Well, all the paint is dry, the floors are finished and our boxes are stacked ceiling high in our new house! Even as I walk from room to room it still feels a bit like we’re squatting in some elegant yet unfurnished Airbnb. But I can’t wait to turn this house into our home. After living in what I knew would be temporary spaces for the last five years, it’s almost hard to know where to begin. This is the home I might live in for the next – well, suffice to say too many years to truly fathom.


Whenever crave making a space feel homey I head straight to the bedrooms. A bedroom should be your sanctuary – your respite from the day’s stresses. It’s your opportunity to create the physical manifestation of your distinct style – this is the place to get really personal with your design. Your design should also be centered around a good night’s sleep since we do spend one third of our lives in bed!

Now that we’re living in an actual house, we’re spoiled with a guest bedroom – and I’m actually more excited to create the ultimate respite for my future guests than I am for myself. I’ve only stayed in a couple of guest bedrooms over the years that have stuck with me – but when a room is decorated just so, has eye-catching touches and attention to detail – like the ultimate hotel-like bed, well, you remember.

So I’m setting my sights very high for our guest room. All will be revealed in due time (you’re going to have to be a touch patient for the before & afters), but I’m starting with the bed. It’s been quite some time since I got a new mattress so when Sealy offered to send me their new Cocoon by Sealy mattress I was thrilled to finally get to try the whole bed in a box idea. No spending hours testing mattresses at some showroom – it just shows up at your doorstep ready to be unpacked. Count me in.

I snapped a few pics of my unboxing experience for you – it’s seriously nuts how a mattress can fit into such a small box! – and be sure to scroll to the bottom of the post… two lucky readers will win their own Cocoon by Sealy! 

apt34 cocoon sealy2

The box was delivered right to my doorstep. 


Our queen-sized mattress was easy to open up.

apt34 cocoonsealy3

I see a future playhouse for Carter coming on!

apt34 cocoonsealy5

The mattress comes vacuum sealed. You simply remove the plastic and 30 minutes later et voila – your mattress is good to go!

apt34 cocoonsealy

how badly does it look like a need a good night’s sleep in that pic!
Cocoon by Sealy includes all classic mattress sizes, from a Twin to a California King and two distinct feels: Softer – a cozy, more enveloping feel; the right choice if you like sleeping in your bed and Firmer – a sturdy, more substantial feel; the right choice if you like sleeping on your bed. Since this is our guest room I went for softer because I always love a cushy mattress when I’m on vacation!

The coolest part? Cocoon by Sealy offers 100% Satisfaction guaranteed, 100 Night Trial, Free Shipping and a 10 year warranty. If you don’t like the mattress for any reason you can return it – no questions asked. You don’t even have to repack it. Sealy will arrange to pick up the mattress and donate it to a local agency.

I’m so excited to partner with Cocoon by Sealy to giveaway two mattresses to two lucky Apt34 readers. To enter, simply tell me what makes your bedroom your happy place in the comments section below.

Two (2) winners will be selected at random on Monday, April 25 at 8:00am PST. Entrants limited to the continental U.S. only. No purchase necessary to enter.

I’ve got rather grand plans up my sleeve for our guest room, but I’m glad I know I’ll have a comfy bed for our visitors to enjoy no matter where the design takes me. And we’re actually hosting our first guests this weekend so I’ll be getting a full review of the mattress. Stay tuned for updates!

image via amber interiors 

This post is sponsored by Cocoon By Sealy. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting partnerships I’m excited about and have kept apartment 34’s doors open.

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  1. My bedroom is my happy place because of all of the sunlight and my potted plants!

  2. My bedroom is my happy place because of the sunlight and potted plants!

  3. My bedroom is my happy place because it’s where I read books, relax and sleep! I truly wind down in my bedroom and it makes me so happy.

  4. My bedroom is where I can actually lay down and feel like I can shut the rest of the world out. We have no electronics in our room so I feel the peace and stillness of being almost off grid 😉

  5. I’ve always wanted to try one of these mattresses! My bed makes my bedroom my happy place – I love falling into a comfy bed at the end of a long day!

