After we got our feet wet with our first DIY {remember my office closet makeover?}, we knew there was no stopping us! Sure, I’m light years away from becoming a mini-Martha, but I’m currently having a lot more fun perusing the craft aisle now. And since I’m package obsessed {yes, I’ll buy that $8 chocolate bar because it has a cute label!}, I thought why not try a more modern take on gift wrapping this Christmas!

While there are great shimmery gift wrap options at the stores, sometimes they feel a bit repetitive, right? We wanted something unique. A present that involves a little bit more love to put together, but is totally worth it. So get a-goin’ to the craft store because this year, we’re color-blocking our gifts and you should too!


We wanted to pick a singular color palette that had a nod to traditional Christmas colors but felt a little more sophisticated and that could be used all year round. So, we picked green as our starting point in the paper aisle. We chose a rich forest green, added in a light minty-green and mixed in slate grey and black to add a touch of glamour. You’ll want a palette that will compliment your tree or decor {this palette is a great neutral one!} but have fun with it- Christmas no longer has to be red, grass green and white!


Once you choose your paper, all you’ll need is pretty ribbon options {we went for a thin gold wire, black and white twine and a thick green ribbon with a metallic border}, scissors and tape! The easiest way to achieve the color block look is by wrapping the gift 50/50- one side one color, the other side another. But you can get creative- try using three colors or our favorite: setting colors on a diagonal line!


Your friends will seriously be impressed with your gift wrapping skills this giving season if you present them with a present that looks this good. But just be careful because you know when a package is too pretty to rip open? Yeah…that might happen!

Happy wrapping!!

original photography for apartment 34 by Emily Scott | art direction and styling by apartment 34

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  1. I love this! This is precisely what I wanted but couldn’t put into words.