If you’re looking to add a little life to a room, the addition of houseplants is a wonderful way to do it. But rather than just slap something green into a container from the corner big box store, you can go next level with chic vessels. This week I’m partnering with Overstock.com to show how you can add greenery to your house (using some sneak peeks of our decorating progress as examples!). You may have seen how I transformed my outdoor space with Overstock earlier this summer. But Overstock is a treasure trove of pieces for every part of your house – from sofas to side tables, to houseplants! You can really dress up any part of your house with plants.

Continue to scroll to see how to style plants in your kitchen, living room, dining room and entry! I have to say, I love what adding some serious greenery did for each space.

Case in point, your bookcase. Rather than simply pot a plant in something generic, if you select planters with a style all their own, you can create a really stunning look. On Overstock I found gorgeous options in rich golden tones in various heights, that I paired with a trio of tabletop urns with more of an antiqued look. The combination adds both warmth and and cool visual interest. When filled with unique, personality-filled leafy green plants, suddenly your shelfie is packed with personality.

how to add major style to your space with houseplants

I love the look of a dramatic grouping of plants in a living room. It’s a great alternative to a bunch of random tchotchkes. Potting a gorgeous palm in an indoor plant stand kept it off the floor and helped ensure everything below didn’t blend into a giant green mass. Clean, classic black planters are always a timeless choice.

If you’ve got the space and height, an indoor tree is another great way to draws the eye up. I love the above tree’s tropical vibe. It’s a refreshing alternative to the now ubiquitous fiddle leaf fig.

I put the potted tree inside an oversized woven storage basket I found on Overstock to soften the look. Baskets are best the home accessory. I can never have too many. They serve a million purposes – holding blankets, hiding toys, and in this case holding plants. Overstock has so many options – you’re guaranteed to find one you’ll love.

how to add major style to your space with houseplantshow to add major style to your space with houseplants

The kitchen is another great place to mix the style, tone and texture of both planters and plants to create an eclectic look. Mixing concrete planters with iron and stone options make everything feel collected and special. And unusual plant shapes, grasses and ferns adds all great texture and visual interest to open shelving. I’m loving the little plant party happening in my kitchen space.

There’s something amazing about a major grouping of plants. Juxtaposing a classic pedestal entry table with an overflow of life is awesome way to make a statement in an entry. I’d been hunting for the perfect table for our bay window forever and the black round pedestal table I found on Overstock is just perfect.

I warmed up the space with a gorgeous cow hide rug. They’re really durable so perfect for high traffic areas. The one I found on Overstock by NuLoom has really stunning gold threading in it (see my instagram today for a closeup). I’m obsessed.

how to add major style to your space with houseplants

I love the look of throwing all caution to the wind and mixing and matching plants and vessels to your heart’s content. It gave my entry a chic jungle vibe. Trust me – it’s a thing.

how to add major style to your space with houseplants

Houseplants a great option for dressing a dining table. Often the spot for cut flowers, why pick something you have to replace weekly? I love the look of these architectural, modern concrete planters filled with a variety of funky eye-catching greenery.

how to add major style to your space with houseplants

shop the looks: plant standseco concrete vases / mini iron urns / concrete planters / golden planter / black planters 

There are a few key things to consider when selecting houseplants to greatly increase the likelihood of keeping them alive!

  1. What kind of light does the plant require? Plants that flourish in indirect light are often the most brown-thumb friendly.
  2. How much watering do they need? Plants that are really sensitive to moisture levels are often difficult to maintain. You want to look for hearty plants that can withstand getting watered once a week or so (if you’re as likely to forget to water a plant as I am!).
  3. What kind of pot and soil does a plant need? Some plants do better with a lot of drainage. Some plants need to fully dry out before their next watering. Seem need to set deep roots while others can do well in shallow soil.

Take the time to go to your local nursery and have a conversation if you’re unsure about what could survive in your house but don’t be afraid of flexing your green thumb. Houseplants literally bring any room to life.


photography for apartment 34 by delbarr moradi, plants by the plant library

This post is in partnership with Overstock.com. Thank you for supporting collaborations we’re excited about and that have kept apartment 34’s doors open.

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