Well, despite my continued state of denial, this baby train is really starting to pick up speed. From our babymoon to finally starting to focus on baby-inspired decor, now it’s already time for my baby shower! This weekend I’m headed to Seattle to fete with my closet friends and family – and thankfully my girl Cassandra agreed to helm the entire operation. I’m so excited to see how she made our “fly me to the moon” mood board {above!} come to life. I have a very strong feeling the instragrammable moments are going to be epic!

Whether you’re headed on an adventure or simply plan to hunker down for a couple days of R&R I hope you have a great weekend!

> Since I’m going to want need add a new piece or two to the loft with all this rearranging for baby, I’d gladly throw this cute little stool into the mix! It’s made out of 100% Argentinean super yummy saddle leather and crafted to perfection by hand in Buenos Aires. Did I ever mention that BA is one of my all time favorite cities? This stylish beauty is sooooo finding a way into my home!!

> If you are in the market for new furniture, this is a must read. Emily breaks down her fave sofas doing all of the hard work of searching millions of websites for you, and all of them are surprisingly affordable while still being aesthetically fabulous. I’m bookmarking this really great resource for when we start sofa shopping for the house!

> With happy hour out the picture, I’m loving this list of 30 restaurants where women are either the head chef or owner. From Sqirl in LA to Tosca in SF and Maurice in Portland, these ladies are throwing it down in the kitchen. We’re making our must-visit eats list and you should too. Also, why not call the shots this Valentine’s day and book a reservation at one of these hot spots?!

> And since obsessing about food is the primary hobby for all pregnant women,this hilariously funny article is for all you health nuts, wannabe health nuts, dietitians, healthy food dabblers out there. Sarah, already a clean and healthy eater by nature, talks about everything she’s learned about food consumption and changing her eating habits over the years. You’ll get quite the kick out of it!

> If you had a rough day this week, this perspective and insight from Megan is powerful. Begin to shape tomorrow out of the time you have today and always remember that “today is not tomorrow.” We’re going to start the weekend fresh with a smile on our face. Thanks, Megan!

> Need a weekend project? We’re kind of ob-sessed with this DIY headboard! It blends art and design. It’s clean and modern. Masculine and feminine. With your favorite art print and plywood, you have a piece that’ll make the perfect impact in your bedroom!

collage via coco + kelley

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