Tasty Tuesday: {Andiamo Dinner Recipes Revealed!}

What’s better than an epic dinner party?? Getting to relive it! We’re having way too much fun sharing all the yummy Andiamo SF dinner party details with you. It truly was a night we wish we could experience every week! Getting to throw the most awesome dinner, in the coolest space, with the best food for some of our closest friends?? Done and done. We consider ourselves very lucky.

If you missed it, last week we broke down the party details dishing {pun intended!} on everything from the venue to our favorite bits of party decor. But today is especially delicious because we’re revealing the recipe for the best salad you’ve ever tasted! Seriously, we’re talking When Harry Met Sally orgasm scene good. To top it off, our favorite bar Trick Dog {one of SF’s HOTTEST spots!} crafted a bespoke cocktail, the “Flirting with Travel” punch, just for the evening’s festivities. You don’t have to thank us!!


If you are Bay-Area based and have yet to eat at Central Kitchen in San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood, put it on your to-do list for this weekend right now! We’ll even save ya’ a parking spot. It’s one of our favorite places in the city- literally a couple of blocks away from the office and we are indulging ourselves there all too often. So we were more then ecstatic to find out Central Kitchen had an all new venue, The Upstairs, where we could throw our party. We knew dinner was going to be good- we just didn’t realize how good.

Chef Ryan Pollnow blew our menu out of the water- each dish was the definition of a culinary masterpiece, but the Spring Vegetables with Rye Crumbles + Goat’s Milk Curds and Whey Salad was our absolute faaaaaaave. Amazingly, we managed to wrestle the recipe for this incredible dish out of their hands, but let’s just say it produced a serious “whoa” when we opened the email. It’s only a mere three pages…of sheer intimidation! Eek. We do have it tucked safely away in our recipe arsenal, but will likely have to dumb it down whenever we take our first stab because really, we can’t all be as good as the pros!

That said, if you’re a home-cooking champ {we know you’re out there!} and you want to see what recipes from top restaurants really look like, click here – you can download the details from Rue Magazine!


Trick Dog’s punch recipe on the other hand, is one that we can handle. After all, we have a little more experience downing cocktails at our in-home bar than we do cooking gourmet meals. And as you may have spied here, punch is kind of our new thing. And our obsession all started with this recipe! Now you really have no excuse – it’s time you give a summer punch a try! We promise, you’ll be happy you did. It’s all in the spirit of adventure after all. — Bianca


Flirting With Travel Punch Recipe

1 Cognac
1 Aged Rum
1/2 apricot liqueur
1/2 Akavit
3 black tea
1 peach nectar
3/4 lime juice
1/4 simple syrup

Pour all ingredients into large bowl and stir. Begin diluting ingredients by adding ice 45 minutes before serving. Enjoy!


original recipe for apartment 34 created by Trick Dog // original photography for apartment 34 by Katie Newburn

Tasty Tuesday: {Punch Drunk Love}

Well, it’s July 22nd, people. We hate to break it to ya, the month is basically…over. August is just a stone’s throw away and you know that means. The dog days of summer are here! The hottest heat, sultry nights and the laziest weekend {or weekday!} afternoons. Thankfully, we have a few more chances to hit the beach, host a BBQ…or have good friends over and well, get drunk. Punch drunk, that is!


Punch isn’t a drink that we often turn to and we’re trying to figure out why?! Sure, it still reminds us of bad college parties, but punch really gets an undeserved bad rap. It’s actually THE ideal drink to serve at a summer event. It looks gorgeous with just a few garnishes and it’s the least high maintenance option ever! No funny balancing acts with martini glasses or mixing fancy-schmancy signature cocktails one by one. But punches also shouldn’t resemble the bright pink options of our past. We decided there had to be a better option! So the team sat down and concocted the perfect recipe which includes two of our bar staples: St. Germain + Champs!


The French Tropics Summer Punch

- 1 cup vodka
- ¾ cup st germain
- 2 cups champagne
- 1 cup pineapple juice
- 1 cup orange juice
- ¼ simple syrup


Add all ingredients into a punch bowl except for the champagne. Mix until all ingredients are combined. Pour champagne into punch bowl. Add ice cubes to glasses and ladle punch in.

Ice cubes:

Zest 1 grapefruit and 1 lemon. Place water in ice cube tray {we used 1″x1″} and sprinkle citrus zest evenly among the tray.


The most brilliant part of punch; you simply put a huge chunk of ice in it right before the party and fahgetaboudit! If you want to get fancy, make pretty ice cubes with citrus zest or even flower petals for guests to put in their glasses. We threw a dahlia from the garden into our punch bowl for garnish too! Soooo easy and pretty, right?

We also stuck with the theme of simple when it came to our appetizer idea: a classic charcuterie plate provides a beautiful variety of things to munch on. We went with a top notch prosciutto, salami and crackers, then mixed things up with crisp veggie chips, spicy dried peas and some salty {and deliciously green!} castelvetrano olives. Save cooking up a crazy gourmet spread for cooler times. In the thick of summer heat there’s really not much more you need.

With this punch and a great mix of light bites, you’re set to invite a few, or five, girlfriends over for a bit of summer fun! But please remember, always drink responsibly!!


original photography for apartment 34 by Aubrie Pick // art direction by Bianca Sotelo // styling by Apartment 34

Tasty Tuesday: {Our Signature Summer Cocktail!}

Whether you like cocktails, mocktails, cotton-tails or Peter Rabbit {Beatrix Potter reference, anyone? clearly summer nostalgia has hit the office…hard!}, you’re going to love this Tasty Tuesday! After all, it’s our official Apartment 34 signature drink- made exclusivley for us! That’s right, we now have a namesake cocktail, created by Seattle-based mixologist, Erik Carlson – Seattle Magazine’s “Superstar Bartender” of the year {let’s hear it for Erin’s hometown!}.


We were so tired of going into bars and not knowing what to order- drink ingredients can get so fancy these days. It’s easy to order something you THINK sounds delish and ends up being totally not your thing. There goes $12….plus tip…for a dud. So we jumped at the chance to have a no-fail drink up our sleeves, a drink that our team loves and ties us together like the illumanti. Since we’re all for sharing, you must try this recipe {and/or gush over this image- we’re calling it our homage to summer and it’s now our computer wallpaper}!

Apartment 34 Fizz!


1 ounce Plymouth gin
.5 ounce fresh squeezed lemon juice
.5 ounce Small Hand Food’s raspberry gum syrup
.25 ounce Suze
1 ounce sparkling wine


Measures all ingredients except the sparkling wine into a mixing tin, add ice, and shake. Double strain the mixture into a chilled cocktail glass {or stemless champagne flute as we did here!} and top with sparkling wine. Add a twist a of lemon rind for a little pop of color & consider yourself refreshed!



While Erik may have been named Superstar Bartender of the year, we sure feel like the superstars here. Having a drink named after you is basically like getting a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame and we’re clearly on our way!

If you’re in Seattle, you can visit Erik at Stoneburner and Bastille Cafe & Bar…and ask for the Apartment 34 Fizz {eeep, how cool is that?!!}. It should cool you off in the 85+ degree weathr you’re enjoying. PS – could also please send some of that heat our way!!

Cheers! —Bianca


original photography for Apartment 34 by Aubrie Pick // art direction by Erin Hiemstra & Bianca Sotelo // styling by Apartment 34 // original recipe created by Erik Carlson