When we decided to write about fiddle leaf fig trees in early 2013 we actually thought we were at the end of the train. They were everywhere and surely on their way to be a passing trend. Little did we anticipate that they would still be going strong to this day and result in this post being one of the most popular of the year! 

If you’ve had your eyes on Pinterest lately, you have come across the popular Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. The tree is everywhere and has been in rooms featured in Lonny, Elle Decor, and Rue Magazine. Not to mention, it has found a happy place in homes of the likes of Jonathan Adler and Emily Henderson. It’s official- this tree has hit au courant status making it the first subject of the newest Apartment 34 Feature, This is Very Pinteresting! 

The fycus lyrata, or Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree {named after its large, leathery leaves resembling the shape of a fiddle!} is native to West Africa where it can grow up to 40 feet tall. Loved for its height and the sculptural element it brings to a room, it makes for a perfect indoor plant, especially if you have an empty corner to fill! Let’s take a closer look into the tree that’s stealing everyone’s little design heart.

fiddle-leaf-fig-treefig treeSome things you should know before buying a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree: 

~ There are two varieties of the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. The column variety is the tree looking plant, with a bare trunk and leaves starting at about half way up the trunk. The bush variety is smaller {perfect for side tables and night stands!} and the leaves start at the base of the trunk.

~ You can find a plant measuring about 15” at your local gardening store for around $15. I recently bought a five foot Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree at a flower mart closed to designers, but open to the public during certain hours, for only $35! Anything over 5 feet, expect to pay at least $100.

Some things you should know to keep your tree green and healthy:

~ The number one mistake people make is overwatering a plant. Water your Fiddle Fig Tree about every 10 days. A good tip is to measure how many cups of water it takes until the water seeps through the bottom of the pot. That way, you know exactly how much water is enough to soak the bottom of the roots- because another mistake people make is not watering the plant enough. {My tree, in a 9 inch pot, drinks 7 cups of water every 10 days!}

~ The plant needs an abundant amount of sun. So, keep it in the sunniest spot of your room. {It will eventually lean towards the sun, so remember to turn the plant every couple of months to ensure an even growing tree!}

~ Since it’s an indoor plant, dust will collect on the leaves, attracting bugs and creating a barrier between the leaves and the sun. “Wash” the leaves with water and a soft towel every two months to ensure the best sun absorption.

What do you guys think? I’ve certainly fallen for the obsession, and I have to say, the Fiddle Fig Tree brings a life and a height to my kitchen that I love!

Will you be testing your green thumb and introducing this beauty into your home?

 image 1 via here // 2 via here // 3 via elle decor // 4 via here // 5 via kirra jamison on sfgirlbybay // 6 via manhattan nest

What do you think?

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  1. How have I been out of the loop on this tree?! Thanks for the figspiration, now I want to explore what other less common plants are in the design spotlight!

  2. A tip / secret for those of you on the hunt for a fiddle leaf – Ikea sells them in store / online, in store it is really hit or miss if they have in stock, if you are not in CA you are able to ship it to yourself, they are $12.99 for a nice sized tree – http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/30239892/?query=lyrata

    I have also found them at Home Depot here in Northern CA for as little as $7!! Most Home Depot employees don’t know what they are when you ask them if they have, they are typically kept with the indoor plants near the palms. Worth a try to save some major money, every nursery I tried they were a FORTUNE