Move over fiddle leaf fig. There’s new cool kid in town and it’s a little prickly! Cactus are quickly becoming the house plant du jour and I’m on board (yes, even with having a one year old – when something hurts they learn quickly!).

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I’m a big fan of any plant that looks super cool and sculptural and is really really hard to kill. I thought airplants would be easy. I was wrong. Cactus can live indoors or out. They can be tiny and displayed in multiples on a shelf, in your kitchen or bathroom. Or you can go big, buy a massive one and park it in a huge pot. Etsy is full of good pot options.

Cacti also come in a variety of shades and textures. You can really play with the visual you want. Some even flower – a lot! While I’m still trying to figure out both the layout and the light situation in our new house I think a cactus (or seven) will tide me over until I can go house plant crazy. If you’re into this idea as much as I am then you’ll love this entire blog devoted to cacti.

What do you think? Have you cultivated cacti in your home? Are you a fan??

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What do you think?

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  1. This definitely inspires me to put some cacti in my home, and the planters are on point!

  2. I had a cacti for 13 years. Was sad when it died from over watering. Can’t wait to get more. Love the ones you have. Good growing

  3. In the right space they definitely make a great statement. Wish my house had better lighting for plants in the kid-free zones!
    Also, Cacti is misspelled in the title. 😉

  4. Why do I want to put cacti all over my house? I’m obsessed.

  5. I LOVE the look of cactus! I am a huge plant person and recently moved in with my boyfriend and his cat. Unfortunately, his cat eats EVERYTHING and is killing all of my beautiful plants. 🙁 I’ve tried everything from essential oils, to sticky tape, to hot sauce and nothing will stop her. BUT I think cactus pricks will probably be a good enough deterrent!

    1. where did you buy some of your planters? I’m struggling to find a good place