Tasty Tuesday: {Andiamo Dinner Recipes Revealed!}

What’s better than an epic dinner party?? Getting to relive it! We’re having way too much fun sharing all the yummy Andiamo SF dinner party details with you. It truly was a night we wish we could experience every week! Getting to throw the most awesome dinner, in the coolest space, with the best food for some of our closest friends?? Done and done. We consider ourselves very lucky.

If you missed it, last week we broke down the party details dishing {pun intended!} on everything from the venue to our favorite bits of party decor. But today is especially delicious because we’re revealing the recipe for the best salad you’ve ever tasted! Seriously, we’re talking When Harry Met Sally orgasm scene good. To top it off, our favorite bar Trick Dog {one of SF’s HOTTEST spots!} crafted a bespoke cocktail, the “Flirting with Travel” punch, just for the evening’s festivities. You don’t have to thank us!!


If you are Bay-Area based and have yet to eat at Central Kitchen in San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood, put it on your to-do list for this weekend right now! We’ll even save ya’ a parking spot. It’s one of our favorite places in the city- literally a couple of blocks away from the office and we are indulging ourselves there all too often. So we were more then ecstatic to find out Central Kitchen had an all new venue, The Upstairs, where we could throw our party. We knew dinner was going to be good- we just didn’t realize how good.

Chef Ryan Pollnow blew our menu out of the water- each dish was the definition of a culinary masterpiece, but the Spring Vegetables with Rye Crumbles + Goat’s Milk Curds and Whey Salad was our absolute faaaaaaave. Amazingly, we managed to wrestle the recipe for this incredible dish out of their hands, but let’s just say it produced a serious “whoa” when we opened the email. It’s only a mere three pages…of sheer intimidation! Eek. We do have it tucked safely away in our recipe arsenal, but will likely have to dumb it down whenever we take our first stab because really, we can’t all be as good as the pros!

That said, if you’re a home-cooking champ {we know you’re out there!} and you want to see what recipes from top restaurants really look like, click here – you can download the details from Rue Magazine!


Trick Dog’s punch recipe on the other hand, is one that we can handle. After all, we have a little more experience downing cocktails at our in-home bar than we do cooking gourmet meals. And as you may have spied here, punch is kind of our new thing. And our obsession all started with this recipe! Now you really have no excuse – it’s time you give a summer punch a try! We promise, you’ll be happy you did. It’s all in the spirit of adventure after all. — Bianca


Flirting With Travel Punch Recipe

1 Cognac
1 Aged Rum
1/2 apricot liqueur
1/2 Akavit
3 black tea
1 peach nectar
3/4 lime juice
1/4 simple syrup

Pour all ingredients into large bowl and stir. Begin diluting ingredients by adding ice 45 minutes before serving. Enjoy!


original recipe for apartment 34 created by Trick Dog // original photography for apartment 34 by Katie Newburn

How to Connect the Dots on a Monday

Mondays suck- it’s a universally agreed upon fact. It’s right up there with the sky is blue and the most jealousy-ridden news of 2014: Eva Mendes is in fact, having Ryan Gossling’s baby. She just took all living hope right out from under us. There is no chance any of us are having Ryan’s first born because hey, we had a chance, ok?! But back to Mondays sucking and connecting the dots. After copious amounts of coffee, we like to exercise our brain to fully wake up. It helps get our juices flowing for the week and we do this by looking for connections in unlikely places.

Frequently, things just go together like two peas in a pod {like Eva and Ryan….le sigh} and it’s fun to look for those connections. It makes you feel slightly accomplished, like you’ve discovered a crazy scientific pattern that no one has seen yet. It’s also a preferable substitute to playing games that were invented to make you feel stupid, like Sudoku or the NY Times crossword puzzle. And besides being pretty to look at, we’re almost 100% certain that shopping Net-A-Porter for color coded lacy bras and matching them to the imaginary girl who lives in the badass room below is similar to brushing our teeth with our left hand- it’s sure to keep our precious brains healthy!

Without further ado:


We’re obsessed with this room and it’s funky flair. A leather jacket, designer skateboard {talk about a decor statement!} and nods of glamour mean a bad ass chick lives here, we’re sure of it.


Get Your Shop On:

> West Elm Souk Wool Rug
> ABJ Glassworks Cosmos Geo Group
> Steven Alan x West Elm Abstract Crewel Pillow
> The Kate Moss Book
> Calypso St. Barth Carre Stool
> Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soy Wax Candle
> Specimen Editions Cement Wood Pendant
> Calypso St. Barth Moroccan Wedding Pouf


Oh look! Maybe it’s Leandra? Or some other fashionista rockin’ the dress du jour: The Shirt Dress. We’re loving the classic look with a mix of some accessories that scream “my closet is cooler than yours.” And can we talk about reinventing the shirt dress over pants? Duly noted for Fall.

