So it’s taken two years since becoming a mom, but I think I’ve finally got my style mojo back! I actually want to wear real outfits again (aka just say no to anything with stretch). We’re also finally enjoying some real summer weather in San Francisco this week, so I thought it high time I share a style post. It has only been six months since my last one

diaper bag essentials on apartment 34

I am all about the wide-leg cropped jean at the moment. Yes, I hated them when the style first broke through, but I’ve come around and now have multiple pairs! It’s such a relief to say ta-ta to skinny jeans. The wide leg is much more flattering, not to mention more comfortable to wear. When cropped at the ankle, they pair perfectly with a fun summer heel. I’m obsessed with my pair of cream Rachel Comey jeans. I have a feeling I’m going to live in them this summer.

diaper bag essentials on apartment 34

I’ve also succumbed to the other summer trend I’m seeing everywhere  – the round woven bag. It is a really fun, graphic shape. It also kinda makes you feel like you’re on vacation on a random Tuesday in the city. The biggest coup though? I didn’t spend hundreds on mine. I found an authentic French bag on Etsy for $40! But just because I’m doing my best to not dress “like a mom,” that doesn’t mean I’m not prepared at all times. I’ve made it my mission to ditch the diaper bag, even while I carry all my mama-essentials. My secret is pouches. They’re the perfect way to keep everything  tightly organized and easy to grab, no matter what bag I’m carrying.

diaper bag essentials on apartment 34

After a couple of years at this mama game now, I’ve realized I don’t need to be over prepared all the time. So I’ve ditched the diapers for days, extra outfits and random toys. I’ve whittled things down to the supplies absolutely necessary for daily survival. This includes a couple diapers, a travel pack of wipes and diaper rash cream to take care of changing needs. An emergency pacifier helps ward off meltdowns. I carry travel packs of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes to wipe down those questionable tables, shopping carts and communal toys at the park because I swear my kid always gets a cold after too many days in a row at the playground! My other secret weapon is the Clorox Bleach Pen. I love cream and white too much to avoid it anymore – especially in summer – so this is my solution for tiny fingerprints on my pants.

diaper bag essentials on apartment 34diaper bag essentials on apartment 34diaper bag essentials on apartment 34diaper bag essentials on apartment 34

shop the look: the podolls hammok top / rachel comey wide leg jeans / cage sandals (similar) / woven round bag / clare vivier zip pouch / clorox disinfecting wipes / clorox bleach pen / lip gloss / diaper cream / hand sanitizer 

It’s amazing to travel a little lighter and certainly look a bit spiffier (does anyone say that anymore?? No? It’s just me?) these days. I think I’m going to try this real outfit thing more often.


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original photography by andrea posadas

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This week on Instagram I’ve been talking about transitioning my son’s room from a nursery to a toddler room so I thought I’d talk about here as well! Now that our kiddo is two (going on teenager), I think he’s ready for a big boy update. It also feels like the perfect summer project!

Now there a lot of different directions I could go and I’m having a bit of tough time zeroing in on one big idea.

toddler room designs on Apartment 34

I’m certainly drawn to Scandi-style which I think could easily evolve and grow as my kid does.

toddler room designs on Apartment 34

At the same time, an accent wall situation would add fun color and playfulness.

toddler room designs on Apartment 34

This loft bed situation is a kid’s dream come true.

toddler room designs on Apartment 34

Though a more rustic version is probably more realistic. I do love how loft beds offer more place space underneath them.

toddler room designs on Apartment 34

This space is just precious, but I’m afraid it won’t age well. I’m not really looking to redo this kids room every 1-2 years.

toddler room designs on Apartment 34

And of course, my minimalist tendencies creep back in and I think maybe I just keep things really clean, cool and simple. But is that not playful enough??

What say you?? Anyone experienced with the evolving kid room challenge who cares to share their secrets? Any particularly fun ideas you’ve seen or mistakes you’ve made?! Design aficionados – any genius ideas?? I’m in the mood boarding phase at the moment so I’ll definitely share where I land!


You can check out what the nursery looks like at the moment right HERE. Also, head to Instagram to see the full tour before my story expires!

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Summer is pounding down the door! Are you excited?? It’s currently brought unusually warm temperatures t0 San Francisco, which is sending the entire city scrambling for ways to cool off. It so rarely gets warm here no one has air conditioning (seriously!). So when I heard there is a new shop serving up authentic Italian-style gelato in San Francisco, I had to make my way there stat.

authentic italian gelato in san francisco on apartment 34authentic italian gelato in san francisco on apartment 34

Meet Coletta Gelato. It is a welcoming peach of a shop, and not just because of its welcoming peach color scheme. There’s bar-top seating and a nice sunny spot to enjoy your treat outside. The daily rotation of flavors are hand written on the butcher paper menu. At the counter, you find said flavors ready for scooping, but you won’t find any of those prototypical mounds of candy-colored ice cream that you might associate with gelato shops in Italy. That’s actually because those gelatos are filled with stabilizers and fillers to get them to stand up like that. Sadly, a lot of Italian gelato is made from powder these days! I know, I’m horrified too.

authentic italian gelato in san francisco on apartment 34authentic italian gelato in san francisco on apartment 34

But Coletta founders, Antonio Massimini and Henri Waltenspühl are purists. The two share a childhood love of gelato, growing up with Italian grandparents, but they did not meet until they were getting their Masters of Management in Food & Beverage in Milan. While there, they fell in love with the idea of making the best gelato they could create. So they attended Bologna’s Carpigiani Gelato University to perfect their craft. Luckily for us, they decided to bring their gelato to the US. As Antonio explained, the decided San Francisco is the ideal location because the abundance of amazing ingredients in the Bay Area allows them to make a product that is a cut above.

