If you ain’t Dutch, you ain’t much. That’s what my Oma always used to say. And I think she was onto something because there’s certainly been a lot of exciting designs coming out of the Netherlands lately. And it’s not just my ancestral pride talking.

Take The Loft for instance.

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Created by a dynamic collective of designers in Amsterdam, The Loft is equal parts conceptual pop up store, artist and maker incubator, online magazine and interior design firm. In other words, genius. The Loft has now gone through three iterations of their pop-ups, taking over places as unique as an old theater, and warehouse spaces. I only hope they keep going long enough so I can get back to the Netherlands and visit one in person. In the mean time, I keep popping by their website to learn about a new artist or creator – or just to check out their latest project for major decorating inspiration.

Forestry Pastoe 02-10-15 HR-014Forestry Pastoe 02-10-15 HR-024Forestry Pastoe 02-10-15 HR-041

I’m a sucker for a beautiful blanket so Forestry Wool didn’t have a very hard sell. These stunning blankets are created by a textile designer who move from New Zealand to the Netherlands, bringing her knowledge of amazing wool production with her. Soaking in the design-infused Dutch zeitgeist, Forestry has created beautifully understated, modern designs using old world techniques. I’ll take one of each please.


Studio Spitsberg is another Amsterdam-based firm that focuses on products that help bring simplicity and function to our lives, but in a way that couldn’t be more gorgeous. Case in point, the studio’s drying racks. Quite possibly the least sexy item in one’s home – who wants to look at drying laundry – but their pieces use simple forms, clean shapes and a wonderful juxtaposition of color and texture that turn function into beautiful form. All of their designs have an easy, airy quality. I’d gladly see this piece in our new house!

I know this is only the tip of the design iceberg in Amsterdam. While Scandinavian style might be having its heyday, Dutch design certainly cannot be ignored.

I’m ready to buy my ticket to the Netherlands. Who’s with me?

What do you think?

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  1. We JUST got back from Amsterdam a couple weeks ago and I completely agree, Dutch design is absolutely spectacular. I highly recommend checking out the Hoxton Amsterdam. We stayed there and couldn’t say enough good things.

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

    1. So jelly Molly! We honeymooned in Amsterdam and I’m dying to go back!

  2. The photos are blurry on my ipad, except for the last one. Any suggestions?