I was blown away when I came across this stunning home in Melbourne designed by Aussie interior design firm, Hecker Guthrie. They have created a simply decorated space, with each piece carefully picked to serve a clear purpose and create a highly focus aesthetic. The home is neutral and minimal yet still manages to have so much character and life to it! It is the ultimate example of spot on back-to-basics design.


My heart skips a beat every time I look at the deeply veined white marble in that kitchen. I love the thickness of the piece and how it wraps around to the floor with the white framing creating so much interest. I’m dying over the minimal iron and leather stools that compliment the white so well. And I love the idea of styling a floor to ceiling glass cabinet with live plants. It’s such an organic and lively feature that breaks up all of the hard edges and industrial feel, bringing life {literally} into the kitchen!


In the living space, your eye seamlessly transitions from the eating area to the outdoors that have been landscaped to perfection. Since the room is full of organic and natural colors and textures, it feels like the outside is just one big extension of the inside, or vice versa. The shape of the windows that carry up overhead make you feel like you’re dining in a glorious greenhouse!


Again with the marble! I love when homes have a continuous theme, whether that be color palette or use of materials that are repeated throughout the rooms. In the bathroom, we see a black pendant similar to the one in the bar area and a black faucet mimicking the one in the kitchen. The small design choices don’t go unnoticed: the painting in the place where a mirror would traditionally hang? Brilliant.


Isn’t this home just delicious? There isn’t a lot of distraction, yet your eye keeps bouncing from one beautiful thing to another. So much so, that I’m wondering if I missed something! I can’t get over that marble island.

What was your favorite design element?

images via Hecker Guthrie // photography by Armelle Habib

What do you think?

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  1. While I do love me some color, these days I just love a good b&w scheme and this is one of ’em. Clean and defined but I can still see working up something in that kitchen and the two of us sitting at that table talking about what fabulous shoes you’re wearing and how I need to call the gardener. That is always good design for me – when you imagine yourself moving through the space. Anyway, yeah, love it!

    1. Lol that sounds fabulous!! Add a giant cup of coffee and it sounds like my ideal weekend afternoon!

  2. I love the bay windows around the table. You get the contrast of the black and white interior of the house with the natural colors of the outdoors.

  3. I love this home, but couldn’t help but LOL at the chairs that were used for the table. My parents have so many of those kicking around, thrown in random rooms, circa 1980. My dad was happy to see that his pack rat nature could potentially be “in.”

  4. Any chance of finding out where the sink came from? I’ve been looking for one exactly like it for ages now. Kohler makes a double utility sink like this, but I need a single! Anyone know?? Thanks in advance. 😀 Gorgeous home, beautiful pics. Just lovely.

    1. I am looking for a single faucet sink like this!! Did you ever find out where it was from??

        1. I believe it is the Ottocento sink from Italian firm Agape.

  5. Do you know what sink is the black and white wall mounted one? Thanks

  6. That open space with windows where the dining area is, is the most wonderful spot of the home. So open, bright, so uplifting, lovely!