  6. All of the photos on the wall from my vacations makes my bedroom my happy place!

  7. My bedroom is my happy place because of our giant blue velvet headboard and calming sea-green paint. It’s cozy!

  8. My bedroom is my happy place because of all the pillows – I love collapsing at the end of the day with my hubby and puppies!

  9. it has been hard thinking about my bedroom as a happy place after 23 years of marriage and now being divorced and alone. However, happy places should be enjoyed nonetheless. After entering the workplace again and sending the kids off to college my bedroom is a happy place because I can unwind, meditate, read magazines, my Bible, journal and wrote endings encouraging others. My husband has our bed and entire household contacts but my childhood bed albeit extremely old is my comfort place. Nice sheets and bedding and pillows and a place for the kids to come talk on college visits home. Adult children still come to bed for a mothers support just as they did when they were sick or afraid as babies, infants, toddlers, and teens. I would love to earn this bed as a new beginning. thabk you for this opportunity.

  10. I wonder if you could use this on a pull-out couch seeing how well it rolled up…HMMM!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

    1. Also – my dog in my bed makes my bedroom an extra happy place!

  11. I love that my bedroom faces the window so that I can wake up to the sunrise (almost) every morning!

  12. Our bedroom has no widows, instead,
    We have a big, beautiful skylight that wakes us up with natural sunlight. We could definitely be sleeping better on a new mattress, though!

  13. Bright morning sunlight, my husband and a skyline view!

  14. My bedroom is my happy place because it is relaxing and comfy because of the soft bed and colors throughout the room. It is filled with many great memories on the walls and always is filled with fresh and relaxing scents.

  15. My bedroom is the one place I feel I can shut off my brain and unwind. I also love the rare weekend morning when I can lay in bed just a little longer than usual and recharge!

  16. my room has really nice sunlight that makes my room feel cozy and calm…

  17. My bedroom is my happy place because it’s a special room for me and my hubby to just be us. No distraction, no other people, just us.

  18. My bedroom is my sanctuary and the place that I go to refresh at the end of the day. Comfort is so important to being able to get the rest and relaxation necessary to meet the challenges of a new day.

  19. the beautiful view of all the trees surrounding our house from the bed makes my bedroom my happy place! it’s endlessly peaceful to watch them.

  20. Oh my what an amazing giveaway! My bedroom is my happy place, because once I put my toddler to sleep then I get to sleep. Sleep = happy momma!!! 🙂

  21. My daughter is purchasing her first home and this would be great for her guest room (and me since I visit a lot!)

  22. Fabulous giveaway! My bedroom is my happy place because it’s where I cozy up and read and have my “me” time, but it’s also been a great place to cuddle with my kids. It’s where they slept as babies and now it’s where they want to sleep when they’re sick or just need snuggles. It’s my favorite room by far!

  23. My bedroom’s my happy place because it’s where I cuddle with my cat

  24. Clean sheets and my two little boys to snuggle. That’s what makes it a happy place.

  25. What makes my bedroom my happy place is the soothing, almost monotone color palette and getting to snuggle with my cats in there!

  26. My bedroom is my happy place, because it is where I read!

  27. My bedroom is my happy place because it is where I best decompress (read magazines and drink tea)

  28. My bedroom is due for a remodel so my happy place lives in my dreams! 🙂 But even now it makes me pretty happy to curl up in bed with a great book.

  29. my husband, our english bulldog and soon to be first baby make my bedroom my happy place! give me all the snuggles!

  30. My bedroom has blackout drapes on the window which makes it nice and cavelike, perfect for relaxing!

  31. What currently makes my bedroom the happiest place in the house is the king-sized duvet on the queen-sized bed, for people who have blanket wars at night!
    And currently the window air conditioner which makes it bearable!

  32. natural light makes my bedroom my happy place!

  33. Linen bedding makes my bedroom a happy and serene place 🙂

  34. Love your blog. I’m in the middle of a move as well and would love a new mattress! (Even it’s to go in 620 square feet). When my sheets are clean and my bedroom lit with cozy mood lighting, I am happy.

  35. My bedroom is my happy place because it’s my oasis and place of rest and rejuvenation.

  36. My bedroom gets beautiful light in the afternoon to early evening. After a stressful day at work, walking into that light immediately makes me feel better.

