Well – we made it through our first full work week of 2014 and this is how I feel about it. You??

My resolution is to keep 2014 at a steady, reasonably sane pace…Yup, already screwed. Case in point, I started a totally unofficial book club {aka excuse to get friends together, drink wine and not talk about work} and everyone can meet…in early March! At least it’s not just me. But oh well – you only live once right?! So come on 2014, bring it!

Thankfully, the week was also full of some great inspiration. I’ll admit it was fun to go dancing around the interwebs again. Here are some of the things that caught my eye that I thought might catch yours too.

Blair got coveteur’d and not surprisingly, it’s awesome.

~ These Instagram accounts make me miss Seattle.

~ These crazy cool images from 2013 make me a little worried about climate change.

~ This styling idea just cracked me up.

~ And have you been following Justina’s crazy cool styling series on Instagram because it is the

~ If you’ve ever wanted to find the perfect piece of furniture this new series has your hook up.

~ And in my next life I would like to live here.

~ I totally agree with this must-have list.

~ And these seven habits of stylish people totally reinforces my buy less, buy better mantra for 2014.

There are a number of things you may have already missed around here too {no rest for the weary, right?!}:

~ We’re redesigning our office this month, having a SALE & you’re invited.

~ If you want to know how to become a “blogger,” I shared a bit of my crazy career journey with the Career Contessa.

~ I shared one of my favorite new decor trends for 2014 with 55 Downing Street.

~ We also welcomed our newest sponsor – the sweet boutique Vinnue. Highly recommend you give them a browse!

image via the greatest tumblr I’ve ever found

What do you think?

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  1. Small world! I went to UCSB too at one point and studied political science. And I agree west coast is superior! 😉