If there are two things I can’t get enough of, it’s changing things up around our house and all things Italian. After living in Siena and traveling to Italy many times over the years, I’ve confirmed that Tuscany is my happy place. So I partnered with Clorox to give you a Tuscan-inspired guest bedroom refresh and a lovely afternoon with girlfriends that felt like we could have been in the Tuscan countryside.

Why, pray tell? Well, the new Clorox Scentiva collection is all about getting the most out of things in life. As I’m sure all you fellow parents know, anything we can do to save ourselves time AND simplify our ever-growing “to-do” list is a win. Every moment you save means more precious time to do the things you really love. That’s why this spring, Clorox has introduced Clorox Scentiva™ to keep your home smelling great and squeaky clean without a multi-step process. Their new Tuscan Lavender & Jasmine scent will transport your senses to straight to the Italian countryside. The scent was my inspiration for a quick guest bed refresh as we head into the summer hosting season.

As you may remember, this is what the guest bed looked like before.

Beautiful guest room on Apartment 34

And here’s what it looks like now!

How to add a touch of Tuscany to your home

I love the way Italian beds are made so simply. All you really need are some classic neutral linens and a rustic accent or two. Nothing fancy required. Just timeless, beautiful elements that make a bedroom a calming respite.

A touch of Tuscany at home on Apartment 34

My guest bed update started with toning the space down a bit. I replaced the oversized art over the bed with a classic convex mirror. An antique stool serves as a side table and a bouquet of lavender adds both a rustic element and a dash of life. I made the bed with vintage french linens from my favorite antique shop Elsie Green and a pom pom throw for a little texture. A quick clean and my guest room both looked and smelled great.

A touch of Tuscany at home on Apartment 34A touch of Tuscany at home on Apartment 34A touch of Tuscany at home on Apartment 34A touch of Tuscany at home on Apartment 34A touch of Tuscany at home on Apartment 34

While I’m the first to admit that the previous design was lovely, I appreciate the paired back, retreat-like feel of the room now. I want my guests to feel transported to a relaxing getaway when they stay with us – not inundated by the toddler terror zone they might encounter when the step out of the guest bedroom door.

With one less task on my to-do list, the only question left was how to best spend my free time! I decided to grab the opportunity to indulge in another favorite but rarely enjoyed activity – girl time. It’s so rare that I get an afternoon with mama friends. We’re usually too busy chasing tiny humans in opposite directions. But I was able to sneak away and enjoy a lovely Tuscan-inspired picnic on a beautiful afternoon with two of my faves – Emily of The Refined Woman and Taylor of Glitter Guide fame.

How to add a touch of Tuscany to your homeHow to add a touch of Tuscany to your homeHow to add a touch of Tuscany to your homeHow to add a touch of Tuscany to your homeHow to add a touch of Tuscany to your homeHow to add a touch of Tuscany to your home

Snuggling babies in the sunshine was an added bonus.

This spring Clorox wants to help you save time and get out and enjoy your favorite things. They’re offering Apartment 34 readers a $150 GIVEAWAY where one lucky winner will receive the latest line of Clorox® Scentiva products, a beautiful picnic basket for your own outing with friends or family and a $50 gift card to buy some new cooking supplies or attend a cooking class.


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A winner will be selected at 8AM PST on Monday, May 15 and announced here.


bedroom photography by ana kamin / picnic photography by jen kay



This post is in partnership with Clorox. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations that I’m excited about and that have kept apartment 34’s doors open

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  1. Really? Clorox scented cleaning spray? Is this something you use in your home around your baby? I don’t get it.

    1. Thanks for comment Kim. I appreciate your concern. Actually, this product doesn’t include bleach and is safe on most hard surfaces. And yes, I’ve used it more than once after major stomach bugs like Norovirus have hit our home and I needed a reliable disinfectant. It’s not my everyday cleaning method but necessary at times. And I actually don’t clean around my baby regardless of what product I’m using. I make sure he’s in another room or out of the house when we’re using cleaners. Agree with you that you can never be too careful.

  2. Extra time would be spent in nature or listening to others and if I felt ambitious- cooking something to share.

  3. I’d love to spend some extra time lounging in the sun and reading some great books!

  4. Dying to spend a little extra time out enjoying the many many wineries surrounding my home!

  5. I’d spend the extra time snoozing on a patch of green grass at my neighborhood park in the warm sun!

    1. I’d love to spend time outdoors gardening and catching some rayys in the sun while feeding the neighborhood bunnies and squirrels that hang out in our yard.

  6. Now that summer is quickly approaching, I would like to spend more time outside with family.

  7. I would love spending time with friends – shopping, eating and enjoying the weather together!

  8. I’d spend that extra time reading good books and spending time with friends!

  9. If I had some free time, I would love to go to the park and read a nice book.

  10. With extra time, I would love to cook with my kids.