Now that it’s a new year and plans for 2014 are already being made, we can’t keep from dreaming up our next big vacation. We’re throwing out all kinds of ideas. Breathtaking cultural hubs with amazing food and historic sites like Rome? Thailand for beaches? Maybe Peru for something totally out of the ordinary?

Fighting off the travel bug so soon after being on holiday break isn’t easy. It also doesn’t help that we came across these amazing travel inspired scarves from Bird & Knoll that make us want to hop on an airplane right now!


What seems like an ordinary accessory proves to be much more than a fashion statement at Bird & Knoll. Founders Natalie and Macayla have printed photos from their travels to exotic destinations and transferred them onto luxurious cashmere and modal scarves for the ultimate travel diary!

Unwrapped you may see a photo of women clothed in traditional garb in Ubud, Bali taking part in a Galangan festival. Yet when wrapped, the scarf becomes a beautiful abstract work of art, highlighted with shades of blue and amber. Unveiling the image on the scarf is truly what makes these accessories gorgeous and unique. It’s a thrilling game to look at the balled up scarf and guess what far-off place will show up before you click on it to see the unveiled image!


But much more than gorgeous graphics, each one of these scarves in the collection has a story behind it. Not only has each destination been visited by the founders, but they also share their go-to itinerary, complete with restaurant, shopping and lodging recommendations for each city they’ve visited. We couldn’t think of a more wonderful treat for a true travel enthusiast!


It’s mesmerizing how an image of dirty motorcycles on a street in Marrakech can look so sophisticated and abstract draped around your neck. These scarves are the ultimate travel lover’s accessory. Whether you’ve visited the place, aspire to go there this year or are just one fierce fashionista, these scarves are totally note worthy. Not only do they work for an everyday layer in the city, but they are also a fabulous travel accessory- perfect for throwing over your shoulders in a temple or draping over your shift dress for a date night on your honeymoon!

If you could choose anywhere in the world, what exotic destination would you wear around your neck? Any places that just make you so undeniably happy you could leave on a jet plane and head there right now?! {Share your must do-travel desintations for 2014 in the comments – we’ll be taking notes!}

images via Bird & Knoll 

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  1. wow that’s pretty sweet! i’d pick santorini, greece! my husband took some beautiful photos during our trip. xo

  2. Hi Gillian and Molly

    So pleased you like the scarves! Santorini and Paris are definitely on the horizon for us. Looking forward to bringing you many more destinations.

    X Bird and Knoll

  3. I LOVE your scarves!! For me, it would have to be the white towns of Andalucia in Spain (ie the Pueblos Blancos) where the little white houses sit high up in the hills against a bright blue cobalt sky, with winding cobbled streets and green olive trees below!

    But as a real foodie, I reckon a table filled with an array of yummy tapas in lots of bright mediterranean colours would make an awesome print.


  4. What a cool idea! Love these scarves and the photos that come out when you unravel them.