  37. My bedroom is my happy place because it is where I like to go read and snuggle with my husband among all the fluffy pillows and down comforters.

  38. Waking up with the sun, my morning cup of coffee and staying in bed a little too long! #myhappyplace

  39. bedroom is a appy place because it is all white and calm and perfect respite from the city

  40. My bedroom is my happy place because it’s where me and my husband can hang together and watch Netflix after the kids go to bed. Our best talks happen here.

  41. At 26 years old, I’m moving into my “big girl” apartment 3,000 miles from home TOMORROW. What makes my bedroom feel like my happy place are all the reminders (photos, notes, cards, etc.) of the people who love and support me. A new mattress to lay on while I look at them wouldn’t hurt!!

  42. My bedroom is my happy place because it’s the only place I can truly rest. I have a tough time sleeping but my husband & I have been working hard to make our bedroom a real sanctuary. I new mattress would make it all the better!

  43. My bedroom is my happy place for so many reasons! After years of sleepovers at my boyfriend’s house, I moved in and now his bedroom is our bedroom. I love having my things in a place I share with him, especially my plants! It is the place I can really see how our lives are blended and practice compromise. Really need a new mattress to make it the ultimate happy place!

  44. My bedroom is my happy place because I can wear pajamas and stretchy pants! 🙂

  45. The happiest part of my bedroom is clean sheets – nothing like sliding into cool sheets on a freshly made bed at the end of the day!

  46. My bedroom is my happy place because it is my ultimate relaxation zone!

  47. As I transition into becoming a single Mommy of 3 girls, my bed has become a place of togetherness for us.
    We picnic here while I nurse my youngest. We snuggle here for sleep overs…which occur more and more frequently <3. We pray here.
    In a time of chaos, my bed has become a meeting place of peace.

  48. Yummy bedding and an amazing view from my bed

  49. My bedroom has some moody shadows that make it my happy place.

  50. Oh my, I am in need of a new bed! I just love hanging out in my bedroom. At the end of the day, after a long commute and sitting at my desk all day, I just love lying down underneath my comfy duvet and relaxing.

    Congratulations on moving into your new home. I can’t wait to see the photos and a full tour.

  51. My bedroom is my happy place because it’s where we spend time as a family.

  52. Often our master bedroom is the only room free of any kids’ toys. It is always clean, and I always make my bed so I have somewhere to escape to.

  53. That zen moment I get when I walk into my soothingly decorated room.

  54. The light filtering through the curtains in the morning makes my bedroom my happy place…such a nice way to wake up.

  55. Clean sheets, a warm down comforter, listening to the rain, hearing the wind in the pine trees, reading in bed, snuggling next to someone I love and drinking coffee in bed in the morning makes my bedroom my happy place.

  56. My bedroom is a happy place because I am currently working to make it a space that I love!

  57. My bedroom is always full of light! It keeps me happy and is always there after a long day.

  58. My bedroom is my happy place because it’s where I go at the end of a busy day to relax, breathe, refuel myself for another beautiful day tomorrow.

  59. My bedroom is a happy place because it is quiet and filled with things that make me feel peaceful. I chose colors and bed furnishings in the colors I love most and it makes me happy.

  60. My books, hands down make my bedroom my happy place!

  61. Soft lighting, soft pjs, soft bedding. Perfect for reading and hiding away from the stressors of the world. Thank you for the chance, this bed sounds wonderful!

  62. My bedroom is my happy place with the wonderful view of the mountains and is a very quiet place. A comfy mattress would make it even better….

  63. My bedroom is my happy place because of all of the candid photos and candles on my shelves!

  64. We have 3 retired Seeing Eye dogs that sleep with us! Yes, they do! It’s lovely and soothing to hear their gentle snoring. We had to put our mattress on the ground so their aging bodies could make the jump up. This mattress would be spectacular.

