Get The Look: {MidCentury Meets Eclectic Flair}

Looking for a fresh design idea? We’ve been hunting too. Some of the most eye-catching spaces we’ve come across are the ones that seem to effortlessly weave together a variety of juxtaposing styles—Modern Rustic, Casual Glam, Sexy Lumberjack… Whoops! Got carried away with that last one…


This little ditty of a hallway is the perfect example of what we mean. Just when you think you’re taking a stroll down Mid-Century Modern lane…WHAM!… You’re hit with a vintage Moroccan Berber rug that knocks the assumptions right out of you—leaving you to wonder ‘what could possibly be next?!’ Oh just an amazing angular chandelier, uber-oversized abstract art balanced by a playful gallery wall and classic icons like your Eames Lounger and AJ floor lamp.


We’re calling this look Mid-Century Eclectic — mid-century staples sprinkled with some global and earthy flair. It’s a look that can be achieved by starting with classic and clean Mid-Century pieces and layering in more organic accents like some greenery, textured rattan and a hemp style military bed. Here’s how to nail the look!


1. > Robbie Kemper Painting “Circles & Squares”
2. > Claiborne Side Chair
3. > Clemente Floor Lamp
4. > Lines Leather Pillow
5. > Wall Wonder Clock
6. > Potted Cactus (purchase similar here)
7. > Fragment Cushion
8. > Italian Chandelier
9. > Bullet Planter
10. > Dakar Rug

Shop even more of our Mid-Century Eclectic favorites here!

images via Still Stars // photography by Heidi Lerkenfeldt

Print, Dying? Our Top 10 Magazines Beg to Differ

Print: A unique collection of stories and captivating images; perfectly bound; tangible. It’s a thing of real beauty. We could go on forever defining why we love print. There’s just no denying its intimacy in a world of electronic everything. When you sit down with a magazine you can practically feel the clock tick a little slower. And when they’re good, you can feel the passion put into every page- from the editors, stylists, printers, story hunters. It’s why we continue to linger at the bookstore for hours versus scrolling for downloads on our tablet. It’s why we we choose a coffee “for here” versus a coffee “to go.” It’s why we can’t bare to throw away those old issues piled up on our floor. Print journals and magazines force us to slow down, challenge the daily status quo and encourage us to see beauty in a different form. So of course it’s not dying in our hearts!


From travel to design, fashion and food there are still stunning print options out there. We’ve rounded up our Top 10 favorites. Each is chock full of beutiful stories waiting to unfold as you flip through the goregous pages of these paper-bounds. We couldn’t possibly think about living without any of these stylish and sophisticated publications!


Trouve – for the design lover
Human Being – for the rebel
Darling – for the discerning woman
Anthology – for the decorator
Cereal – for the wanderer
The Travel Almanac – for the dreamer
Porter – for the fashion-forward
Hearth – for the traveler
Cherry Bombe – for the girl boss
The Gentlewoman – for the sophisticate

These print pubs go far beyond Oh and this is just the tip of the iceberg, friends! There are certainly a stack of honorary mentions on our desks, like Apartamento, Sweet Paul, Harper’s Bazaar, C Magazine, Vogue Living & InsideOut to name a few. We’ve also recently discovered Lucky Peach which is full of great fun for you foodies out there!

Which print publication is your favorite? If you’re like us, you’re calling your local newsstand every week to find out if the newest issue has arrived. Yes, print is our guilty pleasure, but how can it not be?!

What are your thoughts…is print dying? We say, not so long as we – or our rolling, open tab at the book store – have anything to say about it!

You can shop even more of our print favorites here!

image via Lingered Upon

Color Coded: {Pops of Poppy}

Red is one of those colors you either love or you hate. The right type of fiery personality struts it with confidence or splashes it about in their home decor. That said, we are not typcially that person {save a good red lipstick!}. But with a tinge of orange and a hint of rust, a fresh poppy hue has us rethinking our refusal to experiment with red really hard. It’s jolting without being offensive to the eyes and it’s subtle undertones make it surprisingly sophisticated. Best part is, you just need a pop of it!


What do you red-haters say? Good, right? Those shiny, lacquered cabinets really get us going {in a good way!} and those bold strokes in the abstract painting just bring it home. We also can never say no to a blood orange anything and juju hats in that same audacious color perfectly offset a super neutral room.

We have to say poppy may have just become our new bold obsession!


image 1 via Interior Design // 2 via M Bakes // 3 via Haymes // 4 via Architectural Digest Espana // 5 via Bon George // 6 via Angus Fergusson