Open shelving has been all the rage in kitchen design for quite some time now. To the point of them being ubiquitous. Almost required in all kitchen design. Yes, I have opening shelving in my kitchen. But there’s a fresh, sophisticated and really really good looking storage solution cropping up in some kitchens I’ve spied of late and I’m really smitten. And kinda wishing I could have a kitchen design do-over.

I give you what I hope will become the hot new kitchen trend – enclosed glass shelving – my latest Idea to Steal.

idea to steal: enclosed glass shelving on apartment 34idea to steal: enclosed glass shelving on apartment 34

Enclosed glass shelving is a beautiful, tailored way to both store and display some of your kitchen pretties. While I know it can be really hard to keep a kitchen neat and tidy, putting a number of your items on display certainly offers an added incentive. You can simply create a typical cabinet with a glass front, like the image above, I’m particularly into using a different material like black steel. They are a lovely option and great if you aren’t redoing your kitchen. But if you’re starting from scratch, I’m really feeling the look of recessed, built-in cabinets like the images below.

Glass-fronted built-in cabinetry also offers a great incentive to make sure you only aquire beautifully designed kitchen tools, ceramics, glassware and serve ware – which often helps you support smaller makers and artisans. An added bonus in my book.

idea to steal: enclosed glass shelving on apartment 34idea to steal: enclosed glass shelving on apartment 34

Enclosed glass-front shelving also offers the opportunity to create a moment of contrast, texture and lovely visual interest in what otherwise can be a very utilitarian space. Final added bonus – when you enclose your kitchen pretties behind cabinet doors you stave off the dreaded layer of dust that assaults open shelves.

While my kitchen design is long been complete, I’m already plotting how I might do the next.

What do you think? Are you feeling this look?

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What do you think?

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  1. These are absolutely gorgeous and I want them all over my life.


  3. I love it. Where can I find shelving like this?

  4. Please please tell me where you found the black metal and glass upper cabinets ??? I am in The middle of a Reno right now and need to make a decision on cabinets tomorrow.

    1. I know Crate and Barrel and France & Sons and Amber Interiors have some good options

  5. I love love and actually had this already designed into a project im working on for a friends estate type home. She wants to modernize and lighten up but loves rustic and metal also. Being from South Dakota, i am not sure where to source these. Do you provide them?
    I have long been “retired’ but will come out of the woodword for friends. Your designs are billiant!