9 Things to Pack for Palm Springs

If you’re a fan of some serious heat, then Palm Springs is the place for you right now- the weather is cookin.’ But as Karl the Fog blankets SF, we’re down for the heat. It’s perfect for lazy afternoons spent sipping mojitos, catching up on magazines and gossiping with your girlfriends. It certainly doesn’t help when everyone on our Instagram feed is hanging at the Parker or splurging at the Ace!

We’ve always wanted to take a team trip down south and while Greece was basically just yesterday, we were so inspired by Norm Architects’ new outdoor collection {their first available to the states!} that we might book a weekend getaway to the desert right now!


The retro, laid-back vibe of the desert is the place to have a little fun when it comes to fashion. It’s hard not to dress the part in a one-piece bathing suit and {the much debated!Birkenstocks when you’re surrounded by gorgeous vintage finds and mid-century architecture. We love the idea of keeping things casual and breezy in dusty peaches {these sunnies are perfect!} and cool mint tones {heard so many good things about this beauty product!} to match the surroundings!

Palm trees and clay-colored sand are calling our names- before the valley hits the peak of sweltering summer, that is. One of the best things about living in California is we’re just an hour’s flight away from the ultra-hip destination…

So, who’s already dreaming about a weekend escape?! Anyone have any new Palm Springs hot spots they’d like to share? We’ll be taking notes!!



Human Being Journal Issue 4
Herbivore Botanical Clay Soap
Tenoverten Nail Polish
The Palm Beach Bathing Suit
> Silvered Prisms Rug
Kate Spade Saturday Plant Pot
White Patent Birkenstock
Ray Ban Pink Mirror Glasses
Grey Bucket Bag

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Retail Therapy: {SHED, Healdsburg}

It’s not everyday that an incredibly well designed and gorgeous space opens up in most cities, let alone in the teeny tiny Northern California town of Healdsburg. You may have remembered spying our vist to ‘The ‘Burg’ on Instagram a few weeks back and while we were there, we certainly weren’t going to miss our opportunity to check out the much talked about open-space market/resaurant/coffee shop/bar/general awesome hangout, SHED!


Word of Shed spread rapidly and it’s tempting us city dwellers to drive past the likes of Napa and Sonoma and take the extra 30 minutes it takes to get there! Focusing on quality artisan-made goods, Shed’s shelves are filled with tried and true pieces for your home and garden. It’s all the stuff that makes us swoon. Everything from artisanal brooms {yes they exist!} to oversized marble pestles and mortars can be found here. You can stock your pantry with locally made jams and gourmet olive oils as well as come home with something from the in-house larder! No matter what you’re in the market for, you definitely won’t leave empty handed- even if you do just walk away with some fresh blooms!


In the middle of the market, you’ll also find a cafe to sit and enjoy a cup of jo, as well as some crave-worthy bites. We couldn’t get enough of their gorgeous toasts {we do love a good tartine afterall}! Goat cheese and pickled watermelon radish toast called our name, but the herbed artichoke toast made us go back for seconds. Yumm.

Our absolute favorite thing had to be Shed’s fermentation bar! Never heard of such a thing? We hadn’t either.


Turns out, it’s a bar that serves all kinds of naturally cultured and fermented drinks that are made in-house or by local brewers. Kombucha, Kefir, natural sodas and beers are on tap, as well as local wines. And you can even have the bartender mix up a house-made Shrub. What’s a Shrub you ask? Let us explain.

Shrubs are drinks that actually date back to the 17th century. They’re made by combining fermented vinegar with fruit and sparkling water. There’s a reason they’ve stayed around this long- they’re a refreshing treat in your mouth! They’re sweet-tart, effervescent and really quite lovely. We ordered the Carrot + Coriander and the Grapefruit Shrub and could have easily kept on going through the entire menu!

If you’re making your way up to wine country this summer, take a well worth it detour to Shed! Who’s already snuck away from the city and enjoyed a glass of wine there? Better question, who’s ready to do it again?! We are!

For more fabulous things to do and see round the Bay Area this summer head here.

original photography for apartment 34 by Aubrie Pick 

Tasty Tuesday: The Top Chef Treatment

You may remember a couple of weeks ago when we packed the station wagon {yes that’s what I drive!} with the whole Team Apartment crew and headed to wine country. Not only did we hang at one of our favorite Sonoma wineries, Scribe, we also took the not so frequent opportunity to visit Healdsburg, a small town north of Sonoma- that just so happens to be quite the emerging culinary hotspot. It’s home base to the fan-favorite, Bravo TV Top Chef hottie contestant, Louis Maldonado!

We met Chef Louis on his turf where he gave us the Top Chef treatment. He threw down a mean {and almost too pretty to eat!} 3 course meal at his restaurant Spoonbar.


Naturally, we were pretty giddy about meeting a T.V. celebrity- you just can’t surpress the Bravo fan in a girl! But we played it super cool {for the most part} and desperately held back the urges to role play Top Chef judges Padma and Tom as we tasted Chef Louis’ out of this world food combinations.

From trout roe + granola + mustard seeds with deviled egg, to charred asparagus + buttermilk + radishes + abalone mushrooms, topped off by a pistachio dulce de leche cake with Prosecco and froster raspberries, each dish was just as good as the last. And we carry no shame when we say we licked those beautiful plates clean!


The fish flight was the first course and definitely a team favorite. Trout, trout roe, Kanpachi- all of the ingredients tasted fresh and clean, complimented by unfamiliar pairings like fermented chili and salsa verde. The Trout roe with granola and mustard seeds was so good we all ended up fork fighting for the last bite!


The second course, the “meat” dish, comprised of the meaty abalone mushrooms {we still have no idea what those are!} was by far the prettiest thing we’ve ever had the opportunity to eat. Criss crossed with charred asparagus and dotted with flashes of pink radishes, we “ooooed” and “awwed” at the dish for a good couple of minutes before we dove in!


The dish that certainly had no chance of surviving was the dessert: pistachio dulce de leche cake. It’s just not right to make five people share something like this. All the rules we learned in kindergarten went right out the window and we were such hogs that our poor photographer, Aubrie, almost missed her chance at a bite!


And just when we were beginning to feel like Top Chef royalty {being wined and dined is quite the life!}, the meal came to a close. Although we never wanted to leave, Chef Louis definitely made us feel like stars while we were there. And luckily for us, great food isn’t the only thing Spoonbar offers! Guess again – we’re not talking about the chef…

You’ll have to wait for the big culinary insight. Hint: it involves a secret menu! Oh yea.

original photography for Apartment 34 by Aubrie Pick