Idea to Steal: {Pegboard Inspiration}

There’s something to be said about a good old fashioned inspiration board. These days the majority of our messy, random, unfiltered tidbits of inspiration exist only in digital format. Despite Pinterest being a game-changer when it comes to bookmarking ideas {along with our poor, overworked and abused computer desktops!}, sometimes we find ourselves nostalgic for the tangibility and rawness of a physical mood board. That’s why when we saw this beautiful pegboard of earthy artifacts, we had to pin it {so very meta of us, right!?}.


Pegboard makes for such unique idea boards because they encourage the display of physical artifacts {take THAT Pinterest!}. We love the 3D look of varying textures, shapes and forms {like plants!} clustered together to create an organic and no-fuss feel. Not to mention, the texture of the board itself {hello, perforation!} creates visual interest on an otherwise empty wall. We see a DIY coming on…

What do you think? Do you LOVE?

image via Still Stars // photography by Heidi Lerkenfeldt

We’ve Got A Crush

Even though the summer season is inherently a little more fem {bright colors, floral prints, shorter hemlines}, right now we’ve got a crush on things that run the line between feminine and masculine. We love playful and flirty details juxtaposed against clean lines and a powerful silhouette. White is always our warm weather go-to color and these images prove that crisp, clean bright whites are perfect for some summer fun!

We’ve got a crush on this instagram-worthy floral shop…


We’ve got a crush on coconut amaretto popsicles, duh…


We’ve got a crush on an all-white, super sexy summer suit…


We’ve also got a crush on an all-white-bathroom number {with white beams and black floor!}…


We’ve got a crush on figs with anything, including toast and almond cottage cheese…farmer’s market here we come…


We’ve got a crush on this whimsical, mid-century inspired gender-neutral nursery…


That’s a lot of crushes for one season. What are you crushing on lately??


image 1 via Emmas Design Blogg // 2 via Artful Desperado // 3 via J Brand // 4 via Residence Magazine // 5 via Le Passe Vite // 6  via Inside Out

5 Modern Outdoor Spaces That’ll Make You Say “SUMMER!!!”

Outdoor living is our favorite thing this time of year. With these lovely long days, it’s all about drinks on the patio, dinners on the lawn and morning coffees on the deck. The following beautiful backyards are what our summer dreams are made of!


Too often outdoor spaces are left to the weeds, literally, and it’s probably because home owners, myself included, forget that they can look like this. But if you put your back into it, even just a little bit, your outdoor space just might become one of the best seats in the house!

We’re loving these modern backyards and patios so much. The monochrome color palettes are serene and the perfect way to seamlessly extend your floor plan into the great outdoors.

Looking to update your backyard space? As you can see, a few modern touches are all you need to create a minimally inspired monochrome oasis! Let the summer spent outdoors begin!



> 1. Linear Stem Watering Can
> 2. Glass Ceramic Lantern
> 3. Ferns
> 4. Iris Planter + Chevron Stand
> 5. Haven White Bird House
> 6. Garden Gnome
> 7. Outdoor Grid Stripe Pillow
> 8. Gray Garden Hose
> 9. Charcoal Grill
> 10. Walter Lamb Lounge Chair

What do you think of these modern outdoor designs? Don’t you just love the way these minimal pieces don’t take away from the beautiful greenery and surrounding landscape?

Who’s ready for sunshine, warm evenings and dining al fresco?!


image 1 via Est Magazine // 2 via Arch Daily // 3 via Garden Drum // 4 via Est Magazine // 5 via Hecker Guthrie, photography Eve Wilson