If there’s one thing I love, it’s a good industrial loft (did you follow our loft life from what feels like years ago??). But this loft in Soho (hello, second dream realized), designed by Tina Rich, combines classic downtown industrials details with a light, airy, dare I say California vibe.

home tour: stunning soho lofthome tour: stunning soho loft

Case in point, the epic kitchen. You might not immediately think you can combine exposed brick and rustic beams with bleached oak and a lovely light marble, but somehow it just works. The light tones brighten the space and neutralize any overly red moments in the exposed brick. A killer ceramics collection, including the season’s must-have fruit bowl, add more warmth and eclecticism.

home tour: stunning soho lofthome tour: stunning soho loft

The balance of warm and industrial continue to mix as you move into the seating area. A relaxed all-white chaise sofa feels incredibly laid back. Tones of blush, cream and natural materials soften things further. Sadly I don’t know the source of that amazing travertine and wood coffee table, but I’m determined to track it down!

home tour: stunning soho lofthome tour: stunning soho loft

The use of light oak carries into the dining area, where one of my favorite Apparatus Studio chandeliers (also seen in this stunning Hamptons home here) sits above a simple farmer’s style table. The pastel hues in the oversized art continue the softer color palette. I also spy vases by my new favorite ceramicist Simone Bodmer-Turner.

home tour: stunning soho loft

If you’ve read for awhile you know I have a love affair with steel and glass doors. They’re used here to create a lovely guest bedroom that can be flooded with natural light when the velvet curtains (in that yummy safe hue) are open. It also is the perfect incentive to make your bed.

home tour: stunning soho lofthome tour: stunning soho lofthome tour: stunning soho loft

When you have a jewel box of a bathroom to play with, you want to make every choice count. This bathroom does that perfectly. Tina mixed industrial materials to great effect. Concrete was used to create a built-in niche featuring steel shelves. Yet the floor and wall tile have softer textures that evokes textiles. The open sink helps the small space feel bigger. I also love using beautiful decorative objects in a bathroom. They help connect the design to the entire house.

home tour: stunning soho loft

I wouldn’t except these soft lines and natural materials in an urban loft but they work oh so well. And I spy one of my favorite discoveries from my recent travels in Scandinavia, the No.2 hanging lamp wall light by Valerie Objects.

home tour: stunning soho loft

In the master, clean lines but soft textures like an upholstered headboard makes this a room you just want to collapse into. With space at a premium in NYC, the wall-mounted side tables are a genius solution, while the leather hammocks hanging below offer a unique way to hold nighttime reading materials.

I don’t think I’d ever describe New York as relaxing, but I’d gladly take respite from the city that never sleeps in this beautiful space.

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design by Tina Rich, photography by christian torres

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