October was one of those months that barely gave us a chance to breathe. We took on a ton of exciting projects {can’t wait to share!}, new clients {yay!} and booked at least one photo shoot a week {phew!}. As we look back on the weeks that are sadly now a blur, we can say that we are thankful for these awesome blogs that never let us gas out on inspiration and always kept our creativity tank full!


If you aren’t already, you will fall in love with Bluebird Vintage. The story starts with a girl named James and a boy named Aubrey in Tennessee. Together, they have the most adorable children ever: Julian, Mila Plum, Birdie and Sailor and well, we’ll let you read the rest!

Why we love it: Besides the incredibly cute and witty weekly portraits of the kids, James puts together awesome style posts including wearable date night ready outfits. Plus, she has this amazing gift of telling stories about her life that will surely have you hooked!


Veda House is a blog you go to when you’ve hit the wall and need some creative inspiration. Cassie, the brains behind the brand, has created a haven of beautifully designed posts, amazing styling and simple, clean graphics that will leave you recharged ready to explore your own creativity.

Why we love it: We’re obsessed with her mood boards and the fact that she shares her creative process so openly. She often writes about lessons learned and mixes in her dedication to mentoring with her love of beautiful things!


Having plenty of international blogs in your blog roll is the key to finding uncommon gems and inspiration. Fjellby is a Nordic must. With good design as it’s main focus, there is always something new and exciting to uncover.

Why we love it: Pretty packages, new finds in the design world, awesome wood work and amazing furniture. It’s all here. Need that one item in your roundup that is sure to leave people wondering where it’s from? This is where to go!


Lucy Laucht is a gorgeous site filled with all of your girly obsessions. Based out of New York, you’ll indulge in following Lucy, social media guru for J.Crew, through restaurants, daily outfits and beautifully composed images.

Why we love it: We’ve followed Lucy’s adventures for years. She often only posts one image and that’s all she needs to convey the beauty around her. Eagle eye views of outfits, a killer Instagram and pretty filters are just a few reasons why we love this blog!


Sweet Thing Blog is the home of LA photographer extraordinaire, Jessie Webster. She share her latest whereabouts through her to-die-for Instagrams and photos as well as puts together fun fashion roundups- an uncommon column on photography focused site.

Why we love it: This girl’s shoots are always so fun to follow. Whether it’s a magical vacation, new collaboration or restaurant she’s covering, everything gets added to the “must do” list!

Oh, this month’s roundup is SO good, if we do say so ourselves. I’m constantly finding escape thanks to these ladies. Now that we’ve spilled our best of the blogosphere secrets, it’s your turn! What is that one treasured blog that you can’t get enough of? Please share!

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