Is anyone else as ready for an escape as I am?! From everyone’s jaunts to Palm Springs, jetsets to the Amalfi Coast and the never ending stream of Tulum pics I have gorgeous, warm vacay on the brain big time. And then I stumbled upon this gorgeous clothing. All white, all linen, all tropical getaway perfection. I’m immediately transported.

beautiful summer looks on apartment 34 beautiful summer looks on apartment 34 beautiful summer looks on apartment 34beautiful summer looks on apartment 34   beautiful summer looks on apartment 34beautiful summer looks on apartment 34 beautiful summer looks on apartment 34

This stunning line by Etsy shop FoolDost is made of sustainable fabrics including linen and raw white denim to beautiful effect. Even if I’m not dashing anywhere exotic for the long weekend, I think if I had one of these looks I’d feel like I was on vacation!

I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day xx

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Today, I have someone you need to meet. I’ve talked to Girl Crushes and amazing makers over the years, but it’s hard to give today’s focus, miss Laney Crowell, one specific label. She’s an all around power woman. She’s created her own PR and content marketing firms, run social media and editorial content for Estee Lauder and is now taking perhaps the most admirable step of all – diving head first into her passion for clean beauty and intentioned living and sharing her true self with the rest of us. Laney recently launched The Moment – a stunning lifestyle site that is a mecca for all things clean beauty and healthy living. I recently sat down with Laney at my favorite San Francisco health food haunt, As Quoted, to dish on finding your passion and the perfect eco-lipgloss over turmeric lattes (have you had one? No seriously, they’re so good. I quit caffeine nearly 3 years ago now and they give me life.)

Clean makeup must-haves on apartment 34

I feel lucky to have called Laney friend for a number of years now. Her drive, creativity and warmth cause you to simultaneously admire her and want to be her BFF. She’s managed to harness that effortless beauty vibe that I’m always grasping for. So I was hoping her makeup recommendations might help me look more fresh faced!

Clean makeup must-haves on apartment 34Clean makeup must-haves on apartment 34

How did you discover clean beauty / self care?

It started in my search to learn more about food. I’ve always had a really sensitive stomach, I’ve suffered from acne, and I’ve always felt like I had low energy. I started reading about eating plant-based and how great it is for our bodies and our skin. The better I ate, the better my stomach and skin became. Once you start learning about food you can’t help but want to know where it comes from. For me it was a natural progression to see what’s in my beauty products too.

Clean makeup must-haves on apartment 34

What do you love about these five clean beauty products?

These are the products I keep in my makeup bag at all times:

Juice Beauty CC Cream in Dessert Glow

The great thing about this product is that it gives you a little coverage, a little dewiness, and it has SPF. I apply it with my hands and it evens out my skin tone instantly. Juice Beauty is organic, vegan, and toxin-free so they’re one of my most trusted clean beauty brands.

Jillian Dempsey Lid Tint in Dew

This product is so great. It comes in other colors, but I love the dew that turns into a slight rose. It’s glossy, but not too glossy, and gives that instant cool girl look. It’s kinda amazing that this product is made from organic and natural ingredients.

Kjaer Weis Eye Shadow in Transcend

This eyeshadow should win awards. It’s all-natural and certified organic, but the color is elevated and chic. I use it as an eyeshadow and an eyeliner depending on the look I’m going for – for a fancier look I’ll use it with Jillian Demsey’s Lid Tint for a glossy look.

True Botanicals Hydrating Mist

I recently discovered True Botanicals and fell in love with their Clean line. It has done amazing things to help my skin, which broke out really badly when I got pregnant. They gave me some new samples to try like this Hydrating Mist and I keep it in my bag when traveling.

W3LL People Nudist Multi-Use Cream Stick

I love products that I can use in more than one way, and even better if they are doing double duty on top of that. I use this stick as blush and for lip color, plus it has aloe and antioxidants in it so it’s good for your skin. It’s super sheer which I love, and has a gorgeous dewy finish.

Clean makeup must-haves on apartment 34Clean makeup must-haves on apartment 34Clean makeup must-haves on apartment 34

If women were going to change one thing about their beauty routine – what do you think it should be?

That’s a hard question! I’ve been slowly changing my skin, face, hair, nail and body products over the last year and a half and now I’m 99% clean. I think I started with replacing my face serum. I wanted to find something that was just as effective and clean as the toxic version I was using. If I had to recommend one product though, it would be a moisturizer that can be used on your whole body though, like Everyday Oil. Our skin is our biggest organ and we need to treat it well.

Clean makeup must-haves on apartment 34

What do you hope women take away from The Moment

Ultimately The Moment is a beauty site, but a new kind of beauty site. Beauty is so much more than the way we look, beauty is a feeling that comes from joy. I hope that people take away how to feel joy with what we eat, how we live our lives and with how we take care of ourselves.

What is your advice for someone looking to turn their passion into a career?

I started The Moment not because I’m an expert, but because I’m on a mission to feel better and feel more joy in my life. That mission was clear to me, because it’s what I did in my spare time. It took me a while to figure out it’s shape though, that came from journaling and mediating. If I have any advice it’s to take the time to be in touch with yourself and listen to your gut.

