If you don’t already know Justina Blakeney and her virtual domicile, The Jungalow then you have to be living under a blogging rock. From the moment Justina came onto the scene she’s infused blogland with color, energy, humor, skill and all around badassness that’s impossible to ignore. She’s long been one of my favorites, not just because of her great eye {her Instagram is ridic}, crazy design skills {this tabletop – hello!} and always killer content, but also because Justina felt like a kindred spirit from day one – despite our styles being totally different! And just as I’d hoped when I first met Justina in person, her online aura totally manifests in real life. That doesn’t always happen in blogland ya’ know.

So I couldn’t be more excited that Miss B is debuting her most exciting project to date – her very own home decor book – The New Bohemians: Cool and Collected Homes.


Her stunning tome of 20 jungalow-wothry interiors embodies Justina’s color-saturated, plant filled, eclectic, creative style to a tee – and I’m thrilled to get to share a little sneak peek with you. The book features the homes of fabulous creatives ranging from designer Erica Tanov to some of Justina’s own family – and of course it also includes her own stunning bungalow! The pages are truly brimming with life and all kinds of “woah, I never thought of that!” decorating inspiration.

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Example upon example of dreamy textile combinations has me inspired to layer a bit more texture into my usually minimalist style. I’m already thinking of ways to implement the “Rugger”–a rug used as a table runner–duh.

The New Bohemians also offers a ton of tips and tricks to help you create special personal touches throughout your space. Each home tour features “Ideas to Adopt” and simple DIYs that feel entirely accessible and add much-desired personality to any room. If you’ve ever wanted to work on your fear of color {{like me!} or your reluctance to let your wild side peek through – Justina offers the perfect inspiration to step outside your decor comfort zone.

A huge congratulations to my dear friend Justina! And for more sneak peeks check out the rest of the New Bohemian Book Tour happening across many of our favorite blogs right now! Or simply grab your copy of the book right here!

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  1. this book kind of feels like a poor man’s Bohemian Modern by Barbara Bestor…