3 Simple Last Minute Thanksgiving Tabletop Ideas

If Thanksgiving snuck up on you this year like it did us, then you were probably scrambling all over this weekend- scouring Pinterest for side dish recipes and making grocery lists, driving to West Elm to hunt down new glasses and wondering how in the world are you going to rearrange the furniture to accommodate your guests?! Between the craze of cleaning the house and prepping the meal, we really are firm believers that the tabletop is clearly the most fun part of the whole holiday- that, and breaking bread with your loved ones, of course!

But if you haven’t had the time to dream up an elaborate scape {hello, it’s Tuesday afternoon- yikes!}, we have a couple of super last second Thanksgiving tabletops chock full of easy ideas to reinvent in your own dining room. Just remember, there’s nothing that a day-before-trip to your local flower mart can’t solve!


A really clean set up like the one above is all you need to make guests feel at ease in your home. We love the idea of sticking to a neutral color palette, adding a pop of print with a napkin and topping off a table setting with a mini white pumpkin. Elegant champagne flutes and magnolia leaves add sophisticated style to the table. Super simple, yet beautiful!


Stray away from a traditional color palette and add pops of purple and pink- or use whatever fun dinnerware and linens you may have. Mix in vintage coupes and funky goblets or really any glassware you have lying around. With this type of tabletop, the more variety the better. Thanksgiving is a smorgasbord after all, there are no rules! {see more of this option right here!}


If you’re going for a pretty fool proof “wow” factor this year, a leafy tree branch hanging over the table will definitely do the trick. With some hooks and fishing line you’ll make friends and family “oooh” and “ahh.” But just as impactful are tiered floral arrangements in different sized vases, cute garlands around pies and cakes and festive metallic silverware! We love this bronze set – a richly hued alternative to gold.

Take one idea or take them alI. And if you have a moment on Wednesday night, set up the tabletop- it’ll help you get through a full day of cooking knowing that the pretty part is all taken care of! If you need uniqe recipe ideas, note them down from here. Dessert recipes? We’ve got you covered, here. And with all the prep in the kitchen, you’ll definitely want to check out these cocktail recipes!

image 1/2 via Sacramento Street // image 3 photography by Aubrie Pick // image 4/5 via DesignLoveFest 

A Special Gift for the Dog Lovers on Your List

Calling all dog lovers! Have you peeped the insanely chic leather and rope dog leash that Chapman at Sea {an awesome maker out of Florida!} designed exclusively for our Apartment 34 Holiday Shop? If you haven’t, you’re going to die- right along with us. It’s THE {and we mean it!} best lookin’ dog accessory on the market. Each leash is hand crafted with gorgeous brass hardware, a super luxuriously soft lambskin tassel and details- it’s crisp, modern and every person with a pup needs one. We love the work of this husband and wife duo so much that we thought we’d share their story, their appreciation for materials and design and a little bit of insight into the process of this exclusive, limited edition leash {there are only 25!} available in our shop HERE.


The Chapman at Sea Story

From Tasha: Chapman at Sea is a collaboration between myself, Tasha and my husband, Joe. The whole thing began with a vintage army duffle and the need for some surfboard bags. I inherited the duffle from my grandfather. He was an old army guy with a great collection of vintage military goods. I’d had the duffle for a long time. I always took it on my travels, it holds all of our dive and beach stuff while at home. And despite it being really old, it never wears out. It’s made from a heavy duty canvas that just keeps looking better the more it’s used. So when I went to make board bags {I’ve always been into fabric and texture!} I thought it would be really cool if they had the same utilitarian style and age just as well as my grandfather’s duffle bag.

Our board bags turned out really well and we enjoyed making them so we took the whole thing online. My artistic eye {I was an illustrator prior!} and Joe’s real life marine experience {he’s a commercial diver!} came together to make a super high quality bag. And people liked them! Beach bags were the next product we came out with and then leashes.


