It’s our first Idea to Steal of the new year! While I’m actually not big on design trends as I think virtually anything can go when it comes to how you decorate – I have seen a particular style popping up recently: channel tufting. And the more I see, the more I like.


I was first reminded of the style in this post, but then realized channel tufting is popping up everywhere I turn. While the look can easily take on a vintage 70’s vibe, I’m loving examples of a more contemporary style. For example, I’m obsessed with that neutral chair above – it feel absolutely timeless. I want to track one down for our house. That chair is proof positive that if you find the right application, channel tufting is a great way to get a little additional personality into any room. Here are a few more examples:


In a bedroom, channel tufting adds texture and a great geometric pattern. When you use a refined, structured hand and pair the tufted piece with modern touches (do I spy a lindsey adelman sconce?!) the style is anything but dated.


Even throwback styles can feel fresh. When applied in brushed velvet with a 70’a hue, channel tufting takes on that classic vintage look. But when you pair that with of-the-moment touches like Moroccan rugs, midcentury furniture and killer lighting channel tufting still feels of the moment. And it’s actually an if-the-moment look you can even create yourself. The headboard and matching bed above are in fact a DIY you can recreate at home!

So what say you? Are you into this vintage inspired look? Do you think it a has a place in 2017?

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