Now that the season has turned, have you started looking for ways to update your house for fall?! I thought so (don’t worry, me too). Starting with a bookshelf is a no brainer. They’re the perfect place to express your personality – and you can continually switch them up depending on your mood – all in really affordable ways. But perfecting them does take a little time. Maybe you’re working to build a library or perhaps you’re compiling a collection of curated objects. A couple of weeks ago I partnered with Overstock to share how you can amp up your bookcase (and many other parts of your house) with plants, but what about everything else you need to really make your shelves stand out? Keep scrolling for a few styling tips and you’ll have the perfect #shelfie in no time.

how to style the perfect shelfie on Apartment 34

Find Your Vibe. Do you love tons of color? Do you gravitate toward an eclectic look? Are you a minimalist?  To keep you shelfie in check, figure out your style and then commit to it 100%. I went for a light, bright and paired back look above. I was in an open and airy mood all summer, but check out my inspiration for a more layered look in a black color palette below. I’m totally feeling this approach for fall.

Layer It Up. To give your shelves depth and texture, it’s time to layer. Trays, stacks of books or a piece of leaning art serve as a good base. From there, you can add in a candle holder, a decorative bowl, a sculpture, a little lamp – and of course a houseplant or two. You want your eye to travel both back and forth and up and down as you move from shelf to shelf.

Leave Room to Breathe. To keep a shelfie from feeling overstuffed, group objects together in threes. Also vary the heights of the items in your grouping. You want each piece to speak to one another in some way, but if they’re all the same height they won’t stand out. And remember to leave a little white space. That way, people will admire your handiwork rather than wonder if you’re a hoarder.

While the above are good shelfie guidelines, I’m the first to admit there are no hard and fast rules. Simply keep your eye out for things you truly love and you’re already halfway there. Below are a dozen pieces from Overstock I’d certainly love to add to my shelves this season!

how to style the perfect shelfie on Apartment 34

shop the post: art // black leather tray // metal wire ball set // concrete light // marble bookends // stone vases // bowl // plant // statue // candlesticks // plant // sheepskin throw rug


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photography for apartment 34 by delbarr moradi

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