So, I’m the first to admit I’m a print-phobe. I constantly admire the use of pattern in other people’s homes, but never feel brave enough to add it to my own. Even after reading Rebecca’s new book, I still feel nervous! But I recently came upon a genius solution for all us pattern wussies – removable tiles.


But this isn’t the removable wallpaper of yesteryear. Yes, removable wallpaper used to have a nasty stigma, but the stuff coming out these days is actually pretty fantastic. No vinyl allowed.

In this case, the Australian wallpaper and fabric design company Quercus & Co have created a gorgeous series of removable wall tiles that let you inject some color and texture virtually anywhere you’d like. And then simply peel it back off when you don’t like it!

Inspired by the palaces of Spain and North Africa, Quercus’s La Casa Wallpaper Tiles are hand-painted decorative designs digitally printed onto self-adhesive fabric. So it’s not going to look plastic-y or weirdly shiny. Instead, they just look gorgeous.


Unlike removable wallpaper, which often comes in roles, these individual tiles offer a lot of versatility. I absolutely love the idea of putting them on the risers of a staircase. How chic does that look?! Or maybe giving a piece of Ikea furniture a facelift. They could also be wonderful as an accent wall, or be used to punch up a powder room without the commitment and expense of traditional wallpaper.


The tiles themselves are really really good looking. The tones are soft and lovely, with a bit of a watercolor effect to them. If you’re looking to add a little Moroccan flair to your home, this seems like the perfect way to give it a try. Your only limitation is how creative you’re willing to get.

apt34-removable-tileapt34-removable-tile apt34-removable-tile

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images via quercus & co

While I’m a sucker for a good recipe any day of the week, I might love good restaurants even more. A fabulous meal I don’t have to clean up after? It’s the best, am I right?! But I particularly love it when beautiful food is served in an equally stunning space. This is certainly the case with a brand new pasta bar that recently opened in San Francisco’s Mission District; Barzotto.

Having just returned from my trip to Italy (sneak peeks of which you may have spied here), I am loving having fresh handmade pasta – and an awesome looking spot to eat it – in my own backyard.


Every detail throughout Barzotto is spot on. The former space was a restaurant called St. Vincent – which I loved in its heyday – but it is nearly unrecognizable from its former much-darker self. All walls were taken from black to white using either original exposed cinderblock walls or Venetian plaster. Even the wood-paneled ceiling has been white washed and space’s central open kitchen bar was clad in white square subway tiles installed on a diamond-oriented bias. At the front of the restaurant, there is a simple seated bar at the open windows where guests can watch San Francisco’s Mission neighbors stroll by. The geometric tile floor totally pops against the subdued tones.

The lighting throughout is gorgeous too — a collection of contemporary brass pieces from Schoolhouse Electric, Restoration Hardware, and CB2 – my faves all around. Plants and pops of greenery bring life into the space. Installations in vintage pots were designed by Eleanor Gerber-Siff from Wallflower Designs. Carrera marble tables are simply accented with wooden salt and pepper grinders, utensil caddies and gold-leaf votive candle holders. A long bench with suspended leather backing banquettes is flanked by custom walnut framed-mirrors in the main seating. I give it all an A+. Guests are greeted at a custom counter and built-in shelving for retail wines, fresh pastas and soft serve gelato sundaes (I hear the spumoni with the house-made magic shell, candied cherries and pistachios is incredible. I cannot wait to try it myself).


At the heart of the restaurant, chef Michelle Minori and her team are hand-rolling fresh pastas so that guests seated at the open kitchen can sit in on the action. Extra-long spaghetti hangs on drying racks for practical reasons (and dramatic effect).


This light, bright space just makes me happy – and hungry. I have a feeling many a carb-filled evening is going to be spent here.

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Interior design by Hannah Collins, photography by kassie borreson 

Apartment 34 on Instagram

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to blog – as your job? Are you passionate about style and design? Are you interested in writing, social media and content creation? Then this might be your lucky day.


After nearly a decade of running Apt34 (did I just type that?!), I’ve come to learn what works and what doesn’t in this whole crazy blogging business and one thing is for certain: you are only as good as the people around you. That’s why I am looking for the most incredible, knock-your-socks-off intern to join Team Apartment 34.

I’ve outlined all the details below. Read on and if you think you can rock the Apartment 34 world, I can’t wait to hear from you.

I will be accepting resumes sent to [email protected] until FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23. Please be sure to include FALL INTERN in the email subject line.

> Part time position, 15 hours a week
> Need exceptional organizational skills and strong attention to detail
> Only highly motivated self starters with a passion for lifestyle topics need apply
> Strong grasp of all major social media platforms. Experience with WordPress a plus
> High level of creativity & ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously required
> Can work remotely but living in the Bay Area strongly preferred
> Compensation dependent on final role definition and skill set of applicants
> Can be applied for school credit
> Flexibility, willingness to try new things & the ability to work in a (highly) nontraditional environment a must!