At Coletta, they make their base from scratch daily. It’s a long, laborious process that includes mixing milk (that they source from local Clover Dairy), mixing it with sugar and raising the mixture to a precise temperature. Then there are the unique flavors – Coletta offers classics like Pistacchio, Gianduja (chocolate + hazelnut) and Tiramisu, but also more local-influenced options like Gauva sorbetto, fresh Peach or Mint Chocolate Chip. All of their ingredients are selected for their quality and freshness and are organic.

authentic italian gelato in san francisco on apartment 34

Coletta is also putting a foodie twist on their gelato, creating infused flavors, such a basil and chai. They even let it slip that they’re working to perfect a low-sugar option in the future! But what really sets gelato apart for me is the texture. Real, beautifully crafted gelato is light, airy and oh so creamy. You don’t feel gross after eating it. That might by why I was known to indulge as many as 3x a day when I was in Italy (eek!).

There a number of contributing factors to this. For one, unlike ice cream, gelato is made with milk and only milk. Ice creams are made with a mix of milk and cream as well as eggs. This makes gelato a lot lighter (and often half the calories!) of ice cream. Also gelato is made and kept at much warmer temperatures than ice cream. That makes it much more flavorful. Gelato also isn’t meant to be stored for a long time. It’s intended to be enjoyed the day it is made. Coletta doesn’t keep any gelato more than two days to ensure the highest quality and freshness.

authentic italian gelato in san francisco on apartment 34authentic italian gelato in san francisco on apartment 34authentic italian gelato in san francisco on apartment 34

After living in Italy and visiting many times since, I’ve spent years sampling gelato anywhere I see it pop up in the US, hoping to replicate the memories I have from Italy. It’s very rare that I’ve found gelato that lives up to those expectations, but Coletta actually surpasses them! The texture is perfect, the flavors are amazing (I was particularly impressed by the almond topped with coco powder) and the space is just the cutest.

But if you can’t make it downtown, fear not! Coletta has also imported roving gelato carts straight from Italy. Bike powered and totally adorable, it’s going to be popping up around San Francisco this summer. I will certainly be stalking it. Follow them on Instagram to find out where they’re popping up.

For now, head to 685 Harrison Street to get your gelato fix. Coletta is open Tuesday-Sunday 12pm – 9pm.

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original photography for apartment 34 by andrea posadas

If you thought the terms island and sophisticated couldn’t be in the same sentence together, then you must check out today’s home tour – a stunning retreat on the Spanish island of Ibiza. This beautiful second home mixes touches of 70’s glam with warm natural elements ranging from rattan to leather, for a beautiful effect. While this is supposed to be a summer house, if I got to stay here I highly doubt I’d ever go home again. Scroll and own the envy.

home tour: ibiza vacation home on apartment 34home tour: ibiza vacation home on apartment 34 home tour: ibiza vacation home on apartment 34home tour: ibiza vacation home on apartment 34

The house, designed by Caroline LeGrand features a local marble, Blanco Ibiza, throughout giving the space a light and airy, but elevated feel. Metallic accents like that gorgeous xxx desk play to the glam side while organic elements like the wood paneling, shaggy Moroccan rugs and wool crocheted curtains add texture and dimension. Classic vintage designs that include a rare Milo Baughman-sideboard in the living room, BB Italia chairs and Tom Dixon mirror ball lamps dot nearly every room. There’s also a lot of play with scale, from oversized bedside lamps to low modern seating.

home tour: ibiza vacation home on apartment 34 home tour: ibiza vacation home on apartment 34 home tour: ibiza vacation home on apartment 34home tour: ibiza vacation home on apartment 34

The house’s cabana was modeled after Mollusk Surf Shop for the designer’s 10 and 12-year-old sons. I love the retro vibes.

home tour: ibiza vacation home on apartment 34home tour: ibiza vacation home on apartment 34home tour: ibiza vacation home on apartment 34home tour: ibiza vacation home on apartment 34home tour: ibiza vacation home on apartment 34

I’m obsessed with the mix of natural elements in this marble-clad bathroom. A rattan & wood framed mirror, wooden wastebasket, and accessories in rich tobacco tones tie to the color scheme used throughout the whole house.

home tour: ibiza vacation home on apartment 34 home tour: ibiza vacation home on apartment 34

When you step into the house’s outdoor lounge areas you know you’re on vacation. From a stunning dining table to a built-in breakfast nook, to the pool, you never really need to be inside if you didn’t want to be.

home tour: ibiza vacation home on apartment 34 home tour: ibiza vacation home on apartment 34  home tour: ibiza vacation home on apartment 34 home tour: ibiza vacation home on apartment 34    home tour: ibiza vacation home on apartment 34

This house is the epitome of laid-back elegance. While you can obviously relax here, this space still feels like a fully formed home, rather than an afterthought.


