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Has this week felt exceptionally long for anyone else?? Well, at least I have a quiet Friday to get a few things done before unplugging for the weekend. As we sneak closer and closer to August I start feeling summer rushing by too quickly, so I want to make a point to slow down and savor it all. But I’ve been popping around the interwebs this week to make sure you have a few fun things to savor as well.

This home tour on Glitter Guide is California bohemian overload, in a good way.

Alicia put together a great list of chill summer tunes

I’m totally digging this cute summer top.

Liz is making me want to go camping. Yes, me!

Then Sam has me craving a day at the beach.

And while I’m trying to put my wanderlust on hold, Cassandra’s guide to Stockholm isn’t helping me!

This is hot. And makes me want to go somewhere hot.

The mamas are back this week talking adult time vs family time. While I wasn’t able to write about this one, be sure to check out everyone’s posts! You can start right here.

Oh and the Nordstrom Sale is in full effect today. I’m tracking all my must-buys right here.

And if you’re in San Francisco this weekend,

On Monday, Tartine Manufactory (my love) is hosting a dinner featuring an all-female cast of chefs, purveyors, 20+ female wine & beer makers, bakers and the like. Proceeds from the night’s feast are going to Planned Parenthood. And I’m swooning. If you beg, you might still be able to get a table (I’m begging).

Modern Citizen just opened a lovely new shop on Union Street – I might have to do a little shopping for my upcoming trip to NYC! More on my Insta-story about that right now btw

Flower Piano continues at the Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park this weekend. It’s seriously just the coolest thing. I cannot wait to go back tomorrow.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



As someone with a penchant for magazines, it can often be hard to figure out what the heck to to do with all of them.

idea to steal: pretty piles

Now there’s a balance between pretty collections and being the next subject of an episode of hoarders, so you have to tread lightly. But if you strike the right balance, you’ve got styling gold. Stacks on the floor can add character and texture to a room. A good rule of thumb is to keep things monochromatic though. It keeps the look from being overly chaotic. (unrelated style note: obsessed with those blank canvases stacked one on top of another. Genius solution while you’re waiting to invest in art).

idea to steal: pretty piles

Piles on bookcases offer height and dimension.

idea to steal: pretty piles

Rarely seen displayed in a kitchen, magazine piles  add lovely personality and a bit of softness.

idea to steal: pretty piles

You can break your collection up, tucking your stacks here and there.

idea to steal: pretty piles

Even piles create a orderly geometric pattern – ideal for all you perfectionists. Also helps you make your collection look a little less overwhelming (key if your magazine habit is a point of contention!).

What do you think? Do you display your magazine archive or other collection?? How do you store them?


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If there was ever a design unicorn out there, the home tour I have for you today just might be it. This San Francisco home marries all of my design musts – timeless modernism; warm, cozy layers; pitch perfect vintage; amazing lighting; unexpected touches. It’s the total package.

stunning san francisco home on apartment 34stunning san francisco home on apartment 34stunning san francisco home on apartment 34

Currently featured in San Francisco Cottages & Gardens (issue on newsstands now!), it’s hard to pick what I love about this home most. I should probably start with the fact that it’s designed by Lauren Nelson – who I’m pretty sure is my design spirit animal. Like me, Lauren loves a foundational color palette of black and whiteShe’s obsessed with the littlest details. She loves eye-catching materials – case in point that custom chevron door and stunning Pietra marble floors in this home’s entry – and yet her spaces feel warm, inviting and ready to be lived in, rather than just gazed upon. Definitely the goal with my house – whether I accomplish that TBD.

stunning san francisco home on apartment 34stunning san francisco home on apartment 34

While the entry offers a calming, neutral palette of creams and browns, the living room is a study in bold color and texture. I love the pop of print on the pair of vintage brass chairs and the rich teal sofa (blue sofas anyone??). So good. It’s also important to note that those cabinets flanking the fireplace are wrapped in leather with brass hardware and blackened wood panels! Swoon.

stunning san francisco home on apartment 34

Ceramics, wood bowls, weavings and curiosities made of natural materials ground the living room.

stunning san francisco home on apartment 34stunning san francisco home on apartment 34

Another genius example of texture – a subtle print wallpaper in the built-ins that harkens back to the accent chairs.

stunning san francisco home on apartment 34stunning san francisco home on apartment 34stunning san francisco home on apartment 34

