When I started this site way back when, my favorite thing about the interwebs was discovering wonderful, amazingly talented people and sharing their stories. From my girl crushes, to retail therapy, designer profiles and maker interviews, the world of awe-inspiring creativity has always been my biggest motivator. In the coming weeks, I’m going to be bringing you a bevvy of crazy-cool women; case in point, my profile today of Simone LeBlanc who has perhaps the coolest job – professional gift giver!

Read below for some brilliant tips from this super stylish entrepreneurial mom, just in time for mother’s day.

meet the maker, Simone LeBlanc  meet the maker, Simone Le Blancmeet the maker, Simone Le Blanc

How did you get inspired to start your business?
I had been working as a personal life-stylist and loved connecting with people in this way — finding an object for their home or a gift that was ‘just the right thing.’ It opened up a world for me and I realized there was an opportunity in the marketplace for my perspective on gifting. My experience with my clients allowed me to create relationships all over the world, with masterful craftspeople and artisans, building highly customized items that have meaning on an intimate and personal level.

What is your advice to entrepreneurs?
Have a vision and a purpose that truly drives you. Every day I have so much more that I want to create and build. Vision and purpose will get you out of bed each morning, carry you through any rough waters, keep you learning and keep you excited. I’d also say be fearless in your commitment to putting yourself out there. Master the balance of dedication, passion, and detachment. You have to ask the tough questions and be prepared to hear things that don’t always feel great. Have the wisdom to personally detach and take a look at your brand as a business, something bigger than just you. This can be a challenge when your brand is a direct extension of you, but it’s important for growth– I continue to work on this all the time.

meet the maker, Simone Le Blanc meet the maker, Simone Le Blancmeet the maker, Simone LeBlanc

What is the secret to giving the perfect gift?
Always keep the recipient in mind, and be mindful of your relationship and the message you want to send. The perfect gift is something unexpected, yet at the same time on point and personal. It’s meaningful and nuanced and resonates clearly and directly with the recipient. But most of all, be real. If you love what you’re gifting, authenticity will carry through.

What is the best gift you’ve ever received?
Without a doubt the best gift I’ve ever received is my daughter Lillian and the ego-freedom that motherhood brings. (I feel that).

meet the maker, Simone LeBlancmeet the maker, Simone LeBlanc

You have a young daughter – what techniques do you use to balance life as a business woman and life as a mom?
I’ve learned that instinct and discipline are key to bringing all of the moving parts together. Constantly practicing flexibility to roll with it all falling apart, and most importantly, resilience to get back up and pull it all together. And within all of that—making sure I make time to be present with my daughter Lillian, with my husband, and myself.

What do you want for Mother’s Day?
For Mother’s Day, I’d love just a slow, simple day with family. I imagine waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the sound of my husband and daughter in the kitchen together while I linger in bed a bit with some magazines. We’d enjoy a yummy breakfast complete with some fresh squeezed orange juice from the trees in our garden. A lovely Sunday of uninterrupted time with my favorite people.

If you’re still a little stumped about what to get mom this year, skip the flowers or fruit basket and just go straight for one of Simone’s stunning gift boxes. (hint hint if you’re reading this hubby!).


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  1. Thank you for introducing me to Simone! I also enjoy reading about creatives in the a variety of fields. Lovely article!