It’s amazing how quickly summer goes. At the first of June, the season seems to stretch out like a vast horizon far, the end seaming unreachable in the distance. But the next thing you know, there’s only two weekends left in August! It gets me every year. So I’m rushing off to soak in as much sun, fun and unplugged time as I can fit in before September’s mad dash returns (and I depart for Italy – yelp!).

But I have made sure to take a break from watching the Olympics (I’m obsessed – is it just me? I just love watching it all – volleyball, synchronized swimming, weight lifting, track…I’m going to be so sad when it’s over. But anywhoo.) I have discovered a bevy of fab things online to check out this week. Without further ado

> A bunch of the mamas from our Real Mom Series discussed comparison – a very relevant topic regardless if you have kids or not.

> How many cocktails can you cram in before season’s end? Coco-kelley is making it easy

> I’d also like to eat this, and this and this

> And indulge in this

> I’m having a love affair with all things ceramic, but this gal is particularly talented

> One of my favorite online children’s boutiques, Bitte, is celebrating its first anniversary and offering 15% off to celebrate! Just enter the code HAPPYBIRTHDAY15 at checkout

> Mini dream come true – Domino Magazine included Apt34 in their round up of must-follow design focused Instagrams!

And I actually hadn’t mentioned here some of the most exciting news of the month: Apt34 has been named one of six finalists for a SAVEUR Magazine 2016 blog award!

The winner of Best Style & Design Blog will be selected by the public – and I would so appreciate your vote. You can cast your vote RIGHT HERE (and you can vote daily!).

Now I’m off to break out the rosé before the summer season is gone!


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  1. Enjoy a fun and relaxing weekend. Congratulations on the accolades. You deserve it