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design by caroline legrand, photography by michael paul for bo bedere 

Happy Friday friends! Our Real Talk, Real Moms series is back today with a topic I’m really interested to discuss with you. Today we’re dishing about finding your confidence as a mom. Or more aptly titled “continually searching for your confidence” as a mom. I’ve certainly been on a confidence roller coaster ride since having my little guy, so today I thought I’d take you along on a bit of my journey.

finding confidence as a mom on apartment 34

Is one every confident about being a good mom? I think grandmothers maybe are, but that’s after they’ve gotten to see the product of their work. It’s like reading the end of a novel first – you know how everything turns out in the end. But starting out as a new mother, you’re at the very first page of that novel. And when you think about it, it’s not really a novel – things are not laid out in a nice nn calm down on its own. And it’s genius because nine times out of ten, they do! I really stuck to the idea of Le Pause and I think it helped our guy become a good sleeper early.

finding your confidence as a mom on apartment 34

So the earlier months of motherhood didn’t feel as angst filled as more recent months have. Now that my kid is not only fully aware of his surrounds but understands every single thing we say and much of the innuendo we use to try to keep him from understanding what he’s saying I’m pretty freaked out. Just how do you teach a kid to be a good person? How do you not pass down your sh**? How do you teach empathy? What kind of discipline is effective? How do you raise a feminist? How do you raise a sensitive boy and quality man? These questions give me A LOT more anxiety.

how to find your confidence as a mom on apartment 34

Sadly, I don’t have a lot of answers yet. Since my kid just turned two I’d like to say that’s because, in the grand scheme of parenting, I’m still relatively new at this. The only nugget of advice I can offer at this point is to realize you must parent with intention. It’s so easy to breeze through your days. To not think about what you’re saying. To react to a frustrating toddler rather than listen, relate and engage. In the last six months my mothering has shifted from loving playmate to highly intentioned teacher, listener and yes, disciplinarian. Now I’ve started reading more books which I do think help. My faves so are the Whole Brain Child, Brain Rules and Permission to Parent, and I’m always looking for more recommendations! While I’ve managed to maintain my chill (for the most part), it’s certainly is daunting to look down at this tiny person and think that the interactions I’m having with him right now could affect him for the rest of his life. No biggie.

Now I’m going to check out the other posts from the rest of the mamas for their advice!

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I know, I know. This vacation rental has been blogged, pinned and blogged again, but I just can’t help myself. This stunning bungalow, tucked on the island of St. Barts, is truly a vacation destination dream come true. And since I’m still hunting for my ultimate vacation rental on Kauai (the amount of AirBnB tabs I currently have open is terrifying), I’m hoping that putting my vision of perfection out into the universe will somehow bring forth that hidden Hawaiian gem. And even if you’ve seen this house 20 times already (I unknowingly featured the deck in this post!), you’re going to love it on the 21st, I promise because ALL WHITE errything.

dream vacation rental on apartment 34

This house, called Villa Palmier, is pure perfection. Bright white, beachy but elevated. Minimalist but a bit rustic. Every detail, from the pale wood cabinetry, custom sofas, dots of vintage accessories and collected decor make this space welcoming but also open, airy – it’s like an exhale personified.

As the designer (and highly talented photographer) Katie Holstein explains “Both my husband and I believe in curated spaces where every part of the house has a story, a purpose, and aesthetic appeal. This ideology was a driving force for both our home in Aspen and St Barts.”

dream vacation rental on apartment 34dream vacation rental on apartment 34dream vacation rental on apartment 34

While the details throughout this vacation home look simple, they are in fact highly considered, but also range from hight to low. I spy baskets from The Citizenry and the CB2 Shroom coffee table. They’re juxtaposed with stunning Ay Illuminate light fixtures and a Lacanche range. All island vacation homes should officially have jute poufs – just sayin’.

dream vacation rental on apartment 34  dream vacation rental on apartment 34dream vacation rental on apartment 34dream vacation rental on apartment 34dream vacation rental on apartment 34dream vacation rental on apartment 34dream vacation rental on apartment 34

I’ve officially become so obsessed with vacation home design. Maybe that’s what my next business should be – how to transform idyllic island homes into magazine-worthy perfection. This house was featured in Elle Decoration France! And it’s easy to see why. It’s the ultimate fantasy. Indoor / out door living. Light colored everything – as if toddlers or stains don’t exist. The clutter of daily life is no where to be found. And that is what vacation is all about. While I’m still committed to going to Kauai at the moment, this home is very tempting.

If you’re planning a trip to St. Barts, this travel guide is extremely detailed!

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images by Kate Holstein and Romain Ricard fro Elle Decoration, quote via here

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