Idea to Steal: Hang It Up

Fresh ideas on how to store magazines are always exciting. If you’re anything like us, they tend to pile up very very quickly. Yes, stacking them on the floor or on a chair {with objects and art on top of course} has been the super cool style for like…a year, last year to be exact! We’re loving the fresh idea of making use of all those ugly wire hangers you have lying around.


As you should know by now, they should never be used to actually hang up your clothes, but when placed on an industrial rack, they can neatly and cleanly display all of those magazines that we just can not get rid of!

We’re obsessed with everything about how easy and modern this look is. Feel free to break up the structured vibe by adding your fave blouse or dress, hang up a killer mirror, or add a hanging wire light. Oh, and a hot Lenny Kravitz poster does not hurt. Nope, it does not hurt one bit!


What do you think? Are you as in love with this organization idea as much as we are?! We just need to find space for a clothes rack and we are finally getting those mags off of the floor!


Also, on another note, why is Lenny Kravitz still SO hot? Has this man not aged in two decades?! He just came out with his new album, “Strut”! Have you listened to it yet?? So good.


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images 1-3 via Funk Sjonelt // 4 via C Magazine 

How to Style a Scarf Six Ways

San Francisco may have turned a corner. It hasn’t been as cold lately – some days you can ALMOST leave a jacket at home. It’s a typical California winter: crisp mornings morph into bright warm(ish) afternoons once the sun breaks through. But soon as dusk hits, the chill comes rushing right back in so it’s wise to be properly prepared. Perhaps Katy Perry said it best: “it’s hot and it’s cold,” aka the perfect scarf weather!


Scarves are THE perfect transitional accessory. A big blanket scarf is a godsend. It shields you from the chill on days when you leave your coat at home. On the other hand, a light weight scarf is so right for a day when you can’t quite figure out if that sun outside is actually warm. With scarves, you don’t have to worry about messing with sleeves or disrobing super clunky layers once the day warms up- scarves are just THAT easy to take off. But putting them on and having them look effortlessly fabulous? That can be a totally different story, right?!

Getting the perfectly styled scarf ‘round your neck is admittedly not as easy as it looks. Ever wonder how fashionistas get their scarves styled to perfection? We’ve got six uber-stylish ways right here!


Blanket Scarf Chic: Think, literally, how you’d wrap a blanket around your back and shoulders on a lazy weekend. But when it’s a large enough scarf totally goregous scarf, you’ll be so badass, it’s not even funny.


One Shoulder Shawl: This style is perfect a sophisticated night out. Instead of going typical “shawl”, just wrap the scarf around one shoulder for an edgy asymmetrical look.


Sash Over The Shoulder: This look is so effortless that it makes us say, “duh”. Yet, the idea of just draping a scarf over one shoulder is so next level.


Oversized Handkerchief Knot: For this style, you’ll want to fold your scarf into a triangle first and make sure to tuck in loose end for a tight and bundled look!


Loose Wrap Around: Your basic neck wrap around is not so basic when you have an oversized scarf, pattern on pattern and leather.


Superhero: By just hooking your scarf around the front of your neck and letting the ends fly down the back, kind of like a superhero cape, you have an elegant and no-fuss wardrobe situation to help you tackle your day!

Scarves give you so many ways to play – you’re really only limited by your own creativity and wrapping skills! We’re curious, which of these scarf styling idea are you loving most??


image 1 via Wool and the Gang // 2 via Maja Wyh // 3 via Furnish Home // 4 via Vienna Wedekind// 5 via FIGTNY // 6 via Just Another // 7 via Zara

Happy Weekend!


If time flies when you’re having fun, then January 2015 must be the greatest month on record! How is February only a week away? How is there going to be a baby in the loft really dang soon?! How did the Seahawks find such a miraculous way to make it into the Superbowl, again?? It is all still a mystery to me, but I’m rollin’ with it. And I must say it all feels pretty dang good. Is everyone else digging these 2015 vibes too? I certainly hope you are! At the very least, I hope you enjoy a marvelous weekend. Here are a few fab things that caught our attention this week.

> Every woman in the world should just stop. All of your answers on how to take over the world are right here. These beauty secrets from a French girl {like, putting your lip balm on your eyelids!} are about to change your entire life. Because, you just can’t deny, French women kind of know what their doing when it comes to…everything.

> This week we talked about a cool winter fashion trend to try. I’m also loving this one. It’s making me reconsider chopping my hair again!

> Loved coming across this editorial spread- it may be from a couple of years ago, but it still is so relevant. To create a conversation about the state of equality, this photographer styled strangers in the same outfit, and while they may look the “same,” their differences are what make them beautiful.

> Ok, who listens to podcasts in the morning on the way to work?? If you don’t, they’re a great alternative to radio, which can get so redundant, and Serial is so crazy popular that you’re way behind the times if you don’t know about it. If you need something to fill your obsession between episodes, we’re dying to start these 5 podcasts to listen to, post-Serial!

> So I suffer from a lot of less-than-healthy envies, but I have a serious case of house envy right now. Not only am I jealous that Erica has completed her home revovation and we’re only just getting started, but her living room makeover is a serious stunner that is totally igniting my decorating itch! Anyone have a space they need styled? Anyone??

> Was traveling more one of your New Year’s resolutions for this year? First of all, this travel blog is a must-read. We love that every place visited by Pauline is given a tried and true test. So this list of the top 10 hotels of 2014 is, kind of like, the holy grail. Also, Barcelona may have just moved to the top of our wanderlust list!

> And speaking of travel, this is our BABYMOON weekend. Can you tell I’m a just a tad over-excited?? I promise to share recaps galore, but in the meantime you can get sneak peeks on Instagram here!

image via wit & delight tumblr