How to Find Fresh Ideas for Your Blog

In the constant battle against sameness, we’re the first to admit that finding fresh ideas can often feel impossible. Coming up with new angles on a story, or better yet, creating an entirely new story all together requires an “aha” moment and careful execution. But when we all fail to step away from the desk, everything starts to feel more than a little repetitive. There’s definitely still a ton of creative inspiration out there on the web – you just have to dig a little further {aka beyond Pinterest} to find it!

So we decided to do a little hunting on your behalf. Looking for something that presents a completely different perspective is just what we need to get out of our rut. If you’re in need of something to get your gears going {in a good way!}, take a moment to dissect the choices in these awesome examples of styling genius, or simply enjoy them for what they are – pure eye candy!


Sully Sullivan’s has funky top-down styling down to a fun perfection. Sully’s work for Haus Interior’s candles - hot dogs? drinks in coconuts? – puts a big, sunny smile on our faces!


Tina Hellburg does eclectic and does it right! She sources the strangest and coolest objects that are complete showstoppers on their own, and manages to find a balance between them all. Her mix of texture, color, size and shape invites you into a world of her own making. We’d gladly hang out in it for quite some time!


Janne Peters styles monochromatic sets like a champ. Her understanding of tones and placement is undeniable. We love Janne’s use of depth and lines and her signature pop of the unexpected – that citron!


Lotta Agaton is our styling hero. We’re certain she’s from a different planet all together. The way she looks at everyday objects beyond their purpose and is able to recreate an entirely new shape with them is the definition of a great stylist.


Oh and her interior work? Also BA-NA-NAS…

We love how these pros stretch our ideas about how to tell a visual story. It’s nice to take a break from the all gold, all acrylic, all chevron world that seems to dominate blog-land these days. Who are some stylists you look up to or turn to for inspiration?

Do you have any tips for getting out of a creative rut??

Looking for even more inspiration? We’re quite sure you’ll enjoy this and this and this!

image 1-2 via Haus Interiors // 3-4 via Tina Hellberg // 5-6 via Gentl and Hyers // 7-8 via Janne Peters // 9-12 via Lotta Agaton

10 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Make Our Hearts Melt

For the first time in what seems like a long time, we’re actually excited for this year’s holiday of love! It could be that there is extra love in the air with the wee one on the way {or it could totally just be the hormones!} but Valentine’s Day has us smitten with the idea of sending a little appreciation someone’s way. And nothing says appreciation more than a small, yet thoughtful gesture {or two!}. We have a few ideas up our sleeves {more on that coming later!}, but thought it would be helpful to throw out a hint, just in case someone {ahem!!} happens to be reading this. Any of these little lovelies would SO make our day!!



Get Your Shop On:

1.) Kiss Kiss Tee
2.) BKR Heart Water Bottle
3.) White + Silver Aether Cone
4.) Chuck Taylor by Comme Des Garcons
5.) Hearts Wool Silk Scarf
6.) Fragile Hearts Plate
7.) Staub Mini Heart Cocottes
8.) Garance Dore ‘XO’ Card
9.) Heart and ‘Be Mine’ Spatulas
10.) Love Letter Trays

We’re sure to give extra kisses if we receive this adorable Kiss Kiss Tee. How cute would it be with a blazer and these Chuck Taylors for a casual, but totally pulled together day look? Talk about a perfect match!

We’re also crushing hard on these Fragile Hearts plates. They’re edgy with just the right amount of fem. Plus they’re on sale! And these cute spatulas will surely aid in whipping up more weekend pancakes and tasty sweets! Just sayin.’

But if someone {hiiiiiint!!} is seeking a little extra love and affection come Valentine’s Day, our hearts beat fast for the Aether Cone music player. It’s sleek design and streaming capabilities make it perfectly simple to take straight from the box to the dining table to set the mood for an intimate Valentine’s Day dinner – the most epic girls’ night. You can sit back and let it stream, or you can tell it exactly what you want to hear! Literally, like out loud. It can understand your voice commands! Not to mention, the Aether Cone is a gift that anyone {him or her} would totally love to receive! Something tells us he won’t dread shopping for this gift!

So for all of the lovers out there who plan to get a little groovy come February 14, we’ve gathered a quick list of our favorite smooth and sexy R&B love songs. You can tell the Cone you want to listen to “By Your Side” by Sade and it not only will play the soulful tune, but it’ll also play related songs to set the mood!


And for all of our singles, may you fancy a little “No Scrubs” by TLC, “Single Ladies” by Beyonce and “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” by Cyndi Laupner? ‘Cause we know how it is!

While we’re at it, here are more V-Day gifts that we’re in looooove with…



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Prepping for Bebe Update: Nursery Inspiration

So, I’m not quite sure how this all happened, but in approximately eight {short!} weeks, there’s going to be a very small human in the loft! And I’m kinda freaking out about it. After soaking up every one of the 72 glorious babymoon hours over the weekend, reality is now crashing down around me. It’s officially time to turn our attention to the to-do list. Diapers, bottles, something for the little thing to wear, maybe something for it to sleep in…yeah, I’ve really gotta get on all that.

But of course, rather than concern myself with practical issues like what a breast pump actually does, I’d rather focus on the aesthetics of it all! On the tippy top of my list is figuring out how to incorporate a baby into our physical space. There’s certainly no room for a nursery where all baby-related items can live behind a closed door. It’ll be a good long while before our new house will be done and I can have a space like this:


For the time being, I’m going to have to make due with everything being out in the open. And while I really don’t want all things infant to invade our space, I also don’t want to completely ignore the fact there will be a wee-one in our presence. So I’ve started hunting for subtle ways to incorporate baby-related decor. My starting place is this cool alphabet poster we happened to pick up a few years back {originally intended as a baby present for someone else – whoops!}.


It already fits into our very neutral color scheme perfectly and feels like something I won’t get sick of looking at! Thankfully, the new online framing company Framebridge was able to help me design a custom frame for it. I simply sent them the print in the mail and their framing experts emailed me back mock-ups of mat and frame suggestions. I just selected the final style and the print showed back up on my doorstep – ready for its spot on the wall! Can you guess which framing option I picked…

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 9.02.49 PMIMG_3758

I decided to go with the classic modern style of the Marin frame with the white mat to really make the lighter tones in the poster pop. While I haven’t quite figured out where we’ll be hanging this lovely guy just yet, the print is currently the anchor piece for my baby-decor moodboard!

Think yummy warm browns from light natural wood to camel and touches of black with a minimalist undertone. I’m also really loving the anchor motif and mixing in a touch of metallic. I’m open to a few sweet accessories like that crazy adorable stuffed bunny hanging around too! Even I’m a sucker for something that cute and cuddly.


I’m not sure where or how I’ll incorporate these little baby-themed moments into the loft yet. Maybe I’ll create a little gallery wall around the bassinet. Or perhaps we’ll carve out a little play corner that can have our baby-themed art and some fun accessories. Or maybe I’ll just scatter a few aesthetically pleasing kid-friendly things here and there. Plans are now starting to form, so I’ll be able to share what we finally decide with you soon!

Even gathering just these few small inspiration items does get me excited to incorporate le bebe into our world! I’m thinking some instagram mini-frames will definitely be in my near future!

Right now Framebridge is also offering you a great opportunity to get your frame on. Simply enter the code APARTMENT34 at check out and enjoy 20% off 2 or more items!


nursery image via live loud girl // photography for apartment 34 by bianca sotelo

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