I don’t know about you but my skin always changes in the winter. Predictably it’s a bit drier. It’s also more sensitive and irritable. As an added bonus, it also seems to be a bit more breakout prone post baby! As part of my attempt to take better care of myself this year I decided to add a few Skin Resolutions to my cook at home resolution. After all Carter is 9 months old now, so I think I’m overdue for more me time. Sure, it’d be nice to luxuriate and enjoy regular facials, but there’s no way I’m fitting that kind of indulgence into my schedule these days. And I suspect many of you aren’t either.

I have managed to add three winter skincare techniques to my routine that are helping me feel good about my skin without a hefty price tag or major time investment.


I’ve recently added dry brushing to my skincare regime. Have you heard of it yet? It’s gotten a lot of attention recently, but thats probably because of all the benefits. It not only helps slough off dead skin cells, but it helps improve circulation, release toxins and even reduce the appearance of cellulite! All you need is a natural bristle brush and a bit of time.

It’s best to do dry brushing right before a shower so you can wash everything away. To get the optimal benefits you want to brush in the direction of your major lymph nodes to promote drainage. So brush from your feet up to your knees, knees to thighs etc. You can use long strokes or circular motion. You don’t need to be overly rough. You’ll get a little red but you don’t want to irritate your skin.

I love taking the time to do dry brushing on Sunday when I can take a luxurious shower (aka one lasting longer than 3 minutes) afterwards. My skin feels super soft and smooth and I always feel energized. The benefits are only supposed to increase the more often you do it, so I may try to start dry brushing daily!



I’ve been told by many an aesthetician that our skin does not renew as quickly the more we age, so we should help the process along. But so many of the exfoliating products I’ve looked at include ingredients like Retinol which is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. While I’m not typically a DIYer, I’ve been looking for at-home remedies that would help my complexion that were also natural and safe. I recently stumbled across one that includes something I always have on hand – champagne! Combining champagne with yogurt and a touch of clay helps remove toxins and slough off dead skin cells. And of course you can enjoy a glass of bubbly while you wait for your mask to dry.

Detox Champagne Mask

1/4 C Champagne
4 oz ground Bentonite Clay
2 T plain yogurt

Instructions: Put clay powder in a bowl. Slowly mix in your yogurt and once combined add in the champagne, stirring continuously. Once combined apply to your face and let dry – about 20 minutes. Once dry rinse with warm water and a wash cloth.



The final part of my Skin Resolution is sticking a consistent cleansing routine. I’ve been notorious for product hopping over the years. Be it testing out samples or simply jumping to something new when my current cleanser runs out, I’ve been told time and again that your skin likes routine.

Thankfully, bareMinerals has come to our rescue, debuting their new skincare Skinsorials line and I’m totally in love. They’ve got options for every skin type – dry, normal or acne prone. I’m actually testing out the acne prone 3-step care system as I try to tame the sudden return of my 16 year old skin. (Zits and gray hair at the same time. The universe is cruel sometimes). I love the way the Oil-Free Replenishing Gel Cream feels. It uses mineral rich alage for a light-weight, but amazingly effective moisture. My skin feels super hydrated even with a gel-based cream. It’s amazing.

But what I’m most excited about is the Skinlongevity Vital Power Infusion serum. As I tip into the later half of my mid-30’s, I need to balance my finicky skin with major anti-aging ingredients! Becoming a mama isn’t making me look any younger. The Skinlongevity serum literally includes an ingredient called the Long Life herb that is found on the Japanese island of Okinawa – famous for the health and longevity of its residents.

While the jury is still out on whether or not Skinlongevity serum will take 10 years off my face, I do love the spa-like feel of the product. My skin immediately feels revitalized and nourished after an application.

So even if I’m not bundled up in a giant terrycloth rube, drinkng lemon water while I await a luxurious spa treatment, I can get a taste of a moment of zen at home. Now that I’m a lady with baby, it’s all about finding micro-moments of sanity in my otherwise crazy day. And if my skin comes out looking better for it, added bonus! As they say, if you don’t take good care of yourself, you can’t take care of anyone else. That’s my mantra, and this year I’m sticking to it!



original photography for apartment 34 by suzanna scott // face mask recipe from hello glow

This post is in partnership with bareMinerals. Thoughts and opinions are 100% our own. Thanks for supporting collaborations that have kept Apartment 34’s doors open.

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  1. Love bare minerals, even at my age. The skin products along with the makeup help my skin, daily. Thank for the great ideas.

  2. I heard about dry brushing a few months ago and completely forgot about it till now! Thanks for reminding me that I’d like to give this a try! And that DIY mask sounds awesome- putting that on my to do list ASAP!


  3. I would have never guessed that champagne is a natural exfoliant! Looking forward to trying.