I spy vases by another San Francisco fave, Gerhard Ceramics in the dining room. The cow print is also a great way to show that you shouldn’t take life too seriously.

stunning san francisco home on apartment 34stunning san francisco home on apartment 34stunning san francisco home on apartment 34

Genius use of geometric prints continue with the kitchen backsplash. And the stunning Lawson/Fenning pendants are giving me life.

stunning san francisco home on apartment 34

This 1925 San Francisco Edwardian includes four stories of gorgeous and a stunning central staircase to prove it.

stunning san francisco home on apartment 34

The floor of a guest bathroom is the perfect place for a fun burst of color.

stunning san francisco home on apartment 34stunning san francisco home on apartment 34

The master bath is giving me serious sconce envy.

stunning san francisco home on apartment 34stunning san francisco home on apartment 34

Everything about this little seating area, from the custom desk to the Sara Paloma vases and gorgeous Jonathan Adler chair is spot on.

stunning san francisco home on apartment 34stunning san francisco home on apartment 34 stunning san francisco home on apartment 34

SHOP: dining table / bowls / juju hat / sara paloma vases / barstools / floor lamp / buffalo print / round mirror / chair

This home, while absolutely beautiful, also feels livable and family friendly. The pieces just feel a little more special, thoughtful and intentioned – exactly what design is for! To get all the details about this home, be sure to check out SFC&G – either online here or pick up your copy of the current issue while you can.


For more of my favorite home tours, CLICK HERE.


photography by aubrie pick for san francisco cottages & gardens

what to read this week on apartment 34

Friends, can we have a chat? A little heart to heart? You see, lately I’ve been reflecting a lot about this space and the entire blogging/social media world in general. A two-week road trip will do that to ya. And I find myself perturbed. The world of blogging has changed so much in the nearly 10 years I’ve been at this gig. When this little ole site started it was never intended to be about me. I was 27. What the hell did I know about anything?! It was intended to share discoveries, crowdsource ideas and miraculously turned into quite a vibrant community.

But today the blog world feels solely focused on “the me.” Look at me, I’m the most clever on Instagram stories. Look at me – I travel to the most enviable destinations. Look at me – I build the most fabulous wardrobes, design the most amazing homes, throw the most epic parties. I’m exhausted by it. Are you exhausted? Truth be told, I’m not comfortable with that vibe. Never have been. Sure, I’ve gained a little knowledge over the years and I certainly have many an opinion (do you follow me on Twitter?!) – but there is much more out there than my little slice of the world. And I want to get back to what I loved about blogging in the beginning – curating all of the goodness into a nice, neat little package for you.

That’s why this crazy journey called to me in the first place. Discovery. Creativity. Beauty. All at the click of a mouse and with the unique ability to broadcast it to whoever might be listening. So I’m working on a lot of different ways to weave this perspective back into Apartment 34, but one small gesture is to resurrect my Friday Links (which have had many iterations in the past – like this and this and this).

My list today is nothing fancy – just a list of links – cuz who has the time for crazy fancy graphics anymore. I just want to share bloggers who are kicking ass. Articles that made me think. Pictures that grabbed my attention. Instagrammers whose feeds give me life. It’s because of everything else out there that I’ve stuck around this long. And sharing the love just makes everyone feel better.

With that, here is my Follow Friday roundup for this week!


My bestie is the queen of tabletop design. All hail.

Camille took a dream trip to Italy and created an entire site about it. I’m freakishly jealous and learning to live with the envy.

Apparently, I’m not the only one to share today’s post’s sentiment. Jacquelyn’s list of must-read blogs is quite similar to my own.

One of my favorite writers (and occasional Apt34 contributor) wrote a lovely travel guide to Amsterdam, one of my all-time favorite cities.

Modern gorgeousness on MyDomaine.

I constantly pretend that I’m going to find more time in my world to read. Like a whole book. I keep saying it out loud. I even tried to start a book club once and I was the one who never finished the book. But despite all of that – I’m bookmarking Jen’s summer reading list.

I had an amazing experience in Napa last month and California Weekend captured it masterfully.

Serious backyard goals on Almost Makes Perfect.

If you love color (which you probably don’t because you read this blog, but just in case…) this pool party by Studio DIY is epic. Epic I tell you!

