While I’m not hosting Thanksgiving this year (both relieved and slightly disappointed by that), I’m always banking ideas for beautiful Thanksgiving tables. I often vacillate between two distinct table setting styles; simple and minimal or an over the top maximal look. So this year I thought I’d see which style you’re feeling.

Thanksgiving Table Debate: Minimal or Maximal? Thanksgiving Table Debate: Minimal or Maximal? Thanksgiving Table Debate: Minimal or Maximal?

Let’s take our minimalist look first. A minimal Thanksgiving table does often attract me. I love the simplicity of a good linen tablecloth. A mix of vintage candlesticks, mix & match glassware and antique silver offer a timeless look. Maybe you’ll use some hearty ceramic dishware. The complete look can feel both collected but also rather modern.

When you keep your table simple your food will actually become the star of the show!

An added bonus of the minimal look? No need for a major centerpiece. Think simple branches, a collection of greenery or a small bundle of herbs set atop each plate. The name of the game here is sophsiticated ease.



Conversely, can also take your Thanksgiving table rather big. Think layers upon layer, large floral arrangements, and a cacophony of color, texture, and accessories. From candles galore to serving boards, chargers and salad plates – the more you pile in the marrier. This is also the opportunity to play with color. Whether you do dramatic black and gold tones or embrace blues, pinks, even aubergines, the maximal look certainly ups the initial wow factor.

I will admit that the maximalist Thanksgiving table feels more exuberant. But it can also be less refined. I particularly love this style for Friendsgiving or a large family gathering that you want to feel more relaxed, laissez-faire, but energized.

So what say you? Do you find yourself on Team Minimalist or Team Maximalist for this year’s Thanksgiving? Looking at all these options is making want to set a table just so I can share in the fun. Can you guess which style I’m leaning toward??

PS: Be sure to back tomorrow because I have a very fun Thanksgiving decor tutorial for you! I think it’ll help you off the style fence if you remain undecided.

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