Clean makeup must-haves on apartment 34

Journaling and meditating goals. Check! I’m so thrilled that Laney in enlightening us all, not only with her ever-growing clean beauty knowledge, but also with her joy, her positive outlook and her goal of simply helping people feel better. Because you really can’t get mad at that can you? Seems like a long relaxing Memorial Day weekend would be the perfect time to start taking a little extra care of your self, no? Head to the The Moment for even more beautiful inspiration.



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photography by andrea posadas

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Who else is excited for the unofficial start to summer this weekend?! While I’ve been plodding away at making progress on our house (if anyone had ever warned about the trials and tribulations of gut renovations…I’d still have taken on this project, but I might have built up more stamina), I’ve been eager to make a major update to our backyard. We’ve had zero outdoor furniture or really any way to enjoy our outdoor space. Even though I still have couches and fireplaces to pay for, something had to be done. I’m thrilled to have partnered with to give my yard a mini-makeover. Thankfully, with just a few key pieces you can immediately transform an outdoor space into a picture perfect place to entertain.

Set a stunning outdoor table with apartment 34Set a stunning outdoor table with apartment 34

We had an empty patio area in our backyard that I knew would make the perfect outdoor dining spot. Overstock has a ton of outdoor dining sets to choose from. I loved this slatted table with bench seating. Benches let you maximize the number of people you can get around a table. This set is casual, but also bright and fun. Zero maintenance too, which is an added bonus.

I’m also a big fan of adding additional pieces into a dining set. To mix things up, I placed white wicker dining chairs by Safavieh at each end of the table. I’m just obsessed with their cool, modern shape.

Set a stunning outdoor table with apartment 34

While I’m not usually drawn to dramatic color, something about Memorial Day and celebrating summer makes it impossible not to embrace bold hues. I’m obsessed with terra cotta right now and that became the inspiration for this table’s color palette. I found a killer dinnerware set on Overstock with a terra cotta rim. The stoneware adds an earthen layer that speaks to the hint of terra cotta that runs through the linens. Paired with beautiful golden hues and bold pops of orange-y red florals, this table has the warm aura of a golden summer evening.

Set a stunning outdoor table with apartment 34Set a stunning outdoor table with apartment 34Set a stunning outdoor table with apartment 34Set a stunning outdoor table with apartment 34Set a stunning outdoor table with apartment 34

When you have friends over, it’s also really nice to have places other than the dinner table to sit. This is another gorgeous chair that had me at hello. Rattan is having moment – which I’m thrilled about – and this living room chair has such a cool, modern shape. I’ll definitely be bringing this beauty inside come winter! Paired with a cute pedestal table (that has gorgeous texture), you now have a spot for a guest to sit back, relax and drink a nice Memorial Day libation (this is what I’ll be serving this holiday weekend).

Set a stunning outdoor table with apartment 34Set a stunning outdoor table with apartment 34Set a stunning outdoor table with apartment 34

So there you have it. I was able to create an inviting outdoor dining area that I know we’ll use all summer long – no yard work required! All I needed were a few key pieces of outdoor furniture, and some beautiful place settings to set a welcoming scene.

If you’re looking do a quick upgrade of your outdoor space, has everything you need to get your patio or backyard prepped for summer, and right now, you can find some amazing deals during their Memorial Day Sale happening through May 29. You can find deep discounts on outdoor rugs, patio furniture and accessories, garden décor and more. Another reason to head over to their site is that during the Memorial Day sales period Overstock will be matching all customer donations to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation that provides scholarship grants to the children of fallen Special Operators. Definitely a fitting tribute.


Happy Memorial Day!


floral design by natasha kolenko / photography by michelle drewes

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It’s here. The time to start living life outside is upon us! Lounging, dining, entertaining – it’s time for it all to happen outdoors and I couldn’t be happier about it. I’m currently working on a little outdoor entertaining update (that I’m going to share with you very soon), so I’ve been banking inspiration images of outdoor spaces like crazy. If, like me, you have dream outdoor spaces on the brain, get ready to start pinning.

10 inspiring outdoor spaces on apartment 34

A built-in banquette is my longterm yard goal. It might be very long term, but it’s always good to have a stretch goal, right?

10 inspiring outdoor spaces on apartment 34

A sweet bench seat offers a nice little respite, extra seating for party guests or a place to hide with a book when you can steal 30 mins for yourself!

10 inspiring outdoor spaces on apartment 34

Someday a complete outdoor living room will be mine – rattan ottoman included.

10 inspiring outdoor spaces on apartment 34

Bohemian vibes mean you’ll be hard pressed to ever head back inside.

10 inspiring outdoor spaces on apartment 34

If minimalism is more your style then a stunning woodblock dining table and matching benches would be a beautiful solution for you.

10 inspiring outdoor spaces on apartment 34

Someday, I will tile everything my eye can see I swear. I also spy more rattan.

A mosquito net creates a relaxed, luxurious feel while serving very practical purposes as well – no one likes to get bit! A total win-win.

What are in your outdoor space dreams? With a week until Memorial Day, don’t you think it’s time to make them come true?