There’s a new generation in town and it makes SO much sense.

I’m going to New York in a few weeks and want to look endlessly stylish. These pants are either a really good or a really terrible idea.

And now for those Instagrammers

Meg Cassidy because goals

Kimberley Hasselbrink cuz I’m always hungry

Ann Street Studio cuz she’s taking Instagram art next level


Happy weekend friends!


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In case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been talking about fashion around these parts much. It’s a bit odd for me, as when it comes to defining my style, clothing was always my first love – not home decor believe it or not. But after becoming a mama, I really lost my desire to shop. Well, correction. I lost my desire to shop for myself. Buying cute kids clothes hasn’t been a problem at all! But I recently stepped into my closet (I know, it’s obnoxious I can say step in but it makes me so happy) and realized I hate basically everything in there. I’ve barely added a thing to my wardrobe since I was pregnantSo many of my pieces just don’t feel like “me” anymore. But as I talked about in this post, I’m ready to rock a good outfit again. I think it’s wardrobe refresh time.

summer wardrobe refresh on apartment 34

And whileI really settled into my style in my mid-30’s, your vibe always continues to evolve to meet you where you are now. The clothing that’s sat stagnant in my closet for nearly three years definitely isn’t feeling fresh. I look at my collection of blazers and only one thought comes to mind. Blech! Thankfully, I’m getting the shopping itch at the most opportune time – Nordstrom Anniversary Sale time!

If you’re one of the five people still unfamiliar with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, let me break it down. Nordstrom (my beloved Seattle-based department store and all around best place to shop ever that offers free shipping and free returns and is amazing) holds an epic sale every summer where new items go on major markdown. This isn’t getting rid of last season’s dregs. This is all new stuff at crazy good deals. Now the sale runs July 20 – August 6 this year, BUT if you are a Nordstrom cardholder early access started TODAY!

So I’ve spent the last…too many hours this morning scouring the sale for the cutest pieces and the best deals. I’m not exactly looking to do a major closet overhaul. I still have a house to finish. I just think a few current pieces will renew my style inspiration and get me excited to get out of yoga pants every day. The best part about the sale? Many of the deals are on things you can wear right now – in the heart of summer – and then you can tuck a chic sweater or a toasty jacket away to bust out come September.

Here is my current sale selection. The vibe? Relaxed, cool, and dare I say a little bit girly (eek!), but with a touch of edge.summer wardrobe refresh on apartment 34

SHOP: sweater / metallic slides / sunnies / best day ever pouch / jeans / one-piece swimsuit / sweatshirt / pumps / coat / backpack / boots / ruffle top / cross-body bag / striped top 


A few cute additions to my summer wardrobe (that off the shoulder top is my fave) and an investment or two in fun items for fall (hello over the knee boots) is the perfect way to get re-energized to get dressed each day.

Now, the best thing about the Anniversary Sale is that they keep adding new items all the time. So I’m going to be checking back often to add to my edit. For now, you can see all of my favorite pieces in the sale RIGHT HERE. Let me know if you find anything good that I missed!



This week’s Idea to Steal is perfect for sipping a summer drink, relaxing with a book or hiding out from the world. Right now I’m loving the look of a niche. They are perfect tucked away places to sit, sleep or simply hang.

idea to steal: the niche on apartment 34

This deep outdoor alcove is the perfect place to lounge, read or take a nap! As the sun moves it would also be a great spot to hide in the shade.

idea to steal: the niche on apartment 34

I love the idea of a tucked away nook. Whether you use it as a bed or a simply a cozy place to relax, it’s both fun and in the case of this minimalist example, extremely chic.

idea to steal: the niche on apartment 34

A more rustic take on the nook is similarly inviting. It’s also the perfect solution for awkward small spaces that you don’t quite know what to do with.

idea to steal: the niche on apartment 34

This lovely exterior niche is the ideal spot to sip rosé. And did you spy the wood-clad ceiling?!

idea to steal: the niche on apartment 34

If you’re lucky enough to have the right architecture, a bedroom niche is secluded, seductive and seriously sexy. Yes you have to crawl over one another if you have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, but sometimes killer looking design isn’t about practicality!

I’m kinda wishing we had put a niche somewhere in our remodel. What say you? Are you into it too?


For our entire Idea to Steal archive, CLICK HERE.


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