing their stories. It just might inspire you to get to makin’ yourself!

In the meantime, check out the shop HERE, fill up your cart and then come back- we’re so excited to read in the comments which items you love most! Here’s to a fabulously chic holiday season!!

original photography for apartment 34 by Aubrie Pick // shot on location at LUX-SF // styling by Apartment 34 

Yes, the Holidays are Basically Here but We’re Excited…


It started back in August. We were already thinking of holiday and had this crazy idea to do something different in the gift guide department that would hopefully be a little more exciting than your same ole gifts for him, gifts for her. We’ve been working long and hard since then {with some seriously talented people!} to bring you a project we’re SO proud of. It’s our biggest collaborative project to date and we’re pretty stoked about it….but you’ll have to come back Monday to see what it is!

With that, we’ll leave you with this sneak peek to get you through the weekend…See you soon!

original photography for apartment 34 by Aubrie Pick

3 Instagrammers You Should be Following this Month

Yes, it’s easy to overrun your Instagram feed, but when you whittle down who you follow to the truly inspirational your feed is like your own refuge. These Instagram accounts are run by three ladies who not only have impeccable taste, but also have an eye and style so distinct their Instagrams are a mini-universe unto themselves. We couldn’t be more obsessed with their carefully curated squares – all displaying something utterly unique: from squishy {perfectly styled!} babies to stellar buildings, ingenious color palettes and interesting corners. We promise, you will become just as inspired as we are after clicking that Follow button!


Muted tones are Kelli Murray’s sweet spot. From her spunky toddler to newborn bebe, you will quickly fall in love with every photo of her family. But not only does she give you baby fever, she also has a personal style that is bohemian and edgy – equal parts refreshing and innovative. The lack of bright colors in her perfectly filtered photos doesn’t mean this account is anything short of luminous. In fact Kelli’s ability to make life beautiful, sans saturation, just proves no one does neutral territory better!


In contrast, if there isn’t a girl afraid of a little {or a lot!} of color, it’s Monling Lee. Never dressed in less than four different shades, Monling can be found pulling together a color-blocked outfit like it’s nobody’s business. Let’s face it, making sherbet orange look elegant ain’t easy, but this hue-obsessed D.C. fashionista does it with ease. Inspired by building paint jobs and crazy color combos, we can’t tell which came first, the outfit or the building. Either way, we’re obsessed.


Rustic and charming. Sexy and street. Aiala Hernando knows how to capture every corner of the world – from styled props to a perfectly poured cup of jo in New York, everything this talented photographer captures is the definition of life’s perfect vignettes. There’s something for everyone to love here. Whether you enjoy travel, food, interiors or shadows, all with inspiring quotes and motivational thoughts attached to them, Aiala’s photos should be enjoyed by all!

What are you waiting for? Follow these incredible ladies now! Anyone you think we should add to our must-follow list??