  65. My bedroom is my happy place because it’s where I feel most comfortable–and the cat is usually in there, too!

  66. the colors, candles, scents and memorabilia make it my happy place 🙂

  67. My bedroom is my happy place because at the end of a long day of work and running around after two littles, I can fall into bed and immediately relax and unwind…

  68. My bedroom is my happy place, because of all the rooms in my house, my bedroom is the coziest.

  69. My bedroom is my happy place because it is calm and cozy.

  70. My bedroom is my happy place because it’s where I keep mementos from my relationship with my husband.

  71. How exciting to be in your new home, finally! This is an entirely new chapter for you and your family, Erin. Looking forward to seeing all of your design details come to life.

    What makes my bedroom my happy place? Comfy, luxurious bedding, my silk pillowcase, fresh flowers, a lightly scented candle and my husband…cue the rain on the roof! That’s my happy–and cozy–space. We are so in need of a new mattress and I’ve been curious about Cocoon-awesome concept for mattress purchases. #fingerscrossed 🙂
    xx, Heather


  72. My room is my happy place because I can always feel peaceful and relaxed there. It is the one place I go and can block out the rest of the world.

  73. Sunlight during the day and blackout shades at night makes my bedroom my happy place.

  74. A little reading nook/area I have with a comfy chair, cozy blanket and a lamp all for myself.

  75. Blackout shades are what make it a happy place, but a better mattress wouldn’t hurt!

  76. My white bedroom with lush greenery makes my bedroom is so tranquil, and makes it my happy place.

  77. Because it’s the most peaceful room in my home. I love the serene color of the walls and low lighting and black out shades for late mornings on the weekends.

  78. My happy place cause I love cuddling with my li’l one especially on the weekends while she’s watching cartoons. I get to read my book and all is well with life.

  79. What makes my bedroom my happy place:
    The water views and the cozy, lazy weekend mornings spent there.

  80. Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful giveaway! My bedroom is currently being transformed into my happy place. I have just finished painting the walls, bought new bedding today, and am getting ready to redo an antique bedroom set. I am so happy with the progress and can hardly wait to see it all finished!

  81. My bedroom is my happy place because I love curling up in bed and staying cozy!

  82. I love that my bedroom is a sanctuary filled with family photos and books!

  83. This is a crazy amazing giveaway! The pictures in my room of my family and friends and events make it my happy place

  84. My bedroom is my hygge place where I can recharge and spend time with the people and things I love the most.

  85. The crisp, white bed linens make the bedroom my happy place!

  86. We just bought our home around thanksgiving and the bedroom is the first place to fully come together. It’s so soothing and comfortable. It’s begging for company!

  87. My bedroom is my happy place because of the sunlight coming through the windows. I love sitting up against my big down shams with a good book in bed – and on rainy nights, it’s a special treat to listen to the percussion of raindrops falling on the skylight.

  88. I just moved into my bedroom a couple months ago, and it still needs some work to make it fully “mine”. But right now it’s the place I go to sleep, relax and be creative – all things that make me happy!

  89. I have my own room in an apt. with 4 girls. It is the only space that I get to call my own and I can retreat to when chaos of college life gets to be to much.

  90. My bedroom is my happy place because it is quiet and tranquil. Thanks!

  91. It’s my happy place because it’s where time slows down and you can just relax.

  92. Our big bed with super soft white sheets and yummy scented candles creates the perfect retreat at the end of the day. Bonus: There is room to do yoga too!

  93. What makes my bedroom my sanctuary, is the one I share it with. With a home operated business, a pup and constantly having friends and family over, it’s our place to get away.

    Would love to have the opportunity to add a cocoon by sealy into our sweet sanctuary. I’ve heard stellar remarks about them!

  94. Our bedroom has a collection of art and books my husband and I have collected on our travels together and from before we met. There’s a lot of sentiment on those walls! I also love the moment in the morning that our daughter comes bounding in for some bed snuggle time. I get that gushy ‘this is my little family’ feeling.

  95. My bedroom is where I can recenter myself after a difficult day or prepare myself for the possibilities of a wonderful day ahead.

  96. My bedroom is my happy place because it is where I unwind and read after a busy day at work.

  97. Our bedroom is happy because we have a view of the trees outside the window from our bed. It’s like living in a tree house!

  98. Because I help take care of my elderly parents, it is essential I get a good night’s sleep (and a good nap on the weekend : ) ) However, I m not entering for me. I would love to gift my folks with a new queen mattress as my theirs is rather old. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  99. My bedroom is my happy place because it’s cozy and there is no tv! Just a place to unwind and unplug.

