It doesn’t get much better than a dream bedroom, right? In your fantasies your bedroom is like that super chic hotel suite you lust over. Fluffed pillows, beautiful lighting, and that perfect accessory or two. No huge piles of clothes, mountains of unfinished work or an unmade bed in sight. While the fantasy may be hard to achieve I know if anyone could do it it would be Gabrielle Savoie of Savvy Home fame. This girl is legit. If you don’t already go to her blog daily, start now. The inspiration is constant. If anyone was going to have a genius idea for our master bedroom, it was going to be Gabrielle! The fact that she coincidently got inspiration from my favorite NYC hotel?? I think this room and I were destined for eachother! 

When Erin reached out to me to help her design her master bedroom, I thought I was having a weird Freaky Friday type dream where the universe was upside down and we had switched bodies for a day. Erin Hiemstra of Apartment 34, who I’ve been a fan of for years, wants design advice from me!? Well it’s now been a month since our first email exchange and I still haven’t woken up so I’m going to assume it wasn’t a dream and get designing.




I started Erin’s bedroom design the way I start all my client’s: with a lot of stalking inspiration gathering. I scoured Erin’s blog, Tumblr and Pinterest (and my own) and pinned, pinned, pinned. The funny thing that happens when you start looking at a large number of inspirational images, is that you start seeing common threads. In this case: a monochrome palette, black mid-century light fixtures, moroccan beni ourain rugs, warm wood tones, washed linen bedding, wall hanging baskets and just a hint of dusty pink.


The room needed to be minimal and masculine but also inviting and warm. It needed to be light and serene. I wanted to include a touch of pink, but in a masculine way. The TRNK NYC leather sling chair had a subtle desert sand tone so it was perfect. I also knew I wanted to include some hanging baskets as wall decor.

For the ceiling fixture, I was inspired by the lighting in the lobby of the Marlton Hotel in NYC. I dined there last week and couldn’t keep my eyes off the contrast between the stark mid-century fixtures, and the overly ornate ceiling roses (common in Victorian houses).

The design came together organically, by adding and subtracting elements until it felt just right. I designed until I could look back and forth between the Pinterest inspiration and the design board and think: yep, all the elements are there, it looks good and it reflects Erin’s style! And that’s how it’s done folks.


  1. > Serena & Lily Harbour Cane Bed
  2. > ParkStudioLA Cotati Chandelier
  3. > Abu Baskets
  4. > Silas Bedside Tables
  5. > Injiri Khadi Cushions
  6. > Espresso Zig Zag Bed Cover
  7. > Oak and Leather Sling Chair
  8. Matteo Vintage Linen Bedding
  9. Marks Sideboard
  10. Alber Rug

Image 1 via My Domaine // 2 via Amber Interiors // 3 via The Style Files

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  1. This room is beautiful. I love how the black mid-century light fixtures look and add contrast to the room.