I don’t know what it is lately but I have been so drawn to green details lately. From little pops of mint to luscious tabletops to yummy chairs and bright green walls. This apartment, home to graphic designer Tanja Vibe had me at hello as soon as I laid eyes on that mismatched forest green dining chair.


Obviously, there is excess fabulousity in this apartment. I can’t tell which pendants I adore more, the brass one in the kitchen or the copper Tom Dixons over the dining table! Either way, I love that Vibe wasn’t afraid to mix metals as they both glow beautifully against the neutral color palette.


I am also completely smitten over this shoe storage. It’s clean, simple and I love how gender neutral it is. It’s a beautiful alternative to an entryway closet or console. Bags are hung on knobs, shoes tucked away and keys stashed. To have glass cabinets on top and open shelves on the bottom is a gorgeous visual design choice. And there it is again, of course, that green chair positioned for sitting and taking off shoes {did you spot the green headphones and shoes too?!}


Homes that have a cohesive color scheme throughout are my absolute favorite. It keeps you wanting more, wondering what surprises the next room has in store. Where will the pop of green be this time? It’s calming yet bursting with personality. Green is officially on my radar for the loft! Now, to figure out where to put it… Any ideas??

photography by Line Klein // images via The Klein for Elle Decoration UK

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  1. I love the shoe storage, where did you purchase it? I’d like to get something like that!

  2. I love velvet green and/or plants with any design. The colors itself looks wonderful