When looking at bathroom design, things can start to feel a little same same. Lots of marble. Check. Recently it’s been a lot of black hardware and vertical tile. A lot of vertical tile. And I get it. All of that always looks good. But then a stunning space flips all the current design trends on their head and it’s oh so good.

award-winning bathroom on apartment 34

This beautifully rosy bathroom is a quite the show stopper. In fact, it’s awarding winning. Its creator, Decus Interiors just won the Belle Coco Republic Interior Design Award for best bathroom design in Australia. It’s pretty easy to see why. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything quite like this.

Created for a client who wanted a stunning feminine yet bold retreat dedicated to the ritual of bathing. I think this room succeeds in spades.

The bath is clad in an incredible rosy-hued onyx slab. The movement and texture in that stone is insanely good. It is simply show-stopping. The concrete floor was tinted a matte pink to match.

award-winning bathroom on apartment 34award-winning bathroom on apartment 34

Staying true to the color scheme, all of the fixtures are rose gold – even the base of the unique sink. Things were kept from getting too overtly girly by painting the walls a light gray and adding the subtle pops of black – the art piece, the wall sconce. It’s hard to tell, it appears it’s an Apparatus Studio trapeze sconce (or something very similar). I also love the unique somewhat organic shape steel encased mirror.

Because this room is only for taking baths (must be nice) there’s no need for excessive storage. Hence the ability to create a single shelf along the backsplash for flowers and a few bath accoutrements.

award-winning bathroom on apartment 34

This amazing little space is impressive for its simplicity as much as it for its striking impact. Would I want to take a bath in a predominantly pinks space all the time? I’m not so sure. But it is so refreshing to see something completely out of the ordinary.

Are you feeling this trend-bucking bathroom?

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design by decus interiors / photography by felix forrest

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  1. That marble slab must have cost a fortune.
    It’s beautiful and different and simple, but all I can think of is how to clean in the narrow spaces between the ends of the tub and the walls, and around the base of the bath faucet. Also, the hot/cold water knobs seem so far away. I like the ones you can turn with your toes to add a little more hot water.

  2. I love the fact that they have a bathtub. A gorgeous one to be precise. I’m tired of all those bathrooms with shower cabins. If you have the place, don’t swap the bathtub for a shower cabin. The marble looks magnificent.

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