We’ve Got A Crush On…

There are things that we crush on and then there are things that we CRUSH on. To meet the criteria of a hard core crush an image {or idea!} has to really stop us in our tracks. Similar to the way our real life crush, Matthew McConaug-hottie, would stop us in our tracks if we say…perhaps strolled right past him on the street.

First, there would be the “moment of denial” – is this really happening? no, this is too good to be true. Followed immediately by the “moment of holy shit” – this is real life. people can’t just make this type of thing up! Then there’s the “moment of this is ah-mazing!” and now we can die happy after witnessing his golden locks and tanned skin just feet away. That thought process did in fact happen when we laid eyes on these capital-letter-CRUSH-worthy images! Just in a slightly less starstruck, but still equally obsessive way. This month…

We’ve got a crush on salmon-pink eyeshadow and sherbet pink shearling…


On charcuterie plates turned into charcuterie bowls complete with mini potatoes…


On black and white gallery walls mounted on a slightly higher horizon line…


On healthy desserts served with gold spoons {obvi!} like this Raw Oat Blueberry Pie…


On pink sequined pencil skirts paired with chambray shirts…


On wire statement stools around the table…


And on the next stop on our Wanderlust List: this stunning canyon in the Sierra Nevadas!


Which one of our crushes makes your heart flutter as much as it does ours? Obviously, it has to be that pink eye makeup from J Moon, right?! Or is it that blueberry pie? Seriously, get in mah belly! Maybe it’s those stunning Seven Tea Cup waterfalls because you never knew they existed before today and now they’re like, one of the coolest natural wonders you’ve ever seen?? Does anyone else know how to get to Johnsondale, CA?!

Whichever crush your heart chooses as it’s fave, just know, McConaug-hottie is off the table! He’s taken.

By us, obbvvvvviously. Happy March! PS: For our previous Crush Worthy moments CLICK HERE. And for our Top 10 Spring Must-Haves CLICK HERE!!

image 1 via J Moon // 2 via Canelle et Vanille // 3 via Nomad // 4 via Food Bandits // 5 via Stockholm Streetstyle // 6 via House Doctor // 7 via

Must-Make Treats for Your Sweetheart

There’s a reason they say the key to someone’s heart is through their stomach! There’s just no sweeter gesturet than making a home-cooked meal. So this Valentine’s Day, we’re opting out of cheezy, couples-filled restaurants and whippin’ up something good to eat for our sweethearts. From lovingly shaped waffles {hello breakfast in bed!} to a bold red colored beet risotto for dinner, these love-filled recipes will make anybody scream, “oh baby!” by the end of the night! Now that’s what we call a win-win!


Breakfast in bed couldn’t be any cuter than with these Heart Waffles. If you don’t have a heart shaped waffle maker, you can use a cute heart cookie cutter to get the same, perfectly adorable results. Top them with whipped cream and berries to really get the day started on a sweet note!


Speaking of sweets, you just can’t have too many on Valentine’s Day, right?! These rustic, Mini Strawberry Galettes are gorgeous to look at and even yummier to eat. We love the way this dessert doesn’t scream hearts and arrows, but certainly gets cupid’s job done. Leave them on the kitchen counter for easy nibbles throughout the day! Drooling…


Hello, gorgeously, bold Beet Buckwheat Risotto! This dish is the perfect dinner entree for the love struck vegetarians out there. It’s mind blowingly unique and not to mention, the flavors and heartiness of the beets and buckwheat will leave you and your honey feeling satisfied – it’s just filling enough to leave plenty of room for more dessert!!


If you’re searching for an equally unique dessert to pair with your risotto, look no further! These Grapefruit Possets cups with Pistachio Crumble on top sound ah-mazing. The light pink color is so precious {perfect for a single girl’s brunch too, right?!} and the cute individual servings make this treat extra special!


But if you really really wan to impress, we think you should whip up this perfectly cooked fish fillet with pink rhubarb on the side. This dish is delicate and so sophisticated – we have no doubt it will give any top restaurant’s Valentine’s Day menu a run for its money. Fair warning: it’s so impressive, your lover may want to skip dinner all together and go straight to dessert! No worries, you don’t have to thank us!! ;)

Need extra help in the kitchen? These adorable tools will help you seal the deal!




image 1 via In Honor of Design // 2 via Call Me Cupcake // 3 via Dagmar’s Kitchen // 4 via La Peche Fraiche // 5 via Suvi Sur Le Vif


Color Coded: Camel + Black

If you’re looking for a timeless color combo to get you through the winter doldrums, we’ve got you coverd. There’s something so classic and yet always alluring about {drum roll please….} camel and black!

We’re obsessed with how the honey and ochre undertones of camel pair perfectly with an inky, jet black. So obsessed, in fact, that we’d back our love for this rich and warm color combo over the reigning classic black and white any day. And this goes for both fashion and decor! But what’s that, you say? Hesitant about such a “standard” pairing? But this is a classic that will keep everyone coming back for more. We’re confident this evidence will change your mind!


So good, right? When it comes to personal style, camel and black is literally the easiest thing to wear. Throw on black jeans, booties, a black tee and a camel coat and…done! I always feel my post pulled together and confident in this uniform. Then you just sit back and wait for the compliments, becuase they will come. The same goes for the combo in your home. Black and camel feels sophisticated yet comfortable. It says you have style but you’re not trying to pretentious about it. It’s casual, calm and endlessly cool. It’s super his & hers friendly too. We say, never underestimate the power of a camel colored couch and black pillows!

What do you think? Has camel and black always been a go-to for you or is it just now winning over your hearts?

image 1 via The Quarter Life Closet // 2 via Stil Inspiration // 3 via Adenorah // 4 via we and the color // 5 via Who What Wear // 6 via Domino // 7 via The Chronicles of Her // 8 via Rue Magazine // 9 via The Fashion Cuisine