If weeks flew by quickly before there was a tiny human in our world, they’re definitely on warp speed now. I know I’ve said it {repeatedly} before, but now more than ever I want to invest in my weekends as pure unadulterated time to unwind, unplug and soak up long coffees, long walks, long lunches and loads of baby snuggles. Sure I may have to throw a hunt for the perfect chandelier in there as things at the house are really starting to accelerate. But even that I’m going to try to do at a leisurely pace. Because I’m convinced that if I slow myself down, the rest of the world will slow down with me. Care to join in??

If you will be clicking around the interwebs this weekend, we highly recommend you click on these links!

This project is seriously cool.

> This is on our weekend menu.

> This apartment made me swoon.

> A big hooray for the biggest news on the internet this week!

> Check this out. Print your own patterns and place them on anything!

> If you’ve ever wanted to go to Tokyo, here’s this.

> We’re obsessing over the look of everything from here.

> We made a little guest appearance on Martha’s site this week. Yes THAT Martha.

And if you’ve fallen behind on all things Apartment 34 catch up RIGHT HERE

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  1. weekends/ relaxation time are so necessary! It’s so difficult to be productive and creative without spending time at leisurely pace. Sounds like you have a good weekend ahead of you, enjoy! 🙂