If you’d like to learn about everything it takes to create a lifestyle website and are ready to dive in and get your hands dirty, the Apartment 34 world is likely for you. So get creative with the process, catch my attention – basically be so bad ass that I can’t ignore you! Please also link us to anything you think represents you and your work: personal blog, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr.

I want to see it all!

photography for apartment 34 by aubrie pick

One of my favorite pastimes is wandering design stores for inspiration. Gorgeous lighting, stunning sofas, a beautifully made bed are like food for my soul. One of my favorite places to do said wandering is Cisco Home. I’ve long been a fan of Cisco Home. I fell in love with their Jug Lamp Pendants the first time I stumbled upon their San Francisco store in Hayes Valley. Living in our first loft at the time, I had zero opportunity to make use of those pendants but that didn’t stop me from coming back to pay them a visit. Often. Now five years later, obviously many things have changed for me, and for Cisco Home too. They recently moved into a two story space close to San Francisco’s Design Center and it is stunning!

apt34-ciscohomeapt34ciscohome4apt34ciscohome5  apt34ciscohome3 apt34ciscohome2

I’m like a kid in the ultimate design candy store. I can never decide what I love the most. Their stunning sofas, that adorable round pouf (it comes in leather – I’ve been coveting one for years) or all their amazing lighting. But what I love most is what I’ve come to learn about Cisco Home since getting to know them. A family-run business with more than three generations all working togehter, every single piece is designed and made in house. Right in Los Angeles. I actually have a lot more detail about all that which I’m going to get to share next week.

But for now – I get to invite you to a party! If you live in the Bay Area, please come by the Cisco Home Showroom TONIGHT between 6:00pm – 8:00pm. I’m cohosting the launch of Environment by Cisco Home – a collection of sustainably produced pieces made of reclaimed wood, responsible materials. There is going to be tasty treats, refreshing drinks and the opportunity to tour the stunning space. I hope I might get to meet a reader or two there.


195 Rhode Island Street

San Francisco, CA 94103


photography courtesy of Cisco Home

One of my favorite things about living in San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood – besides the swoon-worthy San Francisco architecture – is the colorful produce markets that dot nearly every street corner. You can find every fruit and vegetable you ever wanted – and some you may have never heard of before.

apt34-nakedjuice1apt34_nakedjuice4 apt34-nakedjuice2apt34_nakedjuice3

But did you know that many neighborhoods around the country don’t have any fresh food. While hitting the farmer’s market might be my primary hobby, tens of millions of people in the US have never seen one. In San Francisco alone over 58,000 people live in what are known as Food Deserts (a city neighborhood without easy access to fresh produce). Without readily available fresh fruits and veggies, people don’t have the opportunity to lead their healthiest lives.

Naked Juice, whose entire product is based on fresh produce, has recognized this epidemic and has committed to doing something about it. They’re working to raise awareness about food deserts through their Drink Good, Do Good campaign. But it’s about more than just making people aware. For every Instagram we post holding a fruit or vegetable with the hashtag #DrinkGoodDoGood, Naked Juice will donate 10 pounds of produce to communities in need. That’s why this is a selfie I can certainly endorse. Now that I have a child, I know how important it is, especially for children to develop a love of healthy food options from a really young age. But if you can’t easily find them, as an overextend mom it can be challenging to seek out the healthier choices.

So this week, ditch the dinner out. Instead, go support your local farmer’s market and enjoy the plethora of late-summer produce before it’s gone. The prices of produce and the quality of the food is just so much better than you often find at a major grocery store. Plus, by shopping at a farmer’s market, you’re supporting local growers and eating healthier.

You can also learn more about the Drink Good. Do Good initiative here.

And get your recipe inspiration for what to do with all those fruits and veggies RIGHT HERE

Apologies for being a little tardy today friends. I don’t know if you followed along on my Italian adventures last week, but I’m finally back home now and still battling major jetlag. But at the same time, I feel refreshed, energized and so ready for all that the new season brings. It’s always interesting how travel helps you look at things through a new light.

Right now, everything I see has a warm, golden glow. There’s something about the light in Italy that gives everything a beautiful patina. Colors appear more saturated, richer – they envelop you like a familiar hug. It has me craving a similar color palette this month.


As much as I love the washed out Scandi whites and blues that have been dominating my Pinterest and Instagram feeds, I’m loving the earthy, grounded vibe of this palette. Carmely browns mix with deep black, touches of copper, hints of burnt sienna and just a pop or two of white to create an atmosphere that feels layered, endlessly interesting and deeply personal. You want to just burrow in and explore. That’s how I feel about September. I’m ready to dig deep – to invest in what and who I love, in what fuels me, in what I hope to offer you. While summer is often the season to reinvigorate your spirit, fall is the season to reinvigorate your soul.

Care to join me?

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