  100. My bedroom is where I get to leave the stress of the day behind and curl up with a great book and some kitty cuddles! Having a more comfy mattress would make it even better!

  101. I live in hotels Monday thru Thursday most weeks, it’s nice to come home to a quiet clean space like my room. No electronics and aromatherapy for me!!!

  102. Sleep! Sleep is my happy place! With 4 kids under 7 years old it’s my favorite thing in the whole world! I would DIE for a new mattress! Ours is 12 years old!!! Crossing my fingers for this one!!!!

  103. I adore time spent in my bedroom simply for the inspiration that comes from spending time there. The morning sun promises new hopes for the day and the evenings are my goodbyes for now. There couldn’t be another more personal, inspiration space.

  104. We just bought a house and it would be amazing to have one of these awesome mattresses!

  105. my big magnolia tree outside my window makes my bedroom my happy place 🙂

  106. I love my wall color. It makes my room so serene and my furniture is so comfy.

  107. My bedroom is my happy place because nothing beats having coffee in bed on a Saturday morning!

  108. My bedroom is next on my list to tackle. In my dreams it’s my happy place…white bedding, a beautiful rug and a new headboard and night stands! Oh, and a new mattress!

  109. My bedroom is my happy place because once the sun sets it is a kid free Zone and my husband and I get to sleep in peace, just the two of us.

  110. My bedroom is my happy place because its always quiet and sunny! It’s the perfect place to cozy up with a great book.

  111. Right now my husband and I are living with his mother, so my bedroom is my happy place because it’s the only place I can really relax and be myself. And really it serves as our bedroom/ office/ dining room/ living room/ and storage unit all at once! Having a good, new mattress would be wonderful and life changing, because that’s where live. Great giveaway, thank you! 🙂

  112. It’s my me time, peaceful & magical. I dream, I regroup, I plan, it’s my office always from my office.

  113. My bedroom is my happy place because it’s a reflection of my tastes and comforts. It’s home to a few important things, including a photo of my best friend and me on my wedding day, a card catalog that functions as my nightstand, a few books my husband and I are currently reading, and a couple of pieces of artwork that friends and family have gifted us. It’s also, of course, happy because I get to share it with my husband and our dog.

  114. Our bedroom is our happy place, because our 4.5 month old shares it with us!

  115. My bedroom is my happy place bc it’s where I love to rest and recharge after a long day

  116. My bedroom is my favorite place because it’s cool and comfy!

  117. my bedroom is my happy place because of the twinkly, firefly lights strung around the walls!

  118. In our cozy place, right now, its where I get to see everyone I love resting at the end of a busy day- Hubby and two kids.

  119. Some candles burning, the windows open and my dog and cat laying on my lap!

  120. My bedroom is my sanctuary! It’s where I escape to get away from everything crazy in my life. From my linen bedding to tons of pillows – I’ve tried to make it as comfortable & relaxing as possible. I love to hide away from my family to read, work quietly on my laptop, or indulge in my favorite tv shows. My bedroom is like a warm blanket that I love to crawl into…

  121. It’s the private space of my stuffed toy cuddle buddy and me!

  122. our little area where i have a rocker – i sit there with my baby on my lap and we read together. that’s my happy place 🙂

  123. What makes my bedroom happy place is that I can cuddle and read with my kids before bed time. As time passes, I can see them grow and develop from baby to toddlerhood right in this room watching them from babbling to describing what they see in the book. It’s amazing.

  124. Our room is our sanctuary of bright, white light, a place to feel safe. Our room is a home. It’s a tiny cottage in our friend’s backyard. Our room is seriously just a bed and an awesome window peering out at the pines and the High Sierra blue skies. Might I mention. . . Our room is just a bed, a very uncomfortable full bed. Could use an upgrade. Would be forevermore grateful & would pay it forward

  125. My bedroom is my happy place because it’s soundproof, has blackout curtains and houses all my shoes and purses….. so really it’s like a fortress and I have no reason to ever leave!