Here’s the most popular outdoor table I ever set

This cocktail is Memorial Day perfection

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These modern outdoor spaces make my heart happy

Breakfast al fresco anyone?


image sources in order of appearance: sunset magazine | censational girl | my domaine | cheetah is the new black | the style filesemily henderson | ikea

I’m not sure how it happened, but Memorial Day weekend is a week away. A week! The unofficial start to summer is upon us. Which means it’s time to hit the road! We’ve got a couple of summer trips up our sleeves so far, and of course, I’m a huge fan of the local weekend getaway, so I think our suitcases are about to get a lot of use. Now that my kiddo is two and we have a lot of traveling under our belt, I feel excited rather than anxious about vacationing as a family. While it can be incredibly stress-inducing, you can, in fact, hit the road and have everyone enjoy the ride. That’s why the mamas have decided to tackle family vacations for this edition of Real Talk, Real Moms. Given the varied experiences between us all, there’s probably enough here to write a book! So scroll down for my top tips and then be sure to check out the other mamas – between all of us, you’ll know every travel trick in the book.

tips for family vacations on Apartment 34

Pack Less than You Think Need
I know kids clothes are really cute, especially vacation clothes, but you can really save yourself headaches by cutting down on all crap you haul on vacation. Outfits can be repeated. In an ideal world, you might have laundry where you’re staying. Plan looks for your kids and then cut the amount of stuff in half. Seriously. They’ll be in bathing suits 90% of the time. Also, pack your diapers in your car seat bag when you check it (it checks for free!) to save space in your luggage. Oh and if you desperately need something you didn’t bring (and you aren’t off the grid) there’s Amazon to save you.

Kid Friendly Schedules
Your children’s sleep is your best friend. If you can, try to plan your travel days around nap schedules. We typically try to fly between 11AM-1Pm to make sure we’re not too rushed in the morning and have a prayer of the kid falling asleep on the plane during nap time. Now that he’s two that’s happening less frequently, but a mama can dream.

Enough Time, but not Too Much Time 
My husband would probably debate me on this tip, but see what you think. I like to plan our plane travel so that we’re always moving. No standing around and waiting. This can cause a little extra stress when you make the check-in cut off by three minutes, but I’m always thankful to walk straight from the desk, through security, to the gate, and onto the plane. Downtime just leads to crankiness and fidgeting and you run out of ways to entertain tiny people. Maybe I also like the adrenaline rush, I don’t know. But I say no getting to the airport two hours early and standing around. Keep your timing as tight as your stress levels can handle.

Have a Secret Toy
I cannot take credit for this tip. Another mom-friend passed it along to me, and it is genius for any plane trip or car ride. Find something little your child has never seen before. Something fun. Something with a bell or whistle or two that will attract and hold attention in your most desperate moment. Then and only then is when you bust out the Secret Toy. It will get used. It will save the day. You will be thankful.

Feed Often
Tons of stimulation, new activities, and unknown environments make littles way hungrier than you’d ever expect. So pack snacks where ever you go and feed at the slightest sign of crankiness. Crackers are also effective at bribing toddlers to sit in their seats during takeoff. Until you get held on the runway for an extra hour (see above tip).

How to take family vacations on Apartment 34

Revel in Repetition
If you’re typically an adventurer, you might need to redefine the term. There’s actually something soothing about settling into a routine and it can definitely help your littles adjust to new places, new time zones and the unexpected. Embrace the slow and let it go.

Divide and Conquer
When it comes to traveling with your kiddos, your partner is your best friend. Or really anyone who is willing to lend a hand. Grandparents. Siblings. The random stranger on the airplane who will hold your baby while you pee. Take advantage of all the help you can get. Trade off meal preparation or bedtime duties so someone can get a break. Even on vacation child rearing is exhausting, so you want to make sure you build in some ways everyone gets their down time.

Nap When They Nap
‘Nuff said.

If at First You Don’t Succeed, Drink Wine
And if does start getting a little overwhelming, take a walk, take a mini meditation session, take a deep breath. And then order more wine.

Enjoy Every Minute
All the cliches are true. It goes so quickly. They grow so fast. The days are long but the years are short. Soak it up, people. The good, the bad and the ugly. Because ultimately, in the end, all of it is actually good. In fact, it’s great.

Bonus tip: When you get back home from your vacation, have a photobook made of your adventure. Our two year old loves looking through the book about our trip to Hawaii (details on that here), talking about what we did there and what we experienced. It’s a great way to build memory and it’s really dang cute too.

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While I’m always partial to neutral interiors, there’s something striking about adding a bold hue into an otherwise mellow color palette.

Idea to Steal on apartment 34idea to steal on apartment 34

Right now I’m loving a punch of royal blue. Especially when it’s blue velvet. The color takes on a sultry, chic vibe in a luxe fabrication. When surrounded by creams, browns and touches of black, the pop of blue doesn’t feel too in your face. Instead, it contrasts beautifully with wood pieces or metallic finishes yet still feels almost like a neutral itself.

What say you? Are you into this blue idea?!

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image 1 via the design chaser, image 2 by aubrie pick for apartment 34

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