When you close your eyes and imagine your dream home, what do you see? If you said a mix between Oliver Gustav and Vincent Van Duysen, where elevated simplicity meets luxurious texture and pitch perfect restraint, then we’re meant to be design BFFs. If said I found such serenity, would you believe me?

Apparently, I want to live in the world of Zara Home’s new A/W 2019 campaign – A Life of Simplicity – because everything here is harmonious, soothing and when you stop to think about it, really oh so simple.. Be gone over-crammed shelfies and overloads of color – or stuff. What if you lived only with what you needed, but everything you have has to be beautiful. Intentional. This is where I want to call home.

This gorgeousness is no surprise given that this campaign was created in Copenhagen by some of my online faves including stylist extraordinaire Colin King and designer Rosie Seabrook. I love how pared back spaces like these force you to focus on the details – the texture of the plaster walls, the curves of the vases atop the dining table, the golden glow of the amber-hued glassware on the kitchen shelf. You miss nothing because it’s all meant to be seen – be experienced.

Hello dream kitchen, how you doing? You’re really making me want to redo mine right now.

Of course it helps that Zara’s new collection of tabletop, textiles and kitchenware have been paired with old world design classics (hello Jeanneret, Poulsen and Fritz Hansen), all in a timeless and soothing neutral color palette within a next level Scandinavian apartment. But all to perfect effect. I am sucked into this world and want to know how I can make any part of it my own (I currently have my eye on this vase and this bowl).

While of course I know a zen-like bedroom won’t calm the nerves of an overtired parent living in an insane world, I can hope that a perfect lounge chair or minimalist mirror might help. Or maybe I’ll just continue to look at these pictures. and deep breathe. Until the end of time.

What say you? Does this inspire you to up your style?

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photography by frederik vercruysse, styling by colin king for Zara Home

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  1. That’s a stunning wall-mounted bedside lamp! Who’s the designer?

  2. I’d love to know what that wall lamp is, too! if anyone knows, do post a reply, please!

    1. It is either an original Serge Mouille or a replica!

  3. Je trouve le texte et les photos excellents!

  4. The kitchen is fabulous looking, but seriously, where does everything go? I don’t have tons and tons of stuff, but how big a house do you need to be able to have this kitchen?

  5. Wonderful home.. could i know where i can find the little grey tables in front of the sofa?