There are 18 sleeps until Christmas. Have you decorated yet?? I’ve had a hard time figuring out how to deck our halls with a crawling 8-month old puttering around. Our oversized Christmas tree doesn’t really seem practical. It would eat up half of Carter’s crawling space. And since he’s discovered a love of cords I’m not really willing to add even more electrical hazards to the mix. So I’m considering an alternative this year – a modern update on the Christmas wreath with an easy wreath DIY.

Wall-mounted Christmas decor isn’t new. We actually shared an adorable Christmas Tree DIY last year, but I’m in the mood for something a little different. A little modern. I’ve been seeing a lot of different wreath options pop up all over Pinterest, but I’m loving this asymmetrical version. Its simplicity gives it a cool, chic feel, but the use of olive branches lend a rustic touch.


The steps to create something like this are actually pretty simple.

STEP ONE: Cut standard 18-inch wire wreath frame in half, creating a crescent shape

STEP TWO: Gather small bunches of olive branches and overlay them down the wreath frame, securing them with wire. Move along the wreath frame with the branches all going in the same direction.

STEP THREE: Reverse the direction of your olive branch bundles for the last third of the wreath frame that you have left

STEP FOUR: Take a piece of silky ribbon and tie a bow around the empty spot where your branch stems meet.

STEP FIVE: Tie a long piece of twine to each end of the wreath frame for hanging.

I think this is one project I can actually pull off before Christmas Eve rolls around! For more innovative decorating ideas CLICK HERE.

wreath by putnam & putnam for the line

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  1. I love, love this look. And I may actually have most of the items on this list hanging around the house. Guess I should get to work!

  2. This is super simple and gorgeous! I love the asymmetry, and its rustic but elegant allure. Most of all love that it’s not a wreath!

  3. What a gorgeous wreath! I love the simplicity and asymmetry of it! As someone who is allergic to conifer trees, I normally cannot decorate for Christmas with real plants, but I never thought to use something like an olive branch instead! It’s rustic and beautiful, and I love decorating with live plants. Thank you for the inspiration!