Get Your Shop On: 

> Belted Leather Biker Jacket
> Ray Ban Gold Aviator 
> Calico Shirt Dress {great price for a piece you can wear year round!}
> Yasmine Eslami Lace Bra
> Lanvin “Me” Parfume
> J. Crew “Sophie” Crossbody Bag
> Vince “Nolan” Wedge Sandal
> J.Crew High Shine Wide Cuff



And just in case you weren’t picking up what we were throwing down {we get it- it’s Monday and connecting the dots can be tough!}, this resort collection matches our color palette, so we think it belongs in this post too.

There you have it. We feel smarter already. We encourage you to take some time every Monday morning to connect the dots. You’ll be pretty proud of what you come up with! –Bianca


image 1 via Husligheter // 2 via A Love is Blind // 3 via The Polysh // 4 via Radar Magazine // 5 via Cédric Charlier

State of the State

Have you noticed there appears to be a collective gut check going on in blog-land right now? This post, this postthis post and this post are just a few examples of the stock bloggers seem to be taking of our current landscape.

Blogs have gone in SO many directions and changed so much since they were the random ramblings of casual decor-enthusiasts, fashion-obsessives, home cooks, DIY-lovers or style-savvy moms. Now girls aspire for this “career!” It’s still a bit odd to wrap my head around. But one thing I continue to treasure about blogs {vs say magazines or random news sites} is that the wall between reader and writer is very thin, if not nonexistent! You do feel like you “know” the person {or people!!} cranking out blog posts and that’s a pretty cool connection. Shoot it’s probably why many of us blogger senior citizens have stuck around so long. We have entire friend groups that have sprung from this phenomenon.  It’s certainly why I still spend a couple hours blog hoppin’ every weekend – to catch up on people I care about and admire!

It’s in that vein that I wanted to give you a full account of what’s up with all things Apartment 34, because since I wrote this post only a year and a half ago, we’ve been on a (crazy awesome) roller coater ride.


It’s a well known rule that you’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with. I figured out really quickly that if I wanted to try my hand at creating full editorial shoots for you guys, it was gonna take a village! Thankfully, I found a major power player in Bianca of A Fab Challenge, my amazing Editorial Director who is the driving force behind so many of our fun stories and helps bring some of my crazier ideas to life. Our Production Assistant Ashley {who you’ve spied here, here and here} is the source of all those cocktail recipes you’ve been enjoying. These ladies are crucial to making Apartment 34 happen. While blogging started as an individual outlet of self-expression and idea-sharing, I’m super proud of the fact that Apartment 34 is now a team effort. And I only want it to grow from here.


We got the summer off to a great start by bringing on three powerhouse interns whose names you may have already spied here and there. Victor, Amanda and June have helped us give you more great entertaining ideas, awesome summer outfit inspiration and are always scouring the web to be the first to discover new style standouts. It was a personal challenge to raise our bar and rock original content for you and with the help of these crazy talents {along with Aubrie, our photographer extraordinaire}, I hope you’ve been loving what you see as much as the team enjoys creating it. But we’ve only just begun.


While there’s been talk of slow-blogging, getting rid of contributors or killing advertisers, I love that Apartment 34 has grown beyond my singular view of the world. Instead, I like to think of it this way: we try to bring you an “Apartment 34 approach” to a well-lived life everyday, but that approach can come from a variety of voices! That’s why you’re going to start seeing bylines on our posts and maybe even more new faces stopping by. While the word authenticity is used so much it barely means a damn thing anymore, I will say we have an authentic drive to find unique and creative ways to add sophisticated, thoughtful style to your daily life. In a world of fast fashion, fast design – really fast everything, I hope we can be a respite where you can slow down and enjoy a reminder to notice the details in your days. Sometimes that means working with companies we think are cool. As someone who worked in branding for 10 years I see that side of blogging as a personal challenge; to tell an interesting story in partnership with a brand we think rocks.


Of course, I still love to update you on my actual day-to-today life. As I mentioned in this post, I do want to be sure to strip away the BS, raise the curtain on all the pretty and have some regular heart to hearts with you. I’ve known some of you readers for so long I see you as friends. That said, I also find it exciting to serve as a resource that’s bigger than a singular personal story. Collective experience is a very valuable thing. It helps us get through the trials that we too often think we’re suffering through alone.

After seven years in this “biz,” and nearly 2,500 posts {we’re at 2,439!}, there’s still one thing still gets me super excited to be a “blogger” – finding amazing things/places/people share those inspirational stories with you. As I’ve grown through and out of my 20s and now into my mid-30s {gulp!}, I also find myself seeking deeper conversations, fresh perspectives and awareness that goes far beyond my day-to day-world. I hope this can be a place that fulfills those needs too – for everyone who interacts here {or on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook!}.


What was once a little one woman show has morphed into a mini-world that’s part my life, but something also much bigger than me. I really like that and I hope you do too. I’m quite confident the best is yet to come. I do hope you’ll keep stopping by to see what we’re up to! — Erin

team photos by aubrie pick // image 1// image 2 // image 3 // image 4