It’s crazy that I’ve been blogging for almost 8 years now and I STILL come across blogs – not just any blogs, AMAZING blogs- that I’ve never seen before. These three food blogs not only have me salivating over the recipes, but also over the delicious food styling! If you’re hungry, proceed with caution.


The Bojon Gourmet is a local food blog based out of San Francisco, but you would never guess it. Featuring moodier images and recipes like brown butter and bourbon peach dessert, the soul and richness of each dish looks and feels like it’s from a far off, magical place. This indulgently delicious blog is the perfect place to go when you’re craving a treat yourself moment!


Holly & Flora is a spectacular visual feast. From garden to kitchen, the ingredients and recipes on this blog come alive in a fresh and effortless way! In fact, you’d think that the founder Jayme’s kitchen was indeed outdoors, due to the mesh of gardening and cooking, styling and foraging. But more than food, you’ll find our favorite: garden-to-glass cocktails. Surprised? Don’t be. Jayme is a sommelier and a mixologist! Talk about credentials!!


This Green Gazpacho from Earth Feast looks like it belongs in a magazine. The light and contrast just adds to the scrumptiousness of the styling of this plate. That side of fresh vegetables, the drops of yogurt and drizzle of olive oil all add to the complexity. And even though we’ve never even tried this dish, we would bet our next dinner that it tastes as good as it looks!

What are some of your favorite food blogs? Do share- we’re hungry!

image 1 via The Bojon Gourmet // 2 via Holly & Flora // 3 via Earthy Feast

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  1. I love food blogs as much as I love my cookbooks (which my wall to wall bookshelves are filled with). I never liked a cookbook that didn’t have great photography. That’s the best part about the food blogs … the photography and these three blogs look like they do it well! Thanks for sharing these new blogs. Can’t wait to check them out.