As I begin to unearth from mountains of moving boxes, the only way to stay sane right now is to keep the vision of the final product in mind: turning our newly renovated house into our home. While I loved our San Francisco loft life, it was really more of a holding pattern. Buying this crazy old house was about creating a family home, a place for our son to grow up – a place that becomes a hub for family dinners, drinks with friends and holiday gatherings. No pressure!

But I’m excited to cultivate a considered home. This time it’s about the journey. It’s about creating an environment that reflects who we are now and creates a calming, welcoming environment that nourishes mind, body and soul. And that all starts with taking a measured approach to designing each space. To kick off that process, I’m continually banking inspirational home tours for ideas and this Australian stunner is one of my current favorites.

apt34 Australian home tour
apt34 Australian home tourapt34 Australian home tourapt34 Australian home tour

I think this table vignette might be one of the most pinned of all time. But I totally get why.

apt34 Australian home tourapt34 Australian home tourapt34 Australian home tour

Designed by Whiting Architects – this home is the perfect example of decorating with intention. The space features all white walls, but they’re anything but stark. They instead highlight the well placed artwork, wall decor and furniture pieces that are works of art in themselves. It’s getting me very excited to make strategic use of our all-white walls. It’s like curating a gallery.

apt34 Australian home tourapt34 Australian home tour

Despite this home’s muted color palette, the space doesn’t feel cold. Rather, the warm wood tones dotted throughout – the floors, bathroom vanities and side tables and kitchen table – add a homey feel. The pops of black in each space feel modern and cool. And I love the strategic use of my color du jour – dusty pink! I’m into the idea of taking a single color and sprinkling it through your home in unexpected places (and I’m now obsessing about what my color might be…).I’m also obsessed with the oversized tile in the bathroom, obviously! The Muuto knobs are another fun touch. I can’t wait to repurpose mine.

The house also feels decorated without being crowded. The secret to achieving this look is to layer without cluttering. Objects are considered, grouped together in tonal patterns and given space to breathe. Slubby linen bedding and cozy textiles add an additional layer of texture and a homey feel throughout the house. I love the dark moodiness of the bedroom. It’s inspiring me to find a dark bed coverlet and rug for our master to really anchor the space.

Once I get a few more boxes unpacked I’m going to be going moodboard crazy. I think this house is going to be a moodboard all on its own.

What do you think? Does this space inspire decorating ideas for you?

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images via whiting architects

What do you think?

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  1. great find, erin! i can see why you are inspired. it’s a true gem! thanks for sharing and happy pinning on your moodboard!