When describing his work, famed Catalan sculptor and artist Xavier Corbero explained, “the outcome of anything I do has to be poetry.” A shining example of this ethos is Corbero’s home; an eight-acre, nine building estate on that has taken him over forty years to turn into a dramatic example of living, ever-evolving art. This is a home tour you have to see to believe.

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Friends with Salvador Dali and famed for his large scale sculpture displayed the world over, Corbero began working on this home in 1968. He discovered dilapidated industrial buildings on the outskirts of Barcelona has worked for 40 years transforming them into a stunning home, workshop, studio, gallery – a magic labyrinth of art, architecture and beauty. There are a total of 10 beds and bathrooms to welcome guests, as well as a number of studios and workshops, including one beneath the ground. The home regularly serves as a residence for fellow artists staying in Barcelona.

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The structures are a mishmash of concrete, often whitewashed in the living quarter, raw plywood, open staircases, manmade caves and soaring arches. It continues to be a work in progress even as Corbero turns 80. In this age of….I don’t even really know how to describe the time we’re living in…I feel like a true passion and such a profound expression of art, life and depth is increasingly rare. I think the following description captures the heart of this place best, “The artist has created a space where creation is immortalized, both as process and as an end.”

Check out this video to truly appreciate the majesty of this house and to hear from the artist Corbero himself.


photography via zara home, and by Jerome Galland for AD France via yellowtrace. Video by Albert Moya for NOWNESS.



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  1. My first thought was “Barcelona is SO expensive to live in.” Then my jaw dropped when I saw that exterior photo and I wondered how in the world anybody could afford to live in such a place. THEN I saw he started working on it in 1968, and it makes much more sense. Good for him that he renovated a disused warehouse back when that wasn’t a cool thing to do, or even a thing to do.
    It’s a work of art, inside and out.

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  2. Absolute beauty.Exquisite loveliness.Stunning.Creativity at its best!

  3. Do you know if there is any possibility to visit the house?