  126. 2 things make my bedroom my Happy Place. Looking at the stars through big windows and kitties curled up with me.
    I’ve been curious about these mattresses for awhile. My 20 year mattress could use an update.
    Thanks for the fun Giveaway opportunity!

  127. I love going to my bedroom to relax at the end of the day, running after a toddler all day is tough.

  128. My bedroom is my happy place because it is where I lay and snuggle with my kitties every night before I sleep and every morning before I get out of bed.

  129. My bedroom has the best natural light, making it such a great place to hang out! We desperately need a new mattress and would LOVE one of these!

    Thank you so much for a great giveaway!

  130. My bedroom is the best place to curl up with a good book and let the rest of the world fade away and relax!

  131. My bedroom is a combo bedroom and library. That makes me happy! And I have a mattress I bought used 10 years ago. That makes me cranky.

  132. An eastern window with a view of the water; my bedroom is a delight each morning.

  133. my room is like a tree house peaceful and serene

  134. My bedroom is my happy place because it is peaceful and private. I love how we have it decorated and even the view outside is refreshing.

  135. My bedroom is my hideaway. A place to be alone and recharge.

  136. My bed has always been my happy place as ive battled anxiety and struggled with social interaction so it was the one place i could go and just shut off and be in any world i wanted. Then later in life i meet my fiance. we shared his apartment with two roomates so his bed was our safe haven. We would spend hours just talking and growing together in my safe place which is now happily ours.

  137. My bedroom is my favorite place on the planet. Whenever I experience stress throughout the day, I envision my comfy sheets and scented candles and I feel a little bit better. I LOVE sleeping and always joke that I’m really good at it. Thanks to that, my bedroom is my daily respite from crazy days in the city, a nightly refuge where I can recover and recuperate.

  138. My bedroom makes me happy because my bed is my happy place!

  139. What makes my bedroom my happy place? That it has some of my favorite things in it: favorite books on my nightstand, a print from Siena that I got on a wonderful trip to Italy with a friend ages ago, the Ethan Allen dresser I’ve had for decades, a couple of very happy plants…
    Thank you for talking about these mattresses. I need a new mattress for my younger son’s bed and am exploring all options!

  140. Cozy bedding and artistic souvenirs from my travels make it my special place. It is the only quiet personal space I know in NYC. Hoping to snuggle into a Cocoon and have sweet dreams there soon!

  141. As a poor grad student, my bedroom is where I eat, sleep, study, and repeat. Even though it can feel small at times, I’m happy that I can call this place my own.

  142. Thank you for this opportunity! The bedroom is our happy place because there are no electronics and my husband and I have our best conversations cuddled in bed.

  143. My bed has always been my favorite place in the world. It is my safe place for comfort when the world doesn’t seem so comfortable. As a single mom, my bedroom has always been the storage area – for anything that didn’t have a place for it. But, over the past year or so, I’ve been donating whatever isn’t needed and that doesn’t bring me happiness. Now, the only items in my house are items that my daughter and I enjoy. My bedroom has become my sanctuary for peace, privacy, rest. The only thing missing is a comfy mattress. I would be so grateful to receive a gifted mattress, and promise to enjoy it every single day. It would truly be a gift that keeps on giving.
    I love your blog and wish you much happiness in your new home.

  144. i love the inspiration pic because it reminds me of a bedroom i once made & loved. and i love the idea of getting a bed delivered inside a box! especially since i have only moved 999,999 in the past 8 years since my two daughters grew up and left me HOME ALONE in a big empty nest, something that prompted me to get rid of said empty nest and start living like a 20 something and oh – yes – to go live in istanbul for 1 1/2 years. now i’m back in the US and putting my first family home back together, a cottage on the gulf of mexico, and i’m dying for a king size bed for my daughters’s TWO NEW BABIES & me <3

  145. My bedroom is my happy place because every morning my happy little 1 year old comes into my bed to drink is bottle. His smile is better than all the natural light in the world!

  146. Oh the relief of a good night sleep and a happy back! That is what makes the first morning experience so lovely. You wake up and your body says “ahhhh, I slept sooo good!”

  147. My room is my happy place because it’s a complete escape from the outside world. It’s so calm and makes me feel so peaceful. I never want to leave!

  148. where are the pillows from in the main photo? love them! thanks:)