We’re doubling up on the gift guide action today! This year, rather than do the last minute gift scramble, I’m determined to get my shopping done early. As I hunt around, I’m amazed how many good things are already sold out! Seriously friends, I’d get to gifting this week if I were you. To help, I’m going to keep the gift guides a-comin.

This guide is for the art lovers out there. I realize art can be challenging to gift, but when you get it right, it can be spectacular. This probably isn’t the best prezi for your coworker, cousin or recent acquaintance, but if you have someone special that you’re looking to wow, art just might do the trick.


Access to good art is proliferating all the time. I can’t turn around without finding another great resource. From Tappan Collective to newly launched Twyla Art to some favorite shops that just have good taste (Consort Design and newly launched home goods site the Maryn). You now find quality prints at amazing prices. You can also still spend a pretty penny if you want to go all in.

When shopping for art for someone else, it’s good to keep three tings in mind. Their preferred color palettes, the general style of art they like (modern, abstract, realist, photography etc) and scale. As thoughtful as an oversized piece might be, not everyone can find a spot for a huge canvas in their space.

Don’t forget, you can also think outside of the wall art box! Ceramics are having a major moment and a handmade piece of pottery can be both functional and beautiful. In the gift guide below, I’ve rounded up a few art options that have recently caught my eye, but that I think also have universal appeal. I hope one of them might spark a gift idea for you.


1 This work of nature photography by Ukranian photographer Elena Lyakir takes the sometimes cliched staple to a new level by using layered photography techniques to create a moody, almost pattern-like effect.

2 By their uniform quality, you’d never guess that Gerhard Ceramics bud vases are each hand thrown on a pottery wheel. But believe it. I’ve seen the San Francisco artist work her magic with my own eyes and it is indeed magic. Her little vessels are gorgeous and the new matte black option has me obsessed. Lucky for artist Britt Gerhard thought ahead and created a convenient little gift pack of three – already boxed up and ready for you to give away.

3 I stumbled upon the work of Caroline Walls somewhere along the internet rabbit hole and I am loving her line drawings of figures. One would look fab in my bedroom but they’d work in any space The neutral colors are friendly to any style of decor.

4 If buying art feels a touch too intimidating, there are always art books! The newly released Art House by art aficionado and all-around style guru Alisa Carrol (who we profield here awhile back), chronicles the collaboration of a major art collector and her interior designer – think spaces and an epic art collection to oogle over for days.

5 Back to that ceramics idea. How about gifting something functional like these kick ass lamps by Marin artist Amanda Wright. Wright hand makes every single piece – down to every gold stud. Color me impressed. I’m very into the lamps’ rock and roll vibe.

6 I love an art piece with a black background – it’s just dramatic. And this chic floral print is both affordable and accessible. Anyone could easily work it into a collection.

7 Do you know the band Cold War Kids? Well you should, cuz they rock, but this piece is a cool abstract created by band member Matt Maust. An art fan or a music fan would appreciate this work.

8 I’m always a sucker for the abstract with interesting use of color and texture. This piece by artist Sylvia McEwan has a great use of color and balance. I’m into it and think someone else might be too.


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  1. Wonderful suggestions, but what stopped me in my tracks were those chairs! I had chairs like those when I lived in Africa. I traveled an hour to a desert town with the region’s biggest goat market, and saw those chairs. I bought two and brought them back with me–I was traveling by public transport, which was a beat-up Nissan pickup with benches in the covered back end. The chairs went on top and I went inside with 18 other people and several goats. But I loved those chairs for the years I was there and was sorry I couldn’t send them back to the U.S.
    I wonder who makes the ones shown?