We don’t know about you, but for a couple of years now it seems like we’re pulling fewer and fewer of our Christmas decorations out of storage. I don’t know if it’s just the modern decor trend sinking in deeper or if it’s that the minimal lifestyle is feeling ever more appealing. Whatever the reason, the Scandinavian approach to Christmas is so attractive this year. They somehow get it just right. So with only a couple of boxes of ornaments out of storage and streamlined trimmings on our mind, we DIY’d the cutest birch branch Christmas tree you ever did see- a great alternative to the 9-footer and the perfect festive element for tight quarters! It’s so simple and super cute, even if you are decking the halls with 50 pounds of holly, you’ll want to add it to your home this season!


We love, love, LOVE, simple moments like a sweetly sparse potted tree on the stairs or simple white paper bags wrapped in twine and hung with clothespins for an advent calendar – even live trimmings ’round a homemade candle chandelier. So cozy chic!


Our holiday inspiration is coming straight from Copenhagen right now; craftiness meets chic simplicity. Their secret is a neutral palette: blacks, whites and soft greys, mixed in with natural elements like branches, tree trimmings and small potted evergreens, and lots of texture: think burlap, rope and twine. Mix them all togehther and your Scandi-inspired Christmas is complete!

With these inspirations as our guide, and some help from the DIY queen herself, Martha Stewart, we took to DIYing our version of a modern Scandinavian inspired Christmas tree- no water or vacuuming of pine needles required! We put a slightly more glam spin on Scandi with a mix of metallic ornaments as well as some matte white baubles {which were also a DIY!}.


Here’s how you do it yourself:


You can find many of these items at The Home Depot here

Two 6-foot birch tree branches
Measuring Tape
Strong Baker’s Twine or Thin Rope
Martha Stewart Living Snowberry Ornaments
1 Can White Spray Paint
Gift Tags {love these and these watercolor tags!}
Pretty Baker’s Twine
Scissors {love these brass ones!}
2 ft fishing line


> Measure, mark and cut birch tree branches with saw. Bottom branch is 30 inches, then go in increments of 6 inches: 24, 18, 12, your top branch will be 6 inches.

> Lay branches out in shape of Christmas tree, longest branch on bottom, shortest on top with about 8 inches in between each branch. Wrap strong twine around bottom branch three-four times, knot it, then wrap it around next branch, knot it and cut. Repeat for all branches.


> Coat desired ornaments with matte white spray paint. Repeat process until fully covered.

> Cut 6 inch pieces of Butcher’s Twine and string through ornaments and tie on branches.

> Hang tree using fishing line and a 3M hook to your wall! Perfectly thin for a hallway, impactful enough for a corner in the living room and so cute for the kitchen!

> Keep a small bowl and sharpie by the tree and whenever you think of a Christmas wish, write it down on a gift tag and hang it on the tree! They could be something special to read on Christmas morning as a family. And ta-da!


The muted champagne, mocha and silver color palette of the ornaments {there are so many options to choose from here!} blends in so naturally against the textured white bark of the birch tree branches. And we’re rather smitten with our Gold Reindeer Tree Topper! This type of tree is calm and serene, yet festive and inviting – exactly what we want our holiday to be this year. This modern DIY will certainly make you rethink bringing a live tree into your tiny city apartment! It’s absolutely perfect for big and small spaces alike!

Happy Holidays!

PS: If you still just really need to go glam for Christmas don’t miss our over the top holiday decor of bold golds, rich greens & garlands for days right here.

images 1-2, 9-12 original photography for apartment 34 by Emily Scott // image 3 via Petra Bindel for Elle Decoration // 4 via // 5 via An-Magritt // 6 via // 7 via House Doctor // 8 via Frichic

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