Hey friends. So it’s October. OCTOBER. Feel weird to you too? I mean, where the heck did the first three quarters of 2017 go?? The world also seems to be insane right now. INSANE. Sadly, that no longer feels so weird. I haven’t gotten a chance to recap my recent trip to Kauai – both in terms of the amazing travel discoveries I made, nor in terms of the personal revelations that a week of being fully unplugged brought. A post about both is coming forthwith, but in the meantime, I won’t lie. I also cope (while calling my member of congress for the umpteenth time this year) with a stiff drink in hand. You too? Thought so. That’s why I’ve gathered six fall cocktails that, like my mood, are a bit dark, but will get us through the next week at least.

six fall cocktails on apartment 34

‘Tis the time of year to drink bourbon. I’ve been slow to acquire a taste for it, even as it’s become the spirit de jour, but I’ve been sampling cocktails that can help bring my palette along. Thankfully, our Apple Spice Bourbon Flip from a few years back does that quite nicely. You can find the recipe right here.

six fall cocktails on apartment 34

Rosé and bourbon? You had me at hello. This Rose + Rosé Bourbon cocktail puts a lighter twist on a fall drink. And I love any cocktail that includes my go – wine. Adding it to my rotation stat. The recipe is here.

six fall cocktails on apartment 34

But if whiskey isn’t your thing, I get it. That’s why I snuck this Mango + Black Pepper Gin & Tonic in here for you. It’s herbal, it’s spicy, but still light. Sometimes we all need a little kick to keep going right? I think this cocktail will definitely give that to ya.

six fall cocktails on apartment 34

Our Pomegranate & Blackberry Lemon Drop looks dramatic and tastes even more so. It’s a one-two punch of sweet and sour that I particularly love. It also just looks broody and moody. Perfect this time of year. The full recipe is right here.

six fall cocktails on apartment 34

You can’t really go wrong with an Old Fashioned – they’re called classic cocktails for a reason – but I’m intrigued by my girl Cassandra’s additions of Walnut Liquor. A little nutty perhaps? (heehee). But damn good nonetheless. Do give this guy a try.

six fall cocktails on apartment 34

This pretty number mixes blood orange, lemon and whiskey into a delicious little citrusy mixture that is the ultimate combo of sweet, savory, acidic and bitter. Though I can’t quite tell if I’m describing a drink or my inner dialogue. Regardless, I’d gladly have one of these in my hand right now.

It can be hard to know what to do when so much feels beyond our control. But I firmly believe any positive action works to counteract the negative attempting to besiege us.

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cocktails in order of appearance: apartment 34 // hello glow // sprinkles and sprouts // apartment 34 // coco kelley // holly & flora

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