Hey Now…

I realize the long weekend was supposed to be our official farewell to summer….


But I, for one, have never done very well with good-byes! So I’m going to put off the inevitable, at least for one more morning and ease my way into September gently. Slowly. I think a nap may need to be involved. Mad dash…I’ll deal with you later!

Who’s with me??

image via dustjacket in the attic


Surrender to the End of Summer By Singing These Tunes

I don’t know about you, but we’re holding onto summer {or at least the essence of it!} for dear life right now. Even with the brink of fall right in front of us, we’re really not feeling ready! We haven’t lived out enough endless, carefree days, windows rolled down, hair blowing in the wind, Beyonce blasting through the stereo! Our summer bucket list still runneth seriously over. I suspect we’re not alone.


That’s why, before we say goodbye to our bikinis, we want to press pause and remind ourselves of all the little things we’ve been wanting to do, but haven’t gotten around to yet. The time to do ‘em is pretty much now after all! Maybe make those homemade yogurt swirl popsicles we’ve been dying to try, go on that day-trip we’ve been itching to take, or dance on the beach like no one’s watching! The possibilities are endless!!

So we thought, what better way to help you get up and do something fabulous with your waning summer days than with a great soundtrack bumpin’ in the background!


It’s a little bit of everything; exhilarating and carefree with a tinge of moodiness {it just wouldn’t be a playlist without Lana!}. If this playlist doesn’t get you up off your couch and dancing, then we don’t know what will! You can hear the whole thing right here.

So off you go! Take the final days of August to exhale, let go and surrender to summer. That’s what we’re going to be doing for the rest of the week! Life’s just too short to be worried about work all the time. We’ll be seein’ ya in September friends.

PSA: Day to day pressures aren’t invited to THIS party – but you are! —Team Apartment 34

image via, playlist compiled by June 

Trend Spotting: Surfbords as Home Decor

Beyonce and Jay Z were recently in San Francisco on their On The Run tour, but you knew that because you went. We, apparently, were the only ones in the entire city who DIDN’T go and oh, we felt the sting. While everyone was jammin’ to “Drunk in Love” we were stuck in the left over concert traffic only to be proceeded by an equally monotonous night. And to top off a serious case of Tuesday night FOMO, if the rumors are true, the power couple is headed for the dreaded “D” word and we just. can’t. handle. it.

So in honor of Queen Bey and Jay, we rounded up our favorite surfboard inspirations, or should we say surfbort inspirations? We’ve been seeing these dudes everywhere, from decor to editorials and we can only believe that it was partly Beyonce’s doing. After all, she runs the world, right? On her surfbort.


We’re in love with the idea of surfboards as decor, especially when they’re not your typical “surf’s up, bro” board. A gorgeous blond wood with a vintage-inspired shape is so cool leaning against a blank wall and the Gray Malin photography infused board is literally a work of art. Obsessed.


Speaking of art, fashion and interior designers have definitely received the surf delivered memo. We can’t decide if we’d rather break waves on Kelly Wearstler’s beautifully crafted wooden boards or Alexander Wang’s marble beauties. Probably Kelly’s, right? Marble sinks- in the literal sense of the word only!


And just in case you’re planning to ride this trend as long as we are, we present a surfbort moodbort. <– We had to!


Have you caught the surfboard wave too? Or are you ready for this trend to crash and break? Us? Oh, we’re prepared to ride this baby till the final days of summer are gone! –Bianca

image 1 via Home Adore // 2 via Fast Co. // 3 via One Kings Lane // 4 via Kelly Wearstler // 5 via Alexander Wang // moodboard images via