We’re kicking off the week with another update on the house. Things with the renovation are continuing to progress quite nicely. The walls are actually primed and ready for the finishes to start coming in. That means I’ve got some serious decision making to do. Right now, lighting is on the top of my mind. Light fixtures are the jewels you add to every room. They are often what give a space its personality. And so I won’t lie; selecting lighting is stressing me out!  You don’t want your choices to be like a bad pair of boots – something you regret for seasons to come. And with no less than eight – yes I just said 8 – chandeliers to select, I’ve got my work cut out for me.

My goal is to strike the delicate balance between a statement-making fixture and something that’ll feel timeless for years {and years!} to come. I’ve turned to a lot of Parisian apartments and remodels of NYC brownstones as my inspiration. They always feature amazing Victorian details like crown molding, ceiling medallions and ornate fireplaces with modern fixtures. This is exactly the type of look I’m gong for.

The key? Finding pieces that fit together – kind of like a family does. Sure everyone looks a little different, but like siblings, you just want them all to get along nicely.


From the dining room to the kitchen, entryway and bedrooms {master, guest and nursery}, I’ve got the opportunity to really mix and match styles, genres and looks as you move throughout the house. Thankfully, YLighting has a litany of choices all in one place. I’ve slowly but surely been whittling down options to create my short list of fixtures that might make the final cute. Here are my current top contenders.


> 1. Mini Mikado Chandelier
> 2. Brass Diamond Pendant
> 3. Orb Pendant Light
> 4. Brass FLOS Pendant
> 5. Tom Dixon Beat Light
> 6. Glass Globe Pendant Light
> 7. Black Pendant Light
> 8. Menu Franklin Chandelier

I see the large black pendant setting a striking scene in the dining room. The Orb Pendant light could be fantastic as a major statement in the kitchen. The brass Flos pendant might be exatly what I need over my free standing tub in the master bathroom. And how crazy cool would the Mini Mikado Chandelier look in our entry? I’m still doing some hemming and hahing so I would love your thoughts! Have you ever picked lighting for an entire home? How did you go about it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. And of course I’ll be sure to share what makes the final cut.

What do you think?

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  1. Currently and *always* obsessed with lighting fixtures – oh my! LOVE them so much and the power they have over making a statement and defining a room. Someone once told me lighting fixtures were the “jewelry for the room” – I agree!

    My absolute *fave* house project in the 10 years we’ve lived in our house is installing 3 light fixtures above our island – stunning. Everyone comments on them. Got them on Overstock and still available too. Wish I could show you a piccie.

  2. Wow, Erin, you have some real beauties there. Can’t wait to see what you choose…such cool stuff….

  3. Your doing all the right things, asking opinions and pinning all your favorites. Schoolhouse electric and factory 20 have some great inexpensive and unique options. The secto design, octo are some of my favorites. I also heard that the tom dixon white were having some trouble with chipping a few years ago. Good luck!

  4. We just finished picking lights for every room but the kitchen and bathroom (future projects to tackle). I found thinking about the entire room as well as the entire house really helpful – if I hadn’t taken into account smaller details like fixtures and furniture embellishments, we would’ve ended up with a lot of copper, which both my husband and I love but don’t tend to use in our decorating. Also, don’t underestimate the importance of the technical side of things – nothing worse than a gorgeous light that over or under illuminates a room. You can check out my decisions on live-style.co.uk