Tasty Tuesday: {Punch Drunk Love}

Well, it’s July 22nd, people. We hate to break it to ya, the month is basically…over. August is just a stone’s throw away and you know that means. The dog days of summer are here! The hottest heat, sultry nights and the laziest weekend {or weekday!} afternoons. Thankfully, we have a few more chances to hit the beach, host a BBQ…or have good friends over and well, get drunk. Punch drunk, that is!


Punch isn’t a drink that we often turn to and we’re trying to figure out why?! Sure, it still reminds us of bad college parties, but punch really gets an undeserved bad rap. It’s actually THE ideal drink to serve at a summer event. It looks gorgeous with just a few garnishes and it’s the least high maintenance option ever! No funny balancing acts with martini glasses or mixing fancy-schmancy signature cocktails one by one. But punches also shouldn’t resemble the bright pink options of our past. We decided there had to be a better option! So the team sat down and concocted the perfect recipe which includes two of our bar staples: St. Germain + Champs!


The French Tropics Summer Punch

- 1 cup vodka
- ¾ cup st germain
- 2 cups champagne
- 1 cup pineapple juice
- 1 cup orange juice
- ¼ simple syrup


Add all ingredients into a punch bowl except for the champagne. Mix until all ingredients are combined. Pour champagne into punch bowl. Add ice cubes to glasses and ladle punch in.

Ice cubes:

Zest 1 grapefruit and 1 lemon. Place water in ice cube tray {we used 1″x1″} and sprinkle citrus zest evenly among the tray.


The most brilliant part of punch; you simply put a huge chunk of ice in it right before the party and fahgetaboudit! If you want to get fancy, make pretty ice cubes with citrus zest or even flower petals for guests to put in their glasses. We threw a dahlia from the garden into our punch bowl for garnish too! Soooo easy and pretty, right?

We also stuck with the theme of simple when it came to our appetizer idea: a classic charcuterie plate provides a beautiful variety of things to munch on. We went with a top notch prosciutto, salami and crackers, then mixed things up with crisp veggie chips, spicy dried peas and some salty {and deliciously green!} castelvetrano olives. Save cooking up a crazy gourmet spread for cooler times. In the thick of summer heat there’s really not much more you need.

With this punch and a great mix of light bites, you’re set to invite a few, or five, girlfriends over for a bit of summer fun! But please remember, always drink responsibly!!


original photography for apartment 34 by Aubrie Pick // art direction by Bianca Sotelo // styling by Apartment 34

Swim Season is IN!

It’s a well-known fact that San Francisco “summers” are rather different than most other places. As Mark Twain too aptly described, “the coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco!” Karl {that’s the fog’s name!} has certainly been taking his job seriously lately, leaving us to suffer through gray days, chilly air and tons of wind. Blech.

Thankfully, bright, sunshiny 80+ degree weather is only a quick hop across the Golden Gate away! So last weekend the husband and I made our escape to wine country. I got to enjoy what could be the only pooltime I’ll get all summer so I was determined to soak up every second.


We headed to the far northern corner of Napa to the quaint {almost} country town of Calistoga. It was like passing through a vortex into paradise! The air was super warm, the nights long and slow and the wine generously poured. I was in heaven! It’s amazing what a 48-hour escape can do for one’s sanity. We certainly did our best to make the most of it.

I also decided to give a new swimwear look a try. I’ve long been a bikini devotee, but retro-inspired suits have been catching my eye for awhile! Something about being covered up suddenly seems more alluring than flashing all that skin. I was so excited to find a 40′s-inspired halter one-piece at Old Navy – for under $30! I loved the molded cups {they’re small-chest friendly} and the cute cut-out in the back. It was anything but your basic black suit!


And while there’s nothing I love more than soaking up some serious rays {and taking a quick dip to cool off!}, I’ve finally realized that pooltime doesn’t equate to sunbathing! These days, I make sure my favorite summer pool tote is packed to the brim with my rather long list of essentials; a floppy sun hat to keep the sun off my face, jumbo-sized sunnies, a gauzy coverup for poolside bar runs and plenty o’ sunscreen of course! I’m officially declaring pale is IN {and if I repeat it enough it will someday be true!}.

Sadly, I’m not sure where or when my next opportunity to rock a good pool {or beach!} look will come. Every once in awhile Karl does decide to go on vacation himself so I’m keeping this inspiration board at the ready!



I’m curious, where do you go to make your summer escape??


Get Your Shop On:

> Sun Bum Sunscreen 
> Necklace
> Old Navy Swimsuit
> Mirrored Sunglasses
> Gladiator Sandal {on sale!!}
> Beach Coverup
> Turkish Towel 
> Old Navy Floppy Straw Hat
> Tote Bag
> “Girlboss” Book 

Photos from our trip to Calistoga by the husband and me! For more of our favorite weekend escapes, CLICK HERE!

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Happy {Mindful} Weekend


Guys, I had a entirely different post planned for today, but in light of world events over the past 24 hours it suddenly seemed petty and wholly myopic. I’m kicking off a whirlwind season of summer travel today but it’s all to see loved ones, celebrate milestones with dear friends and spend time with family all of whom I’m lucky enough to still have with me. SO many others aren’t so lucky. The daily trials and tribulations I face, though valid to my experience, pale in comparison to the horrors that bombard too many innocent people too frequently. As very scary things are happening these days, I only hope humanity can find it within itself to realize that difference can make us stronger, not tear us apart.

With that, I will get off my high horse and leave you with much lighter fare to enjoy this weekend. Please also hug someone you love.


> Palazzos are the season’s hottest pant. Not convinced? You’ll grab a pair after reading this!

> You’ll never believe what these healthy cronuts are made with!

> Can’t get enough of this NYC designer based collection- we spy Rebecca Atwood!

> A pink wall we don’t hate? Impossible! Not after seeing this pink makeover.

> Obsessed with this collection and their entire summer wear line up.

> This mirror DIY is super impressive- makes us want to try our hand at it ourselves!

> Design and pasta in one book? Dying to get our hands on this, far from ordinary cookbook.

> Loved the design upgrades in this cozy studio.

> Seafood and BBQ’s are on our minds. Can’t wait to try this recipe this weekend!


PS: I’m off to Portland so if you have any new must-dos please send them my way!!


image by miss bean