Tales to Live By

The obvious reason we named our company Chapman by the Sea is that Chapman is our last name and we live by the sea, but that’s not exactly where the name came from… I’ve often noticed that there are a lot of Chapmans involved in sea-faring activities- there are nautical textbooks written by Chapmans and near us, in Fort Lauderdale, there’s even a Chapman School of Seamanship! It seems like past Chapmans have had a lot to do with the ocean and since the company all started to fill a need we had in our own lives – the surfboard bags – and that [out to sea mentality] is pretty much how it continues. If there’s something we need, we look into making it, making it better, making it stylish.

We’re always on the lookout for new ways to use the classic materials we work with! It’s also very important to me that nothing go to waste – especially the leather. I want to use the animal product as respectfully as possible and not discard loads of it. The leashes are a perfect example for that because they allow us to use the smaller pieces of leather that are left over from the large bags. These little bits could easily be tossed out, but instead we put them into accenting the leashes- creating something beautiful with them!


Designing an Exclusive Piece

We started with our basic leash design and thought about what we could do to customize it further- make it special and unique. There were several versions we came up with, some more elaborate than others, but after a lot of input from the Apartment 34 crew we decided on a design that spoke most to the Apartment 34 brand – a classic style with some lovely upgraded materials and details, of course! All of our leashes have leather accents, but this one uses a gorgeous soft lambskin. And the lambskin is THE perfect shade of grey to compliment the white rope and brass hardware – nautical for sure, but with a modern, elegant twist. The oversized, hand wrapped tassel is the ultimate showstopper.

We’re in love with this uber sophisticated and elevated dog leash and you should be too! Who says that our furry friends shouldn’t look as stylish as we do? Order your leash {and one for the equally obsessed pet lover in your life!} fast because they are going to sell out QUICK. There are only 25 available!

You can buy the leash here. Happy Holidays! Woof woof.

images c/o Chapman at Sea and via @chapmanatsea // image 2, 7, 8 original photography for apartment 34 by Aubrie Pick

Styling the Bump for the Holidays

Wives tales about pregnancy run rampant. Certain food cravings can determine the sex. If you’re having a girl you’re supposed to carry wider, less out front. Boys make you glow, girls “suck the life out of you.” The list goes on and on and on. Unsurprisingly, I paid very little attention to any of these stories until they were suddenly relevant. One tale that appears to be true, at least for me, is that first pregnancies take a very long time to “pop.” It wasn’t until just the last few weeks that my bump made its appearance, but now that it has, it’s growing quickly and it’s forcing me to have to rethink my holiday wardrobe. I’m not at the point where I’m ready to overly accentuate my new curves, so my secret weapon is going to be all things oversized!


While I don’t usually wear a lot of pastels, an understated neutral palette is feeling so fresh this season. I have a feeling I’m going to be living in this uber cozy Equipment cashmere sweater that I scored at Nordstrom Rack all winter long.


I’m also loving a return to classic accessories. Sure, rings on every finger and piles of jumbo necklaces are fun, but not so practical when trying to enjoy a nice Thanksgiving meal. It all kinda gets in the way! In this case, an understatement can make quite a statement, don’t you think? I picked up a sweet and simple pearl & chain necklace at the Rack too. I would toss it on with a tee just as quickly as I would a dressier look. And I couldn’t help but think it would make a great holiday gift for my sister or my bestie!

When I’m sticking to the basics, I do like to add in a few unexpected moments – in this case with shapes. I love my neoprene cocoon coat, a crazy good find at Nordstrom from a few years back. It adds a dramatic silhouette.


And I swear no matter what size I get to, I’m not going to give up my statement shoes! They are the perfect way to kick classic pieces up a notch for the holiday season. I’m going to keep my heels on regular rotation for as long as I possibly can!

The best part about this festive dressing strategy: it’s definitely friendly to big holiday meals! While I might be missing a speciality cocktail this year, I’m going to make up for it in pumpkin pie!

Happy Thanksgiving my dears!!


> Equipment Cashmere Sweater {similar}
> Pearl & Chain Necklace
> Statement Coat {similar}
> Comme des Garcons pant {similar}
> Walter Stieger booties {similar}

original photography for apartment 34 by aubrie pick 

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