The first week of September slipped right through our hands and we didn’t get a chance to share the blogs that inspired us most this past month! It’s crazy to think that we still read blogs – with schedules all over the place and the internet saturated so heavily with good reads. But we do! We actually make a point to spend a half day jumping around the blog world every week, checking out what our fellow bloggers are putting their creative fingers on. The following blogs left us particularly inspired of late!


The Locals is a street style blog based out of Denmark and is home to some of the most epicly stylish locals, but it also features some of the world’s biggest cities and their fashionistas strutting their stuff on the pavement. Soren, the man behind the lens, travels to style meccas like New York and Milan and shares what he sees – inspiring people, no matter what they do, no matter what labels (or not) that they’re wearing.


Sojorner isn’t a blog, but a tumblr – because tumblrs need love too! Its pages are filled with gorgeous interiors. Think rooms layered and layered with treasures and distressed wood tones, found pieces and so much texture one can hardly keep their hands from jumping through the screen. If you’re looking for some interesting interiors sure to get you out of a design funk, this is your ticket.


Living Joy may just be our newest obsession because it’s the blog of our very own food contributor, Zoe! Zoe’s work was brought to our attention and at attention we stood! Her stunning food styling and scrumptious recipe creations left us hungry for more. We’d love for you to hop on over to her blog and give her a warm welcome to the team!


Miluccia is a fun design focused French blog. Similar to sites like Milk and Trendland (some of our mainstay faves!), it highlights the newest trends in the art and design industry as well as awesome international home tours of artists and designers. Things are always a little outside of the box and that’s why we love it!

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  1. Oh, I love the Locals & Sojorner, lots of good inspiration and eye candy. Will definitely have to check out the rest! Thanks for the roundup!

  2. Can’t wait to take a look at these blogs! They look beautiful & oh so inspiring!