A new year means it’s the perfect time to give your place a little facelift, am I right?? With all the holiday decor put away, I’m seriously craving an infusion of something fresh. But as I started scanning for inspiration, I was truly surprised by what caught my eye! I’ve never met a beige, black or white space I didn’t like, but all of a sudden I’m loving – COLOR. Maybe brightening up my world a bit wouldn’t be so bad…


The pic above {of designer Diane Bergeron’s Melbourne home should you be interested in more}, is my inspiration. While the mix of multiple hues {red, purple, green, turquoise – oh my!} is a little too over the top and truthfully just too dang feminine for me, the room still draws me in. That’s why I really love the gorgeous apartment below. It showcases how a hit of a signature color can make a major impact. Even an obsessive neutrals devotee such as myself {more proof here!}, might benefit from stretching the color comfort zone a bit.

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The secret to this apartment’s success? The foundation of this space is built on white – obviously a fabulous backdrop for color {can we say art gallery?!}. But I particularly love how all the major pieces remain neutral – a creamy white couch, a natural cane chair, gold accented tables and lamps – even black and white art keep the the rooms anchored. I’d be happy with just those details! But I’m loving the burst of energy and life provided by the deep grass green peppered throughout the space. Be it in accent pillows or a really bold shower curtain, the burst of color feels strong and modern. The other great thing? When you stick to adding color through your accessories, they’re easily interchangeable!

While I doubt I’ll be overhauling the loft in a whole new palette, I’m now thinking about what I can do in the new house to inject some unexpected bursts of color here and there. Curtains perhaps? How about painting a mirror frame. A pendent light? Or maybe I’ll get extra bold and get a big ole bright rug…I feel a new pinning spree coming on!!

But what about you? Are you a color-fan or a color-phobe? Is there a hue you’d add to your house right now? Would love some additional ideas!

image 1 via elecchic // images 2-4 via http://objekt.fastighetsbyran.se/

What do you think?

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  1. Also, the individual prints in the images you’ve chosen have white backgrounds.

  2. I am a neutralist by nature but have been hit with the color bug this year too!! I am loving all of the pops of color against neutral canvases 🙂

  3. I love my aunt & uncles house; white with silver & orange accents. I’m really loving yellows & turquoise right now though.


  4. Lovely spaces! I actually have the chair from image #2 and would love it if you have anymore info on it (I actually found it on the side of the road!) the link didn’t really lead to much (and isn’t in English! Lol)


  5. Love what you’re thinking! I’m such a big fan of color, but I like it in little amounts against a simple and beautiful neutral background (such as white or gray). I hope we get to see some photos! Also you might be interested in one of the rugs from FeltBallRug.com, it’d be a great way to add a splash of color! http://www.feltballrug.com

  6. The color accents are looking fabulous! Its a great way to add some color for someone like me who is hesitant to paint an entire wall a bright color. Pillows is an easy and affordable way to bring some extra color to